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The Belief of Khatme Nubuwwat
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 21 @ 12:26:21 CEST (4571 reads)
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The Qadiani Funeral
Posted by admin on Saturday, October 17 @ 00:04:03 CEST (7164 reads)
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The Qadiani Funeral

Authentic religious rulings (Fatwa) issued in the light of the Islamic Shariat in reply to questions as to how the Muslims should conduct themselves in their dealings with the Qadianis/Ahmadis/Mirzais.


On the death of Dr. Muhammad Saeed, a Mirzai of Village Datah, District Mansahra, the Muslims of Datah offered his funeral prayer under a Muslim Imam. Thereafter, the Qadianis held a second funeral prayer for the said deceased person. What is the injunction of the Shariat about the said Imam and the Muslims (who participated in the funeral prayer)? Muslim girls are living in Qadiani households as wives. Their Muslim parents are maintaining son/father-in-law relations with these Qadianis. Will the children born from such wedlocks be regarded as legitimate or illegitimate children in the light of the Shariat of the holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW). The Muslim communities in general do not treat the Qadianis like other Kafirs (infidels); they treat them like Muslims. They freely mix, eat and drink with the Qadianis and participate in their joys and sorrows and bid them Assalamu alaykum (peace on you), when they meet one another. Likewise, they invite them to their funeral and marriage feasts and take part in Fatihas. Are they (the Muslims) accountable for such acts and do they remain as Muslims in the light of the Shariat?

Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. District Mansahra.

The Answer

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful

Before stating the answers, I mention a few points by way of introductory remarks.

First, if there is anyone who holds beliefs of infidelity and yet claims to be a Muslim and presents his beliefs of infidelity in the name of Islam, by placing wrong interpretations on the texts of the Shariat, he is called a Zindeeq. In the chapter on Zindeeq (The Apostate), Allama Shami writes:

"....because a Zindeeq camouflages his infidelity and desires to popularize his false beliefs and presents them in an apparently plausible form, this is what is called camouflaging infidelity". (Shami, Vol. 4, P. 246, New Edition).

In Musawwa, an Arabic commentary on Muwatta Imamul Hind, Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi writes:

"It may be explained that a person who is opposed to the true Faith and does not believe in Islam, nor does he acknowledge the religion of Islam, either outwardly or inwardly, is called a Kafir. If he believes in the Faith only verbally, but offers such interpretations of some fundamentals of the Faith as contradict the views of the Sahabah, the Tabieen and the consensus of the Ummah, then such a person is called a Zindeeq".

By way of explaining the difference between a correct interpretation and a wrong interpretation, Shah Waliullah further writes:-

"Moreover, there are two kinds of interpretations: One that does not contravene a decision that stands finally established under the authority of the Quran and the Sunnah; the other one is that interpretation which contravenes a decision that stands proved under a finally established evidence (based on the Quran and /or the Sunnah). Such an interpretation is Zandaqah".

Citing examples of interpretations that involve Zandaqah, Shah Waliullah further writes:

"... or some person says that although the noble Prophet(SAW) is undoubtedly the last of the Prophets, yet this only means that after him none will be given the name of a Prophet, but the concept of prophethood -- viz. the sending down by Allah of some person who must be obeyed as a matter of obligation and who has been protected from persevering in sins and faults -- continues in the Ummah even after the noble Prophet(SAW), then such a person is a Zindeeq." (Musawwa, Vol. 2, P. l30)

In short, one is called a Zindeeq who presents his beliefs of infidelity in the garb of Islam, interprets the Quran and the Sunnah in a way that is contrary to the finally confirmed Islamic beliefs handed down through uninterrupted authority.

Secondly: a Zindeeq falls within the purview of an apostate. In one respect a Zindeeq is worse than an apostate, because if by expressing repentance, an apostate re-embraces Islam, there is consensus of opinion that his repentance is acceptable, but opinions differ about the acceptability or the unacceptability of the repentance of a Zindeeq.

