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The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference Part 3
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 07 @ 20:32:20 CEST (2136 reads)
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference

Dr. Dowie and Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani

Who is the real culprit?

Part III


"This man whose name is mentioned in the title was an extreme enemy of Islam and moreover he laid a false claim to prophethood and used to consider Holy Prophet Muhammed SAAW as liar and fabricator and by his evil nature, he used to utter obsceneties and lewd sentences for Him. Thus because of his enemosity for this religion he had extremely impious qualities in him and just as pearls have no value for pigs, similarly he used to look down upon the Monotheism of Islam and wanted to destroy it. And used to consider Jesus as God and had so much enthusiasm to spread Trinity in the world, that although I had read hundreds of books of Padres but have not seen such fervour in anyone. Thus in his newspaper, Leaves of Healing dated 19th December 1903 and 14th February 1907, these words are mentioned:

"I pray to God that soon that day comes when Islam is vanished from this world. Amen. O God Vanquish Islam."

And then in his newspaper of 12th December 1903, declaring himself a true prophet and a true messenger, he says:

'If I am not a true prophet then there is no prophet of God on the face of earth.'" (so this is what really bothered him - compiler)

(Roohani Khazain vol.22 pp. 504-505. Published on 15th May 1907)

Note the dates (only years, no month or day mentioned) of Mirza's letters to Dowie and the dates of Dowie's response. Mirza could not produce any reference to Dowie's alleged insults of Islam or its Holy Prophet of Islam. It is obvious that Dowie's first outburst against Islam and alleged outburst against Holy Prophet of Islam (for which Mirza could not produce any proofs in his books) took place only after Mirza started writing to him. And even then Dowie continued to ignore him for a long time until Mirza's stooges/masters started printing his attacks on Dowie in Ameircan newspapers.

"My challenge of Mubahila was published well in various American dailies and famous newspapers. and these newspapers belong to American Christains with whom I have no relations and the reason for publishing them in the newspapers was this that Dr. Dowie, the false prophet, did not replied to me directly. Ultimately I published that Mubahila challenge in famous American daily newspapers which are distributed excessively in the world. It is the blessing of God that despite these newspaper editors' being Christians and opponents of Islam, still they enthusiastically published this article of Mubahila in such amount that it bacme famous in America and Europe." (Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.507)

"Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Saheb from Punjab is sending a challenge to Dowie that: O you who claims to be a prophet! Come and do Mubahila with me. Our fight will be with prayers and both of us will pray to God that whoever is a Liar between us should die first." (Daily Telegraph 5th July 1903, quoted in Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.506 footnote)

"Dowie at first paid no public attention directly to the challenge from Far East. But on 25th of September 1903, he said in his Zion City publication: 'People sometimes ask me.. why do I not reply to this, that and other thing? Reply! Do I put my foot on them I would crush out their lives. I give them a chance to fly away and live.' Only once did he show in any way tht he knew of the existence of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He referred to him as the 'foolish Mahometan Messiah', and on Dec. 12, 1903, he wrote: 'If I am not God's prophet, there is none on God's earth that is.' In the following January he wrote, 'My part is to bring out the people from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south, and settle them in this and other Zion cities until the time shall come when the Mahometans are swept away... may God grant us that time." (Excerpts from The Sunday Herald-Boston, June 23, 1907-Magazine Section, published in a tract, 'Great is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The Messiah, by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, USA)

It seems that the purpose of these repeated insults was to irritate Dr. Dowie. Mirza was very successful in it. His repeated insults provoked Dr. Dowie into issuing insulting statements about Islam and alleged derogatory remarks about the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh).

"There is a stupid Mohammadi Messiah in India who writes to me repeatedly that the grave of Jesus Christ is in Kashmir; people ask me that why I don't reply about it, why I don't reply this man? What do you think that I would reply to the flies, mosquitoes? If I put my foot on them, I will crush them to death." (Statement of Dowie dated December 1903 and 26th September 1903 in Haqiqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain Vol 22 p. 509)

"I pray to God that the day is dawned soon when Islam vanishes from the earth. Amen. Oh God may you destroy Islam." (From Leaves of Healing dated 19th December 1903 and 14th Feb 1907 quoted in Roohani Khazain Vol. 22 p. 505)

Mirza lamented:

"Let it be clear that this man (Dowie) .....was a strong enemy of Islam and apart from this, he made a false claim to Prophethood and he used to consider Hazrat Muhammed Mustapha (pbuh) a lair and fabricator and due to his baseness he used to remember him with obscenities and filthy words... he was extreme enemy of our Holy Prophet (pbuh). I used to get his newspaper "News of Healing" an always used to get information about his vicious tongue. When his excesses reached a peak, I sent a letter to him and requested him for MUBAHILA so that God may kill the lair amongst the two of us in the life of truthful person. This request was sent to him twice i.e. in 1902 and in 1903 and was also printed in some renowned newspapers of America." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain p.505)

With the help of Jewish lobby the news this challenge was published in almost all newspapers of Europe & America, out of which a list of 32 newspapers was printed by Mirza Ghulam in Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi pp.506-508. These papers carried the news of this mubahila between 25th June and 1st July 1903.

"I wrote in this (Mubahila) that Dr. Dowie is a lair in his claim to prophethood and in his belief of Trinity. If he do the Mubahila with me, he will die in my lifetime with great misery and remorse and if he doesn't do mubahila, still he wouldn't escape the wrath of God." (Haqeeqatul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain, vol 22 p.505)

Although Mirza had issued the challenge but he was afraid of his old age. He wrote:

"I am nearly 70 years of age and Dowie as he says is a young man of 50, but I did not care of my old age .... and if even Dowie flees the Mubahila .... believe me that very soon a great catastrophe is going to befall Zion." (Ibid. p.506 foot note)

(One wonders if Mirza had some inside information about the Zionist schemes!!)

"Sufferings afflicted every aspect of his life. He was proved to be dishonest....he turned out to be an alcoholic...... he was thrown out of his own settlement of Zion with great sorrow..... 7 million Rupees that was is his possession was confiscated; and his wife and his son became his enemy and his father gave advertisement that he (Dowie) was an illegitimate child.....every kind of humiliation was decreed for him and finally he was paralyzed. Then due to a amassing of miseries he became mad....and finally in the first week of March 1907 he died with great grief, pain and misery." (Ibid. p.512)

Such quick end of his opponent was a pleasant surprise for Mirza as well:

"On Feb. 9th, 1907 I had an inspiration: 'You will dominate' and then on the same date I had this inspiration: '....you will get one more sign of happiness due to which you will have a great Win'....Dowie died so quickly after this prophecy that only 15 days had passed on announcing it and Dowie died." (Ibid. p.510-511)

"Since my real job is to break the cross, thus by his death a big portion of cross is broken....thus God killed him by my hands. I know that because of his death the prophecy of " killing the swine" is clearly fulfilled, since who can be more dangerous than the one who lay a claim to prophethood and like a pig ate the dung of lies ......thus I can swear that he by the same swine whose killing was foretold by the Holy Prophet that he will be killed at the hands of Promised Messiah." (Ibid. p.513)


"Khan Sahib Abdul Hameed wrote to (Mirza) for permission to celebrate the great sign of Dowie. Hazrat Sb (Mirza ) gave permission and said that throwing such party is permissible to advertise the blessing." (Roohani Khazain, Malfoozat, Vol 9 p.238)


After the death of Dowie, Mirza Ghulam publicized two caricatures of Dr. Dowie depicting his lifestyle before illness and his miserable state after his downfall in his book Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi. It is interesting to note that along side both caricatures, he had placed his own photograph, perhaps to impress, the public with his looks. Little did he know that some day someone will also portray his miserable end with cholera, the day which will come soon InshaAllah. Our caricature is ready to be produced at appropriate time.


This Messiah 2000 was organised by Jamaat Ahmadiyya to prove that as a result of this so-called_one_sided prayer duel, Dowie died within the lifetime of Mirza, thus proving him to be a liar and Mirza to be a true prophet of God. However, the question remains that if both the claimants (Dowie and Mirza) are liars in their claim to prophethood, would the conclusion drawn by Ahmadiyya be still valid?

Furthermore this interfaith conference was to to show the beautiful face of tolerance, love and peace of Jamaat Ahmadiyya with other religions. All along during the propaganda of this interfaith conference, Jamaat Ahmadiyya had been giving an impression as if it was Dr. Dowie who had exhibited an intolerant attitude and that the 'peace_loving love_for_all_haterd_for_none Jamaat' is once again showing a magnanimous gesture of trying to promote religious harmony. However the quotations from the books of Mirza Ghulam prove to the contrary.

It was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani who provoked Dr. Alexander Dowie into making the alleged insulting remarks about Islam and its Holy Prophet. He served his own purpose, and served his Masters well. How else 100 years ago could 32 different newspapers in US alone all of a sudden pick up a story from a small village in remote Indian Punjab and propagate it worldwide? Who stood to gain from it? Mirza Ghulam? Yes because he was desparately trying to establish his claim of prophet hood. Jews? Yes because they did not want a Jewish National Home in Zion, they wanted it in Palestine.

The lies and deciets of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and its founder stand exposed. Once again they have tried to shamelessly decieve and cheat the public and the press.

Thus heed the message, O you who have eyes. Peace be on those who follow the hidayah

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali rasyed@emirates.net.ae Homepage


The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference Part 2
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 07 @ 20:24:00 CEST (2090 reads)
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference

Dr. Dowie and Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani

Who is the real culprit?

Part II


Muslim's and Jesus Christ

According to Muslim beliefs, Hazrat Eisa Ibne Maryam, also known as Jesus Christ, is one of the Mightiest Messenger of God, a word of God revealed to Virgin Mary. According to Quran, the Holy Scripture of Islam, Jesus Christ was never put to the cross, instead he was raised to the heavens and will return before the day of Judgment.

Regarding his coming, this is what Holy Prophet of Islam has said:

"By Him in Whose Hand is my life, Ibn Maryam (Son of Mary) would certainly pronounce Talbiyah for Hajj or for Umrah or for both (simultaneously as a Qarin) in the valley of Rawha."  (Sahih Muslim, Book 7, No. 2877)

"Allah will send Maseeh ibne Maryam (Messiah son of Mary). Thus he will descend near the White Eastern Minaret of Damascus, clad in two yellow sheets, leaning on the shoulders of two angels." (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 8, P. 192-193)

"Hazrat Masih (AS) will die after completing the duration he was destined to pass in the world and that Muslims would offer his funeral prayers and bury him next to the grave of the holy Prophet, Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar (RA)."  (Mishkat, P. 480)

"By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, Son of Mary (Jesus) will shortly descend amongst you people (Muslims) as a just ruler and will break the Cross and kill the pig and abolish the Jizyah (a tax taken from the non-Muslims, who are in the protection, of the Muslim government). Then there will be abundance of money and no one will accept charitable gifts." (Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 3, Book 34, No. 425)

Jesus and Ahmadiyya Movement However on the other hand Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement and naturally his followers have different beliefs. Details of such beliefs can be found in another article on this website. In a nutshell, to justify his claims to being the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam not only discarded all the traditions of Holy Prophet Muhammed SAAW of Islam, but he defiled the personality of Jesus Christ, ridiculed his teachings, denied his miracles as lies, disparaged his family. Just to quote few examples here, he said:

"(Jesus) had the habit of uttering obscenities and frequently using foul language." (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain, Vol 11 p. 289 )

"It should be remembered that he (Jesus) also had the habit of lying to some extent."  (Zamima Anjam Atham, Roohani Khazain Vol 11 p. 289)

"A cunning and wicked (person) who had the soul of the Messiah from head to toe." (Zamimah Anjam Atham, Roohani Khazain Vol 11 p. 289 )

"What is your opinion about the character of the Messiah? (it is that Jesus ) was an Alcoholic and Gluttonous person, neither Abstinent nor a Pious Worshipper, nor a seeker of truth. He was a Proud and a Self- conceited Claimant of Divinity." (Nur-ul-Quran, Roohani Khazain Vol 9 p.387)

"The root cause of all the damage that alcohol consumption has had on the Europeans was that Jesus used to drink alcohol, perhaps because of some disease or an old habit." (Kashti-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p.71)

Yet he claimed to be an exact replica of Jesus Christ!

"It has been revealed to me that this humble self in my Poverty and Humility and Reliance on God and Sacrifice and According to Signs and Radiances, is an copy of the first life of Maseeh; and this humble self's nature and the nature of Maseeh resembles each other so much as if two pieces of the same atom or two seeds of the same tree." (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Part 3, Roohani Khazain vol 1 p. 593)

Despite all such blasphemous writings, Ahmadiyya Movement had the face of holding an Interfaith Conference and preaching tolerance. Are they aware

Mirza vs Dowie - A Great Service for Zionism

After Makkah Mukarramah and al-Madina al-Munawwara, Palestine (Jerusalem) is the most sacred place for Muslims. Except for a period between 1099-1187 AD, since the days of Hazrat Umer (ra) when Jewish Scholars and residents handed over the keys to the City of Jerusalem to him without lifting a sword 745 AD, Palestine has been a part of the Muslim Empire. Jews and Christians had always wanted to take it away from the Muslims.

By the end of 19th century several Jewish national movements were active in Europe and America. On 29th August 1897 in Basle,
The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference Part 1
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 07 @ 19:45:06 CEST (2752 reads)
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam August 2000  

The Fraud of Messiah 2000 Conference

Dr. Dowie and Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani

Who is the real culprit?

Part I

by Dr Syed Rashid Ali

Ahmadiyya Movement has made a lot of pomp and show on 11th August in the Interfaith Conference organized by them in Zion, the place where Dr. Dowie received a challenge of prayer duel about 100 years ago. Chicago Tribune and other local newspapers have written articles about it. Ahmadiyya Movement have been making a lot of propaganda about this conference.

The following invitation letter was sent out by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat:


In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful Respected Brothers and Sisters: Asslamo Aalikum Wa Rahmatullah May you receive this letter in the best of health and spirits.Jama’at Ahmadiyya USA is organizing a Conference entitled “ MESSIAH 2000”  in the month of August 2000.  The purpose of this conference is to share with the world the Fulfillment of a Grand Prophecy regarding John Alexander Dowie.  This was one of the greatest sign manifested by Allah to prove the Veracity of Hazrat Ahmad Alahissalam, who invited Dr. John Alexander Dowie to a “Mubahila” or a “Prayer Duel” in response to his abuses against the Founder of Islam Holy Prophet Mohammad Sallam.  In this Mubahila, he invited Dr. Dowie to pray that whoever is the liar would perish in the life of the truthful.  Allah, the Almighty manifested this great sign that Dowie died a miserable death on March 9, 1907 in the life of the Promised Messiah Alahissalam.  Thus this prophecy was gloriously fulfilled.

The Conference will take place on Saturday, August 12 at 1 Pm to 6 pm at Carthage College Chapel Hall in the City of Kenosha Wisconsin.  This college is located at the bank of the Lake Michigan,  15 minutes from the Zion Mission house.  This Conference is first of its kind in the United States and is being held at the centennial anniversary of the City of Zion.  It will be augmented by a beautiful exhibition unveiling the missing historic accounts.

All members are requested to invite their Non-Ahmedi and Non-Muslim friends to this conference.  The chapel can seat 1800 people.  Our target is to attract 1000 non-Muslims  to attend this gathering.  Enclosed are the Registration Forms for yourselves and the Green Colored Forms for your guests.  Please have them fill it and sent to the Nazim Registration. Remember, this conference is designed for Non-Muslim guests, therefore it is imperative that we bring as many guests as possible for this historic Jalsa.  May Allah be with you.  A’ameen


Anwer M. Khan Chairman Zion Conference Committee

Excerpts from the writings of Hazrat Ahmad AH Hazrat Ahmad writes:

“ What could be a miracle other than this one?  Because my real job is to break the cross, so Dowie’s death broke a big part of the cross.  Because he was the supporter of the cross to the highest degree, he claimed himself as a prophet and it was he, who said that due to his prayers all Muslims of the world would perish, and Islam will vanish and the holy house (Ka’aba) will be deserted.  So God eradicated him before my presence.  I know that due to Dowie’s death, the prophecy regarding the killing of pigs came true.  For who is more dangerous than a person who made false claims for prophet-hood and ate the filth of falsehood like pigs….