It occurs in Durr-i-Mukhtar:

"... in the same way the repentance of a person who becomes a Kafir on account of his Zandaqah is not acceptable. He has been described in Fathul Qadeer as Zahirul Mazhab (professing the Faith only outwardly), but the Fatwa given in the book of Fatwa Qazi Khan in the chapter "Al-Hazr" lays down: If a magician or a Zindeeq, who is well-known and preaches (his beliefs), is arrested before expressing repentance and repents after his arrest, his repentance is not acceptable... On the other hand, if he has expressed repentance before arrest, his repentance will be accepted." (Al-Shami, Vol. 4, p.241, New Edition)

It occurs in Bahrur Ra'iq:-

"In the case of Zahirul-Mazhab (outward profession of faith), the repentance of a Zindeeq is not acceptable--Zindeeq being a person who follows no religion. It is mentioned in Fatawa Qazi Khan: If a Zindeeq, before being arrested, confesses willingly, that he is a Zindeeq and then expresses repentance there for, his repentance will be acceptable; but if he expresses repentance after his arrest, then his repentance will not be accepted..." (Bahrur Raiq, Vol. 5, P. 136).

Thirdly: That the Qadianis are Zindeeq is quite obvious, because their beliefs are totally opposed to the tenets of Islam. By placing wrong interpretations on the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah, they try to delude the ignorant into the belief that they themselves (Qadianis) are staunch, true Muslims and besides them the entire Muslim Ummah is misguided, Kafir and faithless. This is according to what the late Mirza Mahmud, the second Head of the Qadianis, has written:-

"All Muslims who did not swear allegiance to the promised Masih (i.e. Mirza) are Kafirs (infidels) and out of the pale of Islam, even if they may not have heard the name of the promised Masih." (Ai-eena-i-Sadaqat, P. 35).

The Heretic Beliefs of the Mirzais

1. It is the finally confirmed belief of Islam that the noble Prophet(SAW) is the last of the Prophets, and after him none can rise to the status of prophethood. On the contrary, not only do the Qadianis deny this belief, but they also consider that without the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Islam is a dead religion (Allah forbid).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says:-

"We believe that a religion in which the succession of prophethood stands closed is dead. We call the Jewish, the Christian and the Hindu (religions) dead, because they have no prophets. If Islam, too, were like them, then we are no more than story-tellers. Why do we claim that it (Islam) is superior to other religions? Islam should have some distinction to justify this claim... For many years, I have been receiving wahi (revelations) and many signs of Allah have borne witness to this. I am, therefore, a Prophet. No secrecy should be maintained in conveying the truth". (Malfoozate Mirza, Vol. 10, P. 127 -128).

2. It is the finally confirmed belief of Islam that the door of Prophethood has been closed after the departure of the noble Prophet(SAW) and he who claims to (receive) prophetic revelations stands expelled from the pale of Islam. However, the Qadianis believe in the self-invented revelation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and recognize it like the Quran. The Tazkirah is one of the various names of the Quran. The Qadianis have compiled the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the form of a book and have given it the name of Tazkirah, as though it were the Qadiani Quran--Allah forbid. Further, the Qadiani revelation is not an ordinary ilham (inspiration) which divine men also receive. To them (the Qadianis) it is at par with the Quran. Just see:

"... and I believe in the open wahi of Allah which I have received, precisely in the same way as I believe in the verses of the Quran." (Ek Ghalati ka Izalah, P. 6). "I believe in my wahi in the same way as I believe in the Torah, the Injeel and the Quran . " (Arba'een, P. 112).
Identification of true Messiah of the Last Era
Posted by admin on Friday, October 16 @ 22:57:32 CEST (5146 reads)
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Identification of true Messiah of the Last Era

Muhammad Yusuf Lughianvi


"And verily he (Jesus) shall be a sign of the Hour (of judgment), so doubt not in it." (Holy Quran, 43:61)


Allah's Prophet Muhammad(SAW) has informed that some major signs shall precede the occurrence of the Resurrection Day. Among them are: the Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi, emerging of Dajjal, the one-eyed impostor, and descending of Hazrat Masih Isa Bin Mariam(AS) in this world. This Tradition has been received as a Mutawatir Hadith.