Thus I can swear that he was the same pig about whom it was foretold by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, who’s death was destined at the time of the Promised Messiah.  If I would not have invited Dowie toward this “Mubailah”, and if I would not have prayed for his bad end, and if I would not have publicly declared the prophecy regarding his death, his death would not have been a sign for the truthfulness of Islam.  Since I published it in hundreds of newspapers that Dowie will die in my lifetime and I am the Promised Messiah and Dowie is false, and I wrote repeatedly that this is the proof that he will die of a very disgraceful death.  Thus he died in my lifetime.  There could be no other clear miracle that proves the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).  Now if anyone denies it, he would be the enemy of truthfulness.” ( Haqueeqatual Wahi)

Salient Features of Messiah 2000 Conference

Hazrat Ameerul Momineen Ayyadahullah’s special address for this occasionRespected M.M. Ahmad Sahib, Ameer USA will chair the meeting and present his concluding addressParticipation of Two Christian Clergies, the Mayor of the City and a State Senator from the State of Illinois.Venue, the Carthage College Chapel where Dowie also spoke, a century agoThree Ahmedi speakers will introduce Hazrat Ahmad Alahissalam, a brief summary of his life and explain his duel with Dowie along with the results of the MUBAHIALA  respectively.Tour of the City of Zion with special reference to Dr. Dowie’s reminisces.Exhibition of all the Newspaper clippings pertaining to the historic record of this Prayer duel as covered 100 years ago.A small booklet covering the description of the Prayer duel and its results.A Video do*****entary of the Prayer duel will also be availableAn Essay contest on the prayer Duel open to public with prize distribution for the winners at the Conference.  (Only for Non-Ahmedi participants)
Divine Marriage with Mohammadi Begum Part 2
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 07 @ 03:34:00 CEST (3487 reads)
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

The Divine Marriage

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Part II

17th July 1891 4th Letter:

After about 2 months Mirza Ghulam wrote a letter to Ahmad Baig, father of Mohammadi Begum.

“We swear upon God AlMighty Omnipotent, that I had recieved an inspiration that your daughter's marriage will take place with me. If it takes place somewhere else, then unpleasant things will descend from God and ultimately it will take place with me. Since you were dear and related to me, I stressed on you with good intentions that marrying her somewhere else  would not be a blessed act. I would have been extremely cruel-natured if I had not told you this and I still make a request to your honour, with humility and respect, not to refrain from this (marriage)  relationship. For this will be a means of great blessing for your daughter and the Exalted Allah will open the doors of Divine Grace which you cannot even conceive of; no worries and no sufferings would be there as THIS IS THE ORDER OF THAT WHO HAS THE KEYS TO HEAVENS AND EARTH then why should there be any ruin in it. And you may or may not that this prophecy of the humble one has become famous in thousands of people and I think there would be perhaps more than one million people who have information of this prophecy and a world is watching for it and thousands of Christian priests are waiting, not with mischief but with stupidity, that this prophecy turns out to be false and they gain strength BUT DEFINITELY GOD WILL DISGRACE THEM AND WILL HELP HIS RELIGION. I had been to Lahore and  found out that thousands of Muslims fervently pray in the mosques after prayers for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Thus this is sympathy and is required by their love of the faith. And as this humble one believes in La ilaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah, similarly I believe on those inspirations which continuously descends on from God and I request you to share with your own hands in fulfilling this prophecy so that the blessinggs of Allah may descend on you. No one can fight God and something which has been decided in heaven, it can never change on earth. May God give you the blessings of the world and deen and now put that thing in your heart, for which he had send me the inspiration from heavens. May all your sufferings vanish, may God give you both religious and worldly (blessings). From Mirza ghulam Ahmad. 17th July 1891"

1891 5th Letter:

To Ahmad Baig:

"Then I wrote one letter on the instructions of God and on his signal, to Mirza Ahmad Baig, in which I wrote:

My dear listen! Why do you consider my serious request a useless and do not trust what I say? By God, I do not want to give you any suffering. InshaAllah you will see how much I will oblige you. If, against the wishes of my family, you accept my proposal then I promise you on oath I will give you share from land and orchard and because of this marriage the differences between us will vanish. If you accept what I say it will be a matter of benevolence and gratification and kindness towards me and I would be grateful to you and I will pray to the Most Compassionate One for your long life; and I promise you to transfer one third of my property to your daughter and I say honestly that I will give you from it whatever you will ask of me. IN such cir*****stances you would not find another person in 'sila rehmee' (taking care of relations), and loving the relations and protecting the rights of relations. You will find me your helper and saviour in your difficulties, I will bear all your burdens. Thus do not waste time in refusal and do not give way to doubts. I AM NOT WRITING THIS LETTER OUT OF MY OWN WILL, INSTEAD IT IS WRITTEN WITH THE ORDER OF MY GOD. THIS LETTER IS FROM GREAT TRUTHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY PERSON. Keep it safe in your trunk. God is witness that I am truthful in my statement and whatever I have promised you, is from God and I have not said anything in this from myself instead whatever is said, God had told me to say through inspiration. This was the instruction of my Lord which I have fulfilled, otherwise I did not need you or your girl. IF THE TIME OF THIS INSPIRATION PASSES AND THE TRUTH DOES NOT APPEAR, THEN PUT A ROPE IN MY NECK AND CHAIN MY FEET, AND GIVE ME SUCH A PUNISHMENT WHICH NO ONE HAS RECEIVED IN THE WORLD.” (Kalma-e-Fazl-e-Rehmani by Qazi Fazal Ahmad, collection of letters of Mirza Ghulam to the relatives of Mohammadi Begum. cited in Qadiani Madhhab, Aina-e-Kamaalaat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol. 5 p. 573-574)

Letters to Bridegroom

Apart from the above letters, Mirza wrote several letters to the would-be bridegroom and threatened him that if he marries Mohammadi Begum, then he would receive divine wrath and he would be destroyed. He wrote:

"The fault of the son-in-law is that he did not care even after seeing the advertised intimidation. Repeated letters were sent to him, he did not ge scared, message was sent to him to make him understand, no one took any notice and didn't bother to break with Ahmad Baig, instead they were all together in insulting and ridiculing. So this was the fault that after listening to the prophecy, they agreed for the marriage." (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.3 p.166, Collection of Advertisement vol.2 p.95)

Other Measures: It seems that Mirza Ghulam even tried to spend money to get this whole affair succeed. Following statement of Mirza Basheer Ahmad, highlights this aspect:

"Once Hazrat Maseeh Mowood (Mirza Ghulam) stayed in Jalundhur for nearly a month. In those days one of the real uncles of Mohammadi Begum tried to arrange the marriage of Mohammadi Begum with Hazrat Sahib but did not succeed. This is in those days when Mohammadi Begum had not yet been engaged with Mirza Sultan Mohammad. This uncle of Mohammadi Begum used to travel between Jalundhur and Hoshiarpur on a Tonga (horse-cart) and he also wanted some gift from Hazrat Sahib. And since the secret of marriage of Mohammadi Begum was mostly in his hands, therefore Hazrat (Mirza) Sahib had promised him some reward as well. But this man was ill-intentioned in this matter and only wanted to extract some money from Hazrat Sahib, because later same person along with his friends were responsible for fixing the marriage somewhere else. But Hazrat Sahib had also adopted certain clever policies regarding giving money to him." (Mirza Basheer Ahmad in Seerat-ul-Mahdi vol.1 p.174)

Mirza's god kept reassuring him about this marriage

January 1892, just couple of months before the mariage, Mirza told everyone:

"Wait for (the fulfillment of) the prophecy mentioned in the advertisement of July 10, 1888, alongwith which there is also appended this Inspiration:


Despite all reassurances from his god, despite all efforts, offers of rewards, threats of divine wrath, On 7th April 1892 Mohammadi Begum got married to Mirza Sultan Mohammad

Mirza took the revenge

This so-called prophet/messiah/mahdi took the revenge from his family. He carried out what he had threatened earlier:

 Mirza divorced his 1st wife (who was related to Mohammadi Begum and was against her marriage with Mirza)Mirza forced his son, Fazal Ahmad, to divorce his wife, Izzat Bibi.Disinherited his other son, Sultan Ahmad.Broke all relations from his family members who were involved in the marriage.

(Tablighe-e-Risalat vol.11 p.9)

1892 Qadiani prophet kept dreaming about Mohammadi Begum after her marriage

This false prophet kept dreaming about Mohammadi Begum, several months after her marriage:

"25th July 1892/ 20th Zil Hajja 1309 AH, Monday. Today at the time of early morning (Subhe Sadiq) 4.30 am I saw in a dream that there is big mansion in which my wife, mother of Mahmud and another lady are sitting. Then I filled water in white coloured water bag and lifted it and filled my pot. After pouring the water I saw that that other lady who was sitting suddenly came near me wearing RED and BRIGHT COLOURED Dress, probably a cloth made of net. I thought in my heart that it is the same woman for whom I had given advertisement (i.e. Mohammadi Begum) but her face seemed to be that of my wife; As if she said in heart that I have come. I said 'O Allah May she come', and then that woman embraced me. Upon her embracing I woke up. I am grateful to Allah for this. Two three days before this I saw in the dream that Roshan Bibi is standing at my doorstep and I am sitting inside the verandah. Then i said, 'Roshan Bibi come inside." (Tazkirah p.197)

"14th August 1892, 20th Moharram 1309AH. Today I saw in my dream that Mohammadi Begum, about whom there is prophecy is sitting in outside room with some people and her body is naked and is very ugly looking." (Tazkirah p.198-199)

Divine Marriage with Mohammadi Begum Part 1
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 07 @ 03:31:35 CEST (2342 reads)
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 31st March 2000

The Divine Marriage

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Part I This problem relates to the family life of Mirza Ghulam and normally such problems should be of little interest to a historian. But the family lives of such people who proclaim a divinely-ordained status, no longer remains a private matter, for there are lessons to be learnt. There are millions of people who strive for the hands of ladies of their choice. Some succeed and some don't. If unsuccessful, they move on. But this claimant of prophethood, made it an issue out of it. He propagated this Divine Marriage as a sign of the truthfulness of his claims to prophethood. He even boasted: This should be clear to people that there can be no better criterion of testing our truth or falsehood than our prophecy. He failed miserably but he could not accept the marriage of this poor girl to someone else. This so-called claimant of prophethood over the years kept pursuing her with his repeated prophecies of her ultimate marriage with him before his death. But Alas! He passed away from this world with this desire unfulfilled.  

Mirza Ghulam married only two ladies during his lifetime. First at the age of 12 - 14 years with his maternal uncle's daughter. Sultan Ahmad and Fazal Ahmad were born out of this wedlock. Second marriage was done at around 50 years of age in Delhi with Nusrat Jehan Begum who sons were Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa), Basheer Ahmad (the author of Seerat-ul-Mahdi) and Mubarak Ahmad.

For several years after the second marriage, Mirza kept having floods of inspirations and dreams informing him of further marriages. But since Allah AlMighty wanted to show to the world that the Messiah of Qadian was devoid of Eternal Blessing of Divine Gnosis and Communion with Allah and that his source of inspirations and dreams were not Rehmani but shaitani in origin, therefore all such inspirations and dreams proved false. After the 2nd marriage with Nusrat Jehan Begum, no other woman could enter into his wedlock. However it is worth reading an account of his attempts to get married 3rd time because it sheds light on the character of this man but more so because he had made this 3rd marriage a sign of his truthfulness.

Now just read ahead the grandiose prophecies of Mirza Ghulam.

The Prophecy regarding marriage with two ladies - A Virgin and A Widow

According to Mirza Ghulam, before the 2nd marriage he had received an inspiration regarding two marriages: A virgin and a widow. Thus he wrote:

"Ask Shaikh Mohammad Hussein Batalvi under oath that is this not true that before this marriage which took place in Delhi, once I was present in his house. He asked me to relate some inspiration, I related to him a fresh inspiration which I had received in those days and proving this marriage and its second part. And it was this: 'Bikrun wa Thayabun' which means that it is destined that one marriage will be with a virgin and then after that with a widow. I remember this inspiration and I hope not that Mohammad Hussein has forgotten it. I remember his house where sitting on the chair I described this inspiration and there was no trace of Ahmad Baig's (daughter's) story in those days and there was no mention of this second marriage either. Thus if he thinks then he should know that this was a sign of God, whose one part he had seen (marriage with Nusrat Jehan Begum) and the second part concerning the widow, he will see it some other time." (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham P.14, Roohani Khazain Vol. 11 P. 298)

Mirza got married to Nusrat Jehan Begum, a virgin,  in 1884. First part of the inspiration was fulfilled, now only the second part of marriage with a widow remained. But two years later, on 20th February 1886, Mirza Ghulam got an inspiration informing him that several ladies would be coming into his wedlock. He wrote:

"Then God the Merciful gave me the gladtiding, saying: Your house will be filled with Barakah and I will complete my bounties on you and from the Blessed ladies, who will come to you after this (Nusrat), your family will grow greatly." (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.1 p.60, Collection of Advertisement vol.1 p.102)

But after this inspiration, neither Mirza Ghulam got married again nor could he get hold of any blessed or un-blessed ladies. Had he somehow got married to Mohammadi Begum, probably he would have twisted and turned this inspiration to fulfill it, but the honorable Allah did not want to turn a fabrication into a fact. When Mirza published his inspiration regarding several ladies coming to him, someone by the name of Munshi Mohammad Ramzan ridiculed this inspiration in a local newspaper, Punjabi Akhbaar, dated 20th March 1886. Mirza Ghulam wrote:

"In the advertisement of 20th February 1886, this inspiration was published from God that He had given me the gladtiding that 'Several blessed women will come into your wedlock after this advertisement and they will bear children'. Regarding this inspiration Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Sahib says: Inspirations are of several kinds, for good people, good ones, and to adulterers, about women." (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.1 p.90)

On 8th June 1886, Mirza wrote to Hakeem Nuruddin:

"The favours of God that are upon this humble-one, I always want to relate some of them to my friends. Thus to you as well, who are among the sincere friend, I want to describe this prophecy of one day. Probably 4 months ago, it was revealed to this humble-one that 'A son, strong with two powers, perfect in outer aspect and inside, will be given to you, his name will be Emanuil and Basheer'. Until this moment I had thought that this son would be born to this wife (Nusrat). But now frequent inspirations are indicating that 'soon you would have to marry again and it has been decided by Allah that a pious-natured and good-mannered lady would be given to you and will bear children.'  The surprising thing in this is that when I had this inspiration, then in the dream state 4 fruits were given to me, three of them were mangoes but one was very big green coloured, it did not resemble the fruits of this world. I think that that fruit which did not resemble the fruits of this world, is the same blessed son, because the meaning of fruits is sons. And when the gladtiding was given regarding this pious-natured wife and along with it four fruits were given in dream, in which one fruit was different, then its meaning is obvious. Now my opponents, who are blind, objects that why a son was not born this time. In my opinion before the birth of this son, it seems necessary that this 3rd marriage should take place, because in this 3rd marriage, there are indications of sons being born. Probably the time for this 3rd is near. Let us see where God intends this thing to take place. Numerous inspirations have been received in this regards and God's intention seems somewhat forceful." (Maktoobat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.5 P.5-6)

On 20th June 1886, Mirza wrote to Hakeem Nuruddin:

"What this humble wrote to you, it was in friendly way to inform you about the secrets of inspirations, because it is the habit of this humble-one that to increase to power of faith of friends, some hidden things are told. And the real condition of this humble-one is that ever since I had received this divine indication about the 3rd marriage, I am worried and i cannot refrain from the Will of God... Initially I had tried to get cancelled this divine order, but repeated inspirations and dreams are proving that this is the Destiny (Qadhaa-e-Mubrim)." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.2 P.8)

It should be noted that destiny is of two types: Qadhaa-e-Mu'aliq (Hanging Destiny) and Qadhaa-e-Mubrim (Inevitable Destiny). Mu'aliq is something which can be altered by prayers, medicines, alms. Mubrim is something which is fixed and inevitable and will never be postponed. Thus the 3rd Marriage of Mirza was an Inevitable Destiny which could not be postponed under any cir*****stances. But despite admitting to the effect, Mirza did not marry 3rd time and that Inevitably Destined Marriage for which inspirations had been raining on him for a long time, never materialized, proving him to be a liar in his claims.

Now let us see how desperately Mirza Ghulam tried to fulfill these inspirations regarding 3rd marriage.

3rd Marriage 1888 to 1892

In 1888, Mirza Ahmad Baig, father of Mohammadi Begum, came to Mirza Ghulam seeking his help in the settlement of a piece of land. Mirza Ahmad Baig was a close relative:

He was the husband of his cousin (paternal uncle's daughter - Umerun Nisa)He was the brother of his brother in law. Mirza's sister was married to the brother of Ahmad Baig.He was the maternal uncle of Izzat Bibi, wife of his son, Fazal Ahmad.His wife was the sister of Mirza's brother, Ghulam Qadir.He was the brother in law of his another maternal cousin, Mirza Ali Sher Baig. Ali Sher was the brother of Mirza Ghulam's first wife, whom Mirza had left without even divorcing her.His sister was married to Mirza's another paternal cousin, Ghulam Hussein.Mother of Mohammadi Begum, Umerun Nisa, was the daughter of Mirza Ghulam's paternal uncle, Ghulam Mohiuddin. Thus she was the niece of Mirza Ghulam (and therefore had been having an eye on her for a long time)

The above account shows in detail the relationship between Mirza Ghulam's and Mohammadi Begum's family. Mohammadi Begum was the niece of paternal cousins of Mirza Ghulam, used to stay with her mother mostly in Qadian where their house was adjacent to Mirza's house. Some books mention that she used to be very beautiful, staying adjacent to Mirza's house, he had lot of opportunities to see her. That may be one reason for his desire to marry. However there was no way of getting her parents to agree to give her hand in his. After all who would marry their teenage daughter to an old man who already has two wives with a lot of children. Besides they were Sunni Muslims and as such opposed his religious claims. But the beauty of Mohammadi Begum was over powering and may be the motivating factor behind these so-called divine inspirations.