Many insolent adventurists sprang up in the past, claiming to be Mahdi or Masih but their claims paled down on the touchstone of truth and facts. However, their protagonists in some numbers are still alive. Taking his cue from these liars, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (India) followed in their footsteps in the nineteenth century A.D. Moving step by step, he claimed to be a revivalist (Mujaddid) in 1884, Masih in 1891 and finally a prophet (Nabi) in 1901. In this manner, one more name was added in the list of those who claimed to be Masih, Mahdi and Nabi.

In Rajab, 1399, A.H., I wrote a pamphlet which was in reply to a letter, a Qadiani had sent me. In it I had enumerated some holy utterances of the holy Prophet(SAW) in this regard. These were but the same as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had himself earlier acknowledged. Mirza admitted that these special signs must precede before Masih comes forth in the world. Despite what he had admitted, he came out later with the claim that he himself was Mahdi and Masih, knowing well that he was telling lies and making false claims.

My pamphlet, which is now before you titled as Shinakht (Identification) has been published several times in the past but here is its revised edition.

May Allah, the Exalted, grant it approbation and turn it into an instrument for guiding the misguided ones.

Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi Rajab 14, 1410, A.H.

Identification Signs of Hazrat Masih (Jesus)

A Qadiani gentleman once wrote me a piece of advice. He told me:

"You have made lots of plans and schemes for the destruction and ruin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. You have shown all possible hostility to his God and Prophet. Now, come, be kind to yourself for God's sake. If you can't reform your own self, at least don't invite God's displeasure to hit you because you are misguiding people and carrying them away from what is true".

My answer was: "Indeed, indeed, I value your advice. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, if really a Masih and a Mahdi, my denial of him amounts to my denying Allah. I stand exposed, inviting His displeasure because I am misguiding people. But same to you, my brother-in-humanity, if it happens the other way round, that is, if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad turns out to be a cheat".

While analyzing the contents of your letter I saw that you quoted one statement of the holy Prophet(SAW). You wrote that he said: "When Masih and Mahdi appear, convey to them my salaam." Now, I ask you: Along with this message, the Prophet(SAW) must have also told the Ummah how to recognize and identify Masih, because unless he is recognized how would the Ummah convey to him the Prophet's message of salaam. Also, when we should expect Masih to come; how long he will stay; what about his physical looks, his dress; where he will go; what he will do; when and where he will die; and so on. Yes, for your information, all necessary signs and details about these matters have been bequeathed to the Ummah in the exalted Traditions of the holy Prophet(SAW).

Let's analyze these signs one by one. Let's see, whether Mirza fits into them. If he does, OK, take him on as Masih and call others to do the same, but if he does not, then, I shall take you for a ride and tell everybody that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an ultra-hoax. I wouldn't stop at that. I would also say that chicanery has degrees; Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri (U.P., India), Mulla Muhammad Attoki (Punjab) and Ali Muhammad Baab (Iran) were hoaxes in the comparative degree but Mirza was in the superlative degree! After my analysis if you still persisted in calling him a 'Masih', then, I am afraid, a vulture with sleepy eyelids is a phoenix for you.

Therefore, it is a duty, yours, mine and that of everybody to focus Mirza into the light of those identification signs the holy Ahadith specify. If Mirza's parameter blurs, be honest to reject him. Take up my gauntlet since it's you who have stirred up the hornets' peace. I proceed with Allah's guidance:

1. Times of Hazrat Masih's Arrival

When will Hazrat Masih (AS) come is obviously the foremost question. For an answer to it, I quote your grand-sire Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself from his book Haqiqat-ul Wahi, P.193:

First sign: "Said Allah's Prophet Allah will raise for this at the head of each century, one person who will revive Deen for it." (Abu-Dawood). And this is also unanimously agreed among Ahle-Sunnat that the last revivalist of this Ummah is the promised Masih who will appear in the last era. Now this should be inquired into whether this era is the last one or not? Jews and Christians, both the nations agree, that this is the last era. Ask them, if you like". (Haqiqat ul Wahi, P. 193)

Mirza in the above statement has tacitly alluded to himself as Masih.