When her father came seeking help of Mirza to solve the problem of some disputed land, Mirza, who had been having an eye on his daughter, Mohammadi Begum, saw his chance. He agreed to help him but asked for her hand in marriage in return, although she was half his age.  He therefore wrapped it in the form of a Divinely Inspired Act. The letter of Mirza Ghulam which was published in the 10th May 1888 edition of Nur Afshan Newspaper and later in his advertisement of July 1888 gives a detailed account of this story.

"The uncle of Mohammadi Begum who consider me liar and cunning in my claims, had been seeking a heavenly sign from me. Therefore several times prayers were made for them. thus that prayer was acknowledged and God made this arrangement that the father of this lady (Ahmad Baig) came to beg me for a necessary task. Its details are this that the one sister of Ahmad Baig was married to one of my cousin, Ghulam Hussein. Ghulam Hussein vanished some 25 years ago and there was no news about him. His land, whose ownership rights are mine, was endorsed in government papers in the name of sister of (Ahmad Baig) (who was the wife of Ghulam Hussein). Presently this man (Ahmad Baig), with the permission of his sister, wanted that that land, whose value is Rs 4000 - 5000, get transferred to his son, Mohammad Baig, as a gift. Therefore the gift deed was written by his sister and since this deed without my permission was useless, then this man (Ahmad Baig) came to us with great humility, so that we may sign it. Just when I was about to sign, ... I thought of doing a Istikharah ( a way to find Allah's willingness in any act). Then after repeated request from this man, Istikharah was done. That istikharah turned out to be the time of showing the Heavenly Sign, which God showed in this manner." (Roohani Khazain Vol. 5 P.285-286; Collection of Advertisements vol.1 p.156-157)

Death of Deputy Abdullah Atham
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 13th March 2000


Mirza Ghulam and Deputy Atham

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

"He who is a Liar in his claims, his prophecy is never fulfilled." (Roohani Khazain Vol.5 P.223)

"Out of 100 prophecies, if even ONE prophecy turns out to be wrong, I will admit that I am a LIAR." (Roohani Khazain Vol.17 P.460)

Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, claimed that he is a recepient of revelation/inspirations from God. On the basis of his inspirations/revelations, he claimed that he is a Prophet, a Messenger, Promised Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Lord Krishnan Jai Singh Bahadur etc. etc. all in one. Despite all these claims he kept insisting that he is a Muslim. When confronted by Muslims that such beliefs are against the teachings of Quran and Hadith and therefore declared him a liar, he declared:

"The basis for our claims is not Hadith but Quran and that Wahi which comes to me. Yes, in support we also present those Hadith which are according to Quran and DO NOT CONTRADICT MY WAHI. Rest of the Hadith, I THROW THEM AWAY LIKE A WASTE PAPER."(Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.140)

"Swearing upon God I say that I beleive in these inspirations in the same way as I believe in Quran and other books of God. And just as I consider Quran undoubtedly and surely the book of God, similarly I believe that that wahi which descends upon me is the word of God." (Haqeetqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.220)

When Muslim scholars presented to him the proofs from Quran and Hadith to disprove his claims, he said:

"There is no greater test than my prophecies to judge my truth and lies." (Roohani Khazain Vol.5 P.288) "Out of 100 prophecies, if even ONE prophecy turns out to be wrong, I will admit that I am a LIAR." (Roohani Khazain Vol.17 P.460)

Dear Readers! I am sure you would agree that PROPHECIES are not the proof of someones PROPHETIC STATUS. However Mirza Ghulam insisted on this being the proof of his truthfulness and Allah made sure that he is humiliated in his claims.

A glowing example of such humiliation was the debate with a Christian Priest, Deputy Abdullah Atham.

In 1893 Mirza Ghulam challenged the Christian Missioanry Abdullah Atham to have a written debate on the truthfulness of either religion. He wrote to him:

"I am ready for the Holy War." (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p.65)

Between 22nd to 5th June 1893, written debate started in the presence of live audience from both sides. During the debate, one day Mirza declared:

"I swear upon God that God told me 'whatever was given to the Massiah (Jesus) has been given to you and you are the Promised Messiah." (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p.49) Next day some Christians brought one blind, one deaf and a paralysed man. Mr Atham challenged Mirza Ghulam to cure them of their illnesses, just as Hazrat Eisa Ibne Maryam did. Of course he could not do it. (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p. 291)

Quite understandably Mirza Ghulam became the laughing stock of those present and he made a mockery of Islam in the eyes of Christians. By the end of the debate Mirza Ghulam's defeat was quite obvious.

Muslims and Christians were openly expressing the failure of Mirza to prove the truthfulness of his Islam. (Roohani Khazain vol.9 p.25)Several Muslims converted to Christianity. (Roohani Khazain vol.9 p.28, footnote)But there was no record of any conversion to islam as a result of this debate.

Finally, Mirza did what he had been doing before. He could not win Atham on intellectual level, he sought refuge in so-called 'divine' message. He issued a GRAND PROPHECY on the last day of debate. Mirza said:

"God has informed me last night that 'He who is delibrately lying, leaving the true God and making a simple man God, he will be punished by being thrown in hell within 15 months and will be disgraced unless he accepts the truth (that is Islam). And he who is on truth and believes in true God, his honour will be restored. And when this prophecy is fulfilled some blind will start seeing, paralysed start walking and deaf start hearing." (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p.292)

Mirza declared:

"I ADMIT if this prophecy proves to be false, that is he who is wrong is not punished by death withn 15 months from today, I am prepared to recieve any punishment, I should be disgraced, paint my face black, put a rope around my neck, hang me. I am ready for every punishment and I swear upon God that He will definitely fulfil it, definitely fulfil it, definitely fulfil it. Earth and Heavens can change but His words can never be anulled." (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p.293)Mirza agreed that if the sign of his truthfulness is not shown, then he will admit that he is not from God and will give up his Islamic faith or give away half of his property for the propagation of Christianity. (Roohani Khazain vol.6 p.48-49)

Imagine, has there ever been a Prophet in the history of mankind who had accepted to become leave his religion and become Kaafir or given half his property for the propagation of falsehood? It just shows how little Mirza respected Islam.

10 MONTHS LATER Mr Atham was still alive, several attempts were made on his life, a man fired a gun at him, cobra snake was thrown in his house, somebody tried to break open his house door. He had to change his residence several times. (Roohani Khazain vol. 13 p.163)

15th MONTH 5th Sept 1894 was the dead line. Mr Atham was being continuously guarded by the police for his life. Mirza became more and more nervous. He requested various people in his letters to pray for the death of Atham. (Maktoobat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.3 p.128) He distributed sweets to children and return ask them to pray for Atham's death.

Magic Spell to kill Atham On 4th September, he chose some close associates to recite a special wazeefa on gram seeds to have Atham killed, which were then personally thrown in a disused well outside Qadian by Mirza. He took two of his close associates for the task and had instructed them that as soon as he had thrown the enchanted gram seeds in the well, they should run away without looking backwards. (Seeratul Mahdi by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza ghulam vol.1 p.160)

God told Mirza:

"Although he (Atham) will die earlier but if not, sun of the last day of 15th month will not set until Atham dies." (AlHakam Newspaper Qadian dated 7th Sept 1923)

Sun went down, but nothing happened.

Mirza gathered his followers in the mosque and reassured them that SUN WILL NOT RISE and ATHAM WILL BE DEAD. He ordered them to pray whole night Whole night voices were crying out from every house: O God! May Atham die. O God! May Atham die. But Alas! nothing happened. (Raees-e-Qadian vol2 p.172)

5th September came and pass. On 6th September 1894, Christians took out a procession to celebrate the victory of Atham over Mirza. They ridiculed and lampooned Islam. For them, Mirza and Islam were synonymous. What a service to Islam!

Every word of this Grand Prophecy proved to be false:

Atham did not embrace IslamHe did not die within 15 monthsHe was not disgracedMirza was humiliatedNo blind man started seeing, no deaf started hearing, no paralysed started walking.

Man proposes and God disposes. Mirza made false claims about his prophecies, Mirza's version of Islam was false in the eyes of Allah, Mirza's arguments in favour of his version of Ahmadiyya Islam was a sham. It was not a defeat of Islam, for Islam is an eternal truth whether one accepts it or not. It was a defeat for Mirza, Allah did not want an imposter prophet to succeed even if he was trying to pretend to be serving Islam. Allah knew what was in the heart of Mirza, the egotistical imposter. Hence Allah made sure that Mirza is humiliated.

By his own preset conditions, Mirza should have recieved following punishments:

his face should have been blackenedhanged with a rope around his neckShould have recieved every kind of punishmentHe should have either denouced Islam and emrbraced Christianity orGiven hald his property for the propagation of Christianity as he had promised.

But who could touch The SELF-CULTIVATED SEEDLING OF THE BRITISH RAJ. (Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.350) If Mirza Ghulam has a slightest trace of honesty and Imaan in his heart, he should have sat down and ponder at what had happened. But his bloated ego prevented him from facing the truth and denouncing his false claims. Instead he started giving the usual excuse:

"He repented in his heart......." (Roohani Khazain Vol.9 P.2)



Mirza Ghulam and Prophecies
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 13th March 2000

Mirza Ghulam and Prophecies


Myths and Facts

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali  

"Out of 100 prophecies, if even ONE prophecy turns out to be wrong, I will admit that I am a LIAR." (Roohani Khazain Vol.17 P.460)

"He who is a Liar in his claims, his prophecy is never fulfilled." (Roohani Khazain Vol.5 P.223)


Humanity has always been fascinated with future. It has developed ways and means to deal with it, eg planning, predictions, forecasts, divination and prophecy. They think that knowing the future will help them charting a program whereupon they can avoid disasters, tragedies and accidents in life and lead a happy and blissful life for ever. Little they know that man proposes and God disposes. Destiny is in the hands of the Creator and what we consider an accident is actually proposed by Allah. Something which is predestined, knowing it will only make our life miserable. This veil over future events is, therefore, a special blessing in disguise from Allah.

However this human weakness has always been exploited by quacks, imposters, and phony 'prophets' for their petty interests. From times immemorial, people have been forecasting, practicing witchcraft, sorcery, talisman, using tarot cards to guess the future events. Such acts have been based on various kinds of occult practices and hitterto unrecognised 'sciences'. Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, TM, Crystal Ball etc are also some of the examples of such practices.

In various parts of the world, different customs are prevalent. Astrology, Wicthcraft, Crystal Balls, ESP, Clairvoyance, Tarot Cards are in vogue in the West. Similarly eastern mind is fascinated by Horoscopes, Palmistry, Inspirations, Dreams, Interpretation of omens, Fortune-telling. Amongst hindus, for example, a horoscope is prepared for every newborn using signs of Zodiac and position of planets to predict future events in his life. In the IndoPak sub-continent, men still roam around in the streets earning a living by telling people their fortunes. Cards pulling by parrots containing envelopes of fate and Palmists trying to predict future for their clients are still seen on streets of Karachi.

Naustradamus was a French Physician and a Clairvoyant. His quartets in the 'Propheties' since 1568 have been a source of prophecies of future events which are still coming true after 400 years. Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon are some other famous clairvoyants who have successfully forecasted the future events.

With the advancement of science and technology, various disciplines have developed devices whereby they can make accurate predictions of coming events. Doctors are using Ultrasonographic machines to predict the gender of an unborn foetus. Similarly weathermen all over the world are using Satellite Data to forecast the weather for the coming days/weeks. Likewise Astronomers are regularly predicting, well in advance, the movements of celestial bodies and cosmic events, by analysing available data collected by the observatories and satellites using sofisticated Computer Softwares.

All such people attribute their predictions to their respective sciences rather then to any divinely inspired source. Poor Parrot picks up the envelope which is tainted with its food. Neither he nor his master has ever claimed any divinity. Forecasting, Predictions, Prophecising, Clairvoyance etc. by itself has never been considered to be a proof of godliness, neither is it attributed to any religious affiliations nor any of the above mentioned people claimed any divine status as the basis of their successful predictions.

Allah AlMighty have sent messengers who have always had access to Divine Knowledge and have therefore, at times, prophecized, albeit unintentionally. But none of them have ever considered it to be the proof of their Prophethood.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was a singly unfortunate man who developed his claim to prophrethood based on his forecasts and so-called divinely inspired prophecies, most of which turned out to be false anyway. It was he who said that:

"true dreams can be transpired by prostitutes, rascals, polytheists, theives, adulterers and docoits." (Roohani Khazain, Malfoozat vol 10, p.92,93,151)

And yet he labelled them as a biggest sign of his truthfulness and his prophethood. Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, claimed that he is a recepient of revelation/inspirations from God. On the basis of his inspirations/revelations, he claimed that he is a Prophet, a Messenger, Promised Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Lord Krishnan Jai Singh Bahadur etc. etc. all in one. Despite all these claims he kept insisting that he is a Muslim. When confronted by Muslims that such beliefs are against the teachings of Quran and Hadith and therefore declared him a liar, he declared:

"The basis for our claims is not Hadith but Quran and that Wahi which comes to me. Yes, in support we also present those Hadith which are according to Quran and DO NOT CONTRADICT MY WAHI. Rest of the Hadith, I THROW THEM AWAY LIKE A WASTE PAPER."(Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.140)

"Swearing upon God I say that I beleive in these inspirations in the same way as I believe in Quran and other books of God. And just as I consider Quran undoubtedly and surely the book of God, similarly I believe that that wahi which descends upon me is the word of God." (Haqeetqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.220)

When Muslim scholars presented to him the proofs from Quran and Hadith to disprove his claims, he said:

"There is no greater test than my prophecies to judge my truth and lies." (Roohani Khazain Vol.5 P.288) "Out of 100 prophecies, if even ONE prophecy turns out to be wrong, I will admit that I am a LIAR." (Roohani Khazain Vol.17 P.460)

Now it is for his followers to determine the category of their so-called prophet!! Height of all this is that, the more he stressed on a particular divinely inspired prophesy to be the sign of his truthfulness, the more it failed to succeed.

Be it the so-called divinely ordained marriage with Mohammadi Begum (Aina-e-Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol 5, p.325) or the inspiration of divine punishment of Abdullah Atham, (Jang-e-Muqaddas, Roohani Khazain vol 6 p.292) neither the bribe to the relatives of Mohammadi Begum helped him nor throwing the enchanted gram seeds into a forsaken well yeilded any fruitful results.

Despite all these fallacies and hundred years on, there still are people who believe in the 'hollowness' of this man. He has destroyed their faith and wasted their time and money by keeping them preoccupied with the controversies of death, birth, rebirth, life and descent of Hazrat Eisa ibne Maryam pbuh. One wonders how can a man stoop so low for his carnal desires, because it is only mortal benefits that qadianis are getting at the expense of their faith. As far as the Muslim Ummah is concerned qadianis/ahmadis/lahoris are out of its fold.

We ask qadianis a very simple question!

Didn't your 'prophet' and 'promised messiah' say regarding the death of atham that:

 "if my prophecy regarding atham's death is not fulfilled with in the specified time, then I will admit that I am a liar. Blacken my face, humiliate me, put a rope around my neck and hang me." (Jang-e-Muqaddas, Roohani Khazain vol 6 p.293)

Die, he did not! But you, his followers, neither rejected him for making a false prophecy nor executed his will! WHY? But you should be grateful to us because we have done it, albeit 100 years too late. See the Graphical representation of the execution of this will.

O Qadianis! May Allah Open Your Eyes. Ameen.

In the following sections, I will examine some of the famous Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam, in the light of his writings. My only hope is that Qadianis would read them carefully and without bias. Hopefully if they have access to Mirza Ghulam's original books, and provided they can read Urdu/Arabic/Persian, they can verify the quotations that I am giving. Please do not rely on your muballighs or murabbis. you alone will be answerable for your faith in front of Allah on the day of Qiyamah.

Wa maa alainaa illa al-balaagh - there is nothing upon us except to convey (the truth)

Wassalam un ala mun ittaba'a al-huda

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali 9th Zhul Hajjah 1420 14th March 2000

rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://www.alhafeez.org/rashid/


Prophecy of Plague part 2
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

AlFatwa International 27 (Urdu)

An Open Letter to Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Part II


Plague and Mirza's Business

People were afraid of Plague but opportunistic and worldly persons like Mirza Ghulam do not hesitate in taking advantage of this life and death situation. First Mirza made propaganda about one prophet of God being disbelieved therefore God have sent plague, then he made propaganda that his house and those in it will be safe from this punishment. When people desperately started writing to him, then he devilishly forwarded his plan. He appealed for donation to enlarge his house:

"Since it is highly likely that in future the plague will spread in the country and our house ... has become very congested and you people have heard the God given a promise of special protection for anyone who will be in the boundary of this house ... in my opinion this villa can be readied in Rs 2000 (which is a million rupees by todays standard). Since it is probable that the time for plague is near and according to the gladtidings of revelation, in this storm of plague, this house will be like Noah's Ark, I do not who will the share in this promise of gladtiding, therefore this task (of extending the house of Mirza) is of urgent nature. Trust in God, who is the Creator and Provider and watches over the good deeds, and you should try. I have seen that although this house of mine is like an ARK, but in future there is no place in this ark for any man or woman and that is why there is need for its extension." (Kishtee-e-Noah, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.86)

SubHanAllah. Public is being instructed to trust the Creator and Provider, but himself Mirza Ghulam has not the slightest of that trust. He looks towards the pockets of people for his needs. As many followers, that much donation! Bravo Mirza Qadiani.