Mirza check-mated in the light of his above statement

Major premises, as established by Mirza himself:

Saying of the holy Prophet (SAW) that one revivalist will head every century; Unanimous agreement among Ahle-Sunnat that Masih will be the last revivalist of the last era; Jews and Christians agree that Mirza's period is the last era.

Minor premises, also established by Mirza

Fourteenth century is the last century; In it will come the last revivalist; The last revivalist will be Masih.


Fourteenth century is finished; Fifteenth century has started; New revivalist will come in fifteenth century.

Q.E.D. (Thus Was Proven)

Mirza is not the last revivalist; Mirza is not Masih; Mirza is an arch-hoax.

I expect my Qadiani well-wisher to understand this much of geometry at least! If honest, let him give a straight verdict:

That Mirza is just Mirza Neither Masih nor Mahdi, But only a Masquerade Patriarch of progeny Of the gullible and the cunning.

2. Duration of Masih's stay on earth

Second question is how long Masih will live in this world. The Ahadith say forty years. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad acknowledged it (Haqiqat un Nubuwwah, P. 192). His father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, had already declared likewise. He rather claimed to have had a revelation to the effect that he would preach for forty years. In his Nishan-e-Aasmani on P. 13, his poetic vein throbbed when he quoted Shah Niamat Ullah Wali and conveniently fitted the contents of his couplet upon himself.

"Till forty years O brother mine, era of that cavalier, I see". (Mirza calling himself a cavalier).

Mirza further writes:

"From that day, the Imam will reveal himself, as one who is divinely inspired; he will have a life of forty years thereafter. Now let it be clear that this humble has been commissioned for preaching the truth by special revelation in fortieth year of his life and has been given a good news that 'thy age is up to 80 years or thereabouts'. Therefore, by this revelation my preaching commission is proved up to 40 years, out of which full 10 years have already passed".

It is evident from Mirza's above statement that he means to say that Hazrat Masih(AS) will live for forty years on his second coming to the world. Claiming Messiahship in 189l, Mirza died on May 26, 1908; living 17.5 years as a self-proclaimed Masih in the world. If we also include that period when he claimed only to be a Mujaddid and not Masih, even then till June 1892 (the year of publication of Nishan-e-Aasmani) the period of "full ten years" will be further added. In other words his claim of Messiahship started in 1882 and by 1908 his living period would be 26 years. Hence even then Mirza did not fulfill the Prophetic saying (viz. Masih will stay in the world for forty years) and his claim of Messiahship did not prove true. Consequently, I ask, did Mirza complete his 40 years of preaching since "that humble had been commissioned"? No, never. Yet another proof of his lies!

Ironically someone told me: Mirza was going to die in 1922, but look at Hazrat Izraeel(AS) who started his count-down in 1908; good that he was packed up earlier and was released from his melancholic hyster-mania. Had not the world seen of him, heard of him, enough!

3. Details relating to Hazrat Masih's Personality

(a) Marriage and Children According to Mishkat Shareef (P. 480) Hazrat Masih(AS) on coming down to the world will marry and have children.

Mirza admits this in juxtaposition and support of his own "celestial" marriage. He writes:

"Allah's Prophet(SAW) has already foretold in support of this prediction (i.e. Muhammadi Begum's marriage with Mirza 'in the sky') that the promised Masih will take a wife and will be father of children. Now, to mention wife and children is obviously a normal occurrence because everyone marries and has children; so no excellence in that. But (a particular Mention of) taking a wife and having children means some special wife and some special children. In this respect a prediction of this humble self is already there. In other words, it appears the Prophet(SAW) is giving a reply to the doubts of the black-hearted unbelievers that these events will certainly occur! " (Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, P. 53).

A person who does not believe in the fulfillment of Prophetic utterances is no doubt black-hearted.