Mirza Ghulam's Revelations

It is the sunnah of Allah that He extends the rope of tyrant and arrogant, so that they advance in their insolence so that they close all doors for their return. In case of Plague, something similar happened with Mirza Ghulam. The extension given to him by Allah decieved him. He kept blustering about his revelation, and with each so-called revelation, his snobbery reached new heights. Every day he started issuing new so-called revelations. About his revelations, Mirza boasted:

"I have similar faith on my revelation as on Torah and Injeel and Quran." (Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.454)

Then on 23rd April 1902, Mirza wrote a book, 'Dafe-ul-Bala'. From this book and from other book, I will present some examples of Mirza's revelation related to Plague.

"The revelation of God that descended on me, its wordings are this: 'InnAllaha Laa yogaiyero maa beqaumin hatta yogaiyero maa beunfosehim, innahoo awal qarya' meaning that God has decided that He will never remove this punishment of Plague unless people remove those thoughts that are there in their hearts that is unless they do not accept the one who is appointed by God and His Prophet, till then plague will not be removed. And that Mighty God will protect Qadian from the destruction by Plague, so that you may realise that Qadian is protected only because God's prophet and messenger was in Qadian. Now see that this is proven in last three years that both these points have been fulfilled; that is on the one hand plague had spread all over Punjab and on the other hand despite that the plague has spread within two miles of Qadian but Qadian is still safe from plague, instead till now any plague-infected person who had entered Qadian from outside, he is also cured. Can there be any more proof? Things which were said earlier, had been fulfilled, instead this news of plague was also published 22 years in Braheen Ahmadiyya." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.225-226)

"Now from all this revelation, three things are proven: 1) Firstly that Plague has come in this world because God's Promised Messiah was not only rejected but he was also given pain. ... 2) Second thing that is proven by this revelation is that this plague will only vanish when people will accept this messenger of God .... 3) Third thing that is proven by this revelation is that God will in any case protect Qadian from this horrendous destruction as long as plague remains in this world, even if it is for 70 years, because this is the place of His Messenger's throne and a sign for all nations." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 229-230)

"God is not such that he will punish people in Qadian and you are living amongst them. He will protect this village from the afflictions and destruction of plague. If I had no consideration for you, and had no honour for you, I would have destroyed this village." (Tazkirah p.436; Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.227)

"If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village. I will save everyone within the boundaries of this house. No one among them will die from plague or earthquake. God is not such that He will punish them and you are among them." (Tazkirah p.645)

"When the fire of plague is raging, then can any fabricator say that 'If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village'. Was it not possible that this fabricator himself had died and was a victim of plague? At present Qadian is like Makkah, in that the people are dying around it and by the Grace of God here there is absolute peace." (Malfoozaat vol.5 p.369)

"At present there is plague two kilometers away all around Qadian and Qadian presently is like a boat which is surrounded by severe storm and it is moving in the river." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 p.32)

Present Khalifa, Mirza Tahir A Qadiani says:

"When Hazrat Maseeh Mowood announced the prophecy of Plague and Plague had not yet appeared, then he said that God has informed him that epidemic of Plague is going to spread which would come as a divine punishment because I have been rejected." (Homeopathy - Ilaaj bil Misl vol.1 p.550 Mercury)

In Summary

Dear Readers!

Six things are evident from what is quoted above:

1.     Qadian is the seat of a Messenger of God (which is Mirza Ghulam)

2.     Plague has spread as a Divine Punishment because a Messenger of God (Mirza Saheb) has been rejected.

3.     Plague will not subside until people have accepted the Messenger of God.

4.     Qadian will be absolutely safe from Plague, not a single person will die of this Plague.

5.     Anyone who is suffering from Plague, when he enters Qadian, he is cured of this disease.

6.     In Qadian getting affected by Plague will be a sign of Mirza Ghulam as a Liar.

How Plague Played Havoc in Qadian

Did Qadian remain immune from Plague? Did Mirza's God fulfil His promises upto the dot? Did all those living in Punjab ultimately accept Mirza Ghulam as a Prophet and Messenger of God?

When we analyse the facts, it becomes evident that Allah had delibrately delayed the arrival of Plague in Qadian to give Mirza Ghulam a chance to blurt out all his carnal desires in the form of prophecies, so that he cannot wriggle out of it. No sooner had Mirza Ghulam made his egotistical claims, hidden hands of Allah surrounded him. How Plague ravaged Qadian is evident from the following quotes:

"And then during the days of Plague, when Plague was raging in Qadian, my son Shareef Ahmad became sick, and he gpt high grade fever which caused my son to become unconcious, and started having fits in unconcious state." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi - Truth about Revelation, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.87 footnote)

"My Beloved My dear Nawab Saheb Assalamo alaikum wr wb. I feel sad after reading that my dear Abdur Rehman Khan has again developed fever. May God give him cure. Now I am dumbstruck that what advice can I give you about coming here soon. I have started praying aagain, may God give him cure. At this place Plague is wildly raging. A person gets fever and within few hours he is dead. God knows best when this affliction will end. Public is extremely scared. Trust for life has vanished. Screams and cries are coming from all sides. It is doomsday everywhere. Now what can I say, what advice can I give? I am extremely bewildered what to do." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112)

"You must consult the doctor and then according to his advice without waiting come to Qadian. Here Plague is raging wildly. Yesterday eight people died. May Allah have His blessing and mercy." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.114)

SubHanAllah! See how cleverly Mirza Ghulam is giving permission to one of his followers to come to Qadian (which he cannot refuse after so much propaganda of his Divine Ark, and at the same time attempting to discourage him from coming to Qadian, by mentioning the situation of Plague in Qadian, how many died and by asking him to take advice of the doctor, probably praying in his heart that he should not come.!!

"At this place in Qadian, nowadays Plague is wildly raging. Nearly all surrounding villages have vanished." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112-115)

"Elderly Ghausan (probably a housemaid) got fever. She was expelled from the house, but i think she is not suffering from Plague, only as a precautionary measure she has been expelled. "Master Mohammed Deen got the fever, gland has also enlarged. He has also been expelled from the house. Anyway in our place also plague has started raging." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

What a Prophet of God!!!! What an inhuman gesture!! Throwing out the poor lady and poor man, with no regard to the propaganda he did about his house being safe as guaranteed by God. Man may also have donated for the extension of house, but who cares!! Propbably Mirza himself did not believe in all those prophecies and reassurances given to him by his God.

"Today the son of Mian Mohammed Fazal, editor of the newspaper, is also on deathbed, he has Pneumonic plague, it seems that he is breathing his last. There are cires everywhere. May God have His blessing." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.53 p.131)

Mirza Ghulam came up with a cure for an Infectious Disease: "Ya Hafeez, Ya Aziz, Ya Rafiq. Rafiq is a new name of God which never mentioned before in the list of Asma-e-Ilahi (99 names of Allah)." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.135)

"My Master, My Respected Brother Seth Saheb! (SubHanAllah! A Seth - a financiar - is the Master of Mirza!!! Author) Assalamo alaikum wr wb For a long time I have not recieved a letter from your honour. I am extremely worried and disturbed. May God protect you from calamities. Here Plague is raging so much that it is like an Armageddon." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.91 p.39)

"Plague is still around. This is not desicive that Plague has gove. Remember that God never leaves a fabricator unpunished." (Mafoozaat vol.9 p.400)

Dear Ahmadi Brothers!! We also say the samething. Allah never leaves a liar unpunished. Hold your breath and read carefully. Mirza Ghulam was a liar that is why Allah afflicted him with plague and let him taste hell in this world:

"As an example I state that by HELL in my inspirations, plague is meant." (Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.583)

"Plague is very active in this region, I have heard that one or two suspicious cases have taken occured in Amritsar as well. Few days back I also developed a gland on my body, initially some serious symptoms appeared. But by some Grace of God, its severity subsided. Then on another arm glands enlarged. And this Plague affects the joints. Thus some glands appear behind ears r in the groin, or axilla or at some joints as joints of the arms or legs along with fever." ((Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

Prophecy of Plague part 1
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The Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam April 2002

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

AlFatwa International 27 (Urdu)

An Open Letter to Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Part I

Mr Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL

Peace be on those who follow the hidayah

Sub: Khisyaana Billa Khumba Nochey - "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples by Hadi Ali Chaudhary"

All Praise be to Allah only, who sent his Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW as the Last and Final Messenger and Prophet, and gave Muslims the honour to be among His followers. Millions of my gratitude go to Allah, who gave my writings the honour of such recognition that forced you once again to stoop down to such low level, that you had to resort to personal attacks on me rather than addressing the real issues that have been raised in AlFatwa from the platform of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah. This honour cannot be earned by one's efforts. I pray to Allah that may He protect my Muslim brethren from your fraud and deception, and bring those Muslims back to fold of Islam who have been trapped by you. Ameen.

Mr Mirza Tahir! As soon as I recieved the book "Shaitan ke Chaile", published by Jamaat Ahmadiyya, suddenly this urdu idion : Khisyanee bille khumba nochey rang in my mind. I hope you will appreciate the graphic representation of this state of your mind.

Just a cursory glance on this book published under your guidance, makes it clear that it is the same cheap manner of argument which has been the characteristic of your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement. To boast the morale of your follower, the author of this book has unsuccessfully tried to distort the facts. (Urdu poetry translation: Truth cannot be concealed by false pretensions; Paper flowers cannot emit beautiful scent)

Mirza Tahir! It was in the Muharram of 1416 (June 1995) that upon your instructions that Naeem Osman Memon Qadiani wrote a rebuttal entitled, "Three in One" of the book by Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah entitled Two in One. Shortly after authoring this book, he died. May Allah grant him place with Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Ameen. Actually his book was a pathetic attempt to cover the facts mentioned in Two in One. By the Grace of Allah, the popularity had increased ever since.

Like Three in One, the new book, "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples", also contains a cartoon on its title. In other words you have re-lived the tradition of your grandfather and so-called prophet, Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Of course we have no objection on the cartoon, as we think that graphics art is an effective means of expressing happenings and one's emotions. That is the reason that we also sometimes graphically represent certain aspects of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani's life in AlFatwa International. But Alas!! You dislike our flyers and its cartoons. So much so that in the Jasla Salana of 1995 in London, you, Mirza Tahir, expressed your anger in following manner:

"One BADBAKHT (wretched), from the area of Shaikhdom, is constantly breaking the hearts of Ahmadis in various parts of the world. Against Hazrat Maseeh Mowood, one extremely KHABEESANA (wicked) advertisement making is small leaflet, who he names it as AlFatwa, he sends to Ahmadis to break their hearts ... I have handed him over to Naeem Osman Saheb so that he may tackle him and by the Grave of God he has plenty of capabilities of defensive attacks. I had explained to him generally and now he has printed that book now. It is ready now with us. Just as he has made a picture (cartoon) of Hazrat Maeeh Mowood, we have not made the picture of that MANHOOS, that MANHOOS (wretched), but the concept of satan that prevails here in the west, we have made a picture of that (on the title of this books, Three in One)..... " (Speech of Mirza Tahir on 2nd day of Jalsa Salana, London, 1995)

BADBAKHT! KHABEESANA ISHTIHAAR! MANHOOS!! SubhanAllah! What an emotional outburst!! Probably this is your style of defensive attacks. But Mirza Tahir, by such outbursts are you trying to justify the false claims of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani? Perhaps you have not heard the story of an Imam who was crossing a pool of sewage water when he saw a boy also crossing it; Imam asked the boy to be careful, lest he would fall. Do you know what did the boy reply? He said: You be careful, because if I fell, I will fall aone, but if you fell you will take with you all those who are following you.

Mr Mirza Tahir! The man under discussion is Mirza Ghula A Kadiani. The life of founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, his character, his writings, his claims are under scrutiny and not Dr Rashid or Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah. If Mirza Ghulam is a liar, as is proven by his writings, then he has already sent a lot of people into hell. And now after his death, wearing the cloak of his Khilafat, you are busy in making people fruit for hell. For how long are you going to continue decieving ignorant and unsuspecting Muslims?

Mirza Tahir Saheb! Through this AlFatwa 27, we are presenting you an open letter of a former Ahmadi, Brother Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari, the founder of Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Bombay, India. This is actually an appeal to Ahmadis/Qadianis. At the end of this letter Brother Ahtesham has invited you or your designated person for a debate on the Lies and Truth of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. I sincerely hope that to protect the honour of your grandfather, you will not try to escape like your muballighs.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr Syed Rashid Ali Dibba, AlFujairah Dated Muharram 1423/March 2002  

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Jaa Al-Haqq wa zahaq Al-Baatil; inna Al-Baatila kaana Zahooqa Truth has come and falsehood perished; verily falsehood was bound to perish.

An Appeal to Ahmadi Brothers

New Offer to Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers from Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai

Rs. 150,000 will be rewarded to anyone who would prove quotations from of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani wrong.

by Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari Former Ahmadi Mumbai, India

Respected Readers. Dear Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers and friends!

Brief account of how Qadiani Muballighs fled the debates

It is the unanimous decision of nearly 1.5 billion Muslims of the world that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers (Qadiani/Ahmadis/Lahoris) in the light of their writings are kaafirs and out of the Islam. On the other hand Ahmadis insist that they are Muslims. Who is right and who is wrong?

Dear Readers! We believe that religious differences can be amicably solved by mutual discussions. Since in this Ahmadiyya controversy, it is the public who is affected most, therefore Anti Ahmadiyya Movement decided that this issue should be settled in people's court. For this purpose, in our opinion, there can be no easier and safer method than enlightened debates. In the presence of public, not only both factions have a chance to present their point of view but the public also gets a chance to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Through AlFatwa International No. 22 (Urdu), Anti Ahmadiyya Movement challenged the Qadiani Muballighs from all over the world for a peaceful public debate, even police can be arranged if they were afraid of any disturbance. They were invited to fix a date and venue of their choice to debate the character of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and whether he was a liar or truthful in his claims. But Qadianis have no regard for the honour of their so-called prophet. We firmly believe that inshaAllah any person or muballigh (preacher) from the Qadiani jammat will never agree for a public debate with Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah, Mirza Qadiani and his followers has not given birth to even one person who can defend the false claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Consistent fleeing of Qadiani Khalifa, Mirza Tahir, and his muballighs from such invitations for debate hoave once again proven Mirza Ghulam to be an unmistakable liar.

You will remember that last time we had given a prized-challenge, offering Rs. 500,000 to anyone who can prove a single quotation to be wrong. But alas! Not a single person among the qadianis could find the courage to defend his so-called prophet and claim the prize. Likewise our other reward of Rs 100,000 for challenge entitled, "Glorious Victory of Islam and Humiliating Fleeing of Qadiani Muballighs from Munazirah", also went unclaimed.

Dear Ahmadi brothers! It is time for you to think. These Mirzai muballighs (preachers) habitually make tall claims in front of you and through newspapers and flyers they constantly challenge Muslims for debates and mubahila, but whenever we come forward to accept their invitation and challenge them to talk about the writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, they run away. Why is that?

It reason is very clear and simple. The books of Mirza Ghulam is full of lies, deception and rubbish. We have the original books and we have read them. Hence when we request these muballighs to have face to face debate, they have no way but to escape. Yes they are always ready to trap such persons who are ignorant of the writings of Mirza Qadiani. For such purpose they devilishly engage simple-minded Muslim into the discussions about life and death of Jesus, meanings of Khatam and Khatem, by giving them distorted meanings of Quran and Hadith. Poor unsuspecting Muslim thinks that these Qadiani muballighs are making a lot of effort to propagate Islam. Thus they get a chance to decieve him. Public's attention is diverted from Mirza Ghulam and his deception and lies are vieled from their view. The fact is that when these preachers are preaching you about Ahmadiyyat/Qadianiyat, the most important thing that you have to know is the person whom these preachers are trapping you to accept as Prophet or Messiah or Mahdi, who is he? what is his character? what has he written in his books? Whether this man is truthful in his claims or a liar? But these preachers never talk to you about his person!

In November 2000, in the town of Sholapur, Qadiani preacher Mubarak Amrohi challenged all Muslims for a debate. The news was immediately conveyed to Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai by the local Khatme Nabuwwat office. Our delegation reached Sholapur and Qadiani preacher was informed about our acceptance of their challenge. Qadiani preachers, Mubarak Amrohi Saheb and Khizir Hayat Saheb gave an excuse of lack of preparation and asked for more time. Then overnight these preachers fled from the town. SubHanAllah! Truth arrived and falsehood perished. As a result two villages of Sholapur (Naganhali and Akalkot) denounced Qadianiyat and re-entered the fold of Islam. AlHamdolillah for that.

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