Mirza had written this in 1896. By that time, he had married twice and he had children from both wives. But no excellence in that, he said. The marriage to be excellent had to be in the nature of a token from Allah. But neither the "special marriage" nor "special children" were in Mirza's luck. Thus, he failed to match the criteria of identification which the Prophet(SAW) has established for Hazrat Masih This is another point which proves that Mirza was not Masih

(b) Haj and Pilgrimage In course of fixing an account of the events from the life of Hazrat Masih(AS), the Prophet of Allah(SAW) spoke very specifically about the performance of Haj and Umra (to Mekkah) by hazrat Masih(AS) and also about conveying his salaam to the holy Prophet when he (i.e. Masih(AS) would present himself at the holy mausoleum in Madina Munawwara. (Mustadrak Hakim, Vol. 2, P. 595). Mirza himself had acknowledged that it would happen. Consequently according to his Ayyam-e-Sulh, P. 168, once, when he was asked as to why he did not perform Haj by then, he replied:

"Our Haj will be at the time when Dajjal having forsaken his infidelity and deception would perform Baitullah's tawaf (around Kaba), because, according to Hadith Sahih, same would be the time for the promised Masih to perform Haj".

At another place, it is reported in Mirza's Malfoozat (Record of conversations):

"Letter of Maulvi Muhammad Husain Batalvi was read out in the esteemed presence of hazrat promised Masih, wherein objection was raised as to why he did not perform Haj. In reply, the promised Masih said: "My first assignment is killing of swine and breaking of the 'cross'. I am still killing swine; many swine have died but many hard cores are still left. Let there be some respite and disengagement!" (Malfoozat-e-Ahmadiya, Part Five, P. 264, compiled by Manzoor Ilahi).

The world knows that Mirza was denied the good fortune of performing Haj and pilgrimage to the Prophet's mausoleum till at last he breathed away into thin air. This proves again that he was not the promised Masih and did not match the token set up by the Prophet(SAW).

(c) Death and Burial Allah's Prophet(SAW) said that Hazrat Masih(AS) would die after completing the duration he was destined to pass in the world and that Muslims would offer his funeral prayers and bury him in the holy mausoleum by the side of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar(RAs) (Mishkat, P. 480)

Admitting this statement of the Prophet(SAW), Mirza writes in his book Kashti-e-Nooh, P. 15:

"The Prophet(SAW) says, 'the promised Masih will be buried in my grave', that is to say he (Masih) is the same as I"

At another place, in Izala-e-Auham he writes:

"Possibly there may come some resembler of Masih who may be buried near the mausoleum of the Prophet(SAW)"

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Mirror of his own Writings Part 2
Posted by admin on Friday, October 16 @ 22:48:56 CEST (6945 reads)
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Mirror of his own Writings



Excerpt No. 12: Mirza wrote:

"I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come and, if I am truthful, then God Almighty will certainly fulfill it'. (Marginal note P. 31, Anjam-e-Atham)

Comments: How shameful! Ahmad Baig's son-in-law did not die during Mirza's lifetime. Thus Mirza had said correctly: "If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled, and my death will come."

Excerpt No. 13: Mirza, in support of his 'heavenly' Nikah, had reasoned out from a Prophetic Hadith, (as written by him in 'Anjam-e-Atham', P. 53 Annex):

"For corroboration of this prediction, the holy Prophet of Allah(SAW) has also previously predicted: the promised Masih will take a wife and have children. Now it is obvious that this mention of marriage and children normally bears no significance because every one generally marries and has children. There is no excellence in it. But here marriage means special marriage as a token and by children is meant special children for which the prediction of this humble self is there. It looks as if the Prophet of Allah(SAW) is answering here the doubts of those black-hearted unbelievers that these sayings will certainly be fulfilled".

Comments: Allah, the Exalted, kept Mirza deprived of that 'special marriage' and from those 'special children', proving that Mirza's claim of 'Promised Masihship' was false and that the prophetic prediction did not fit upon him. The holy saying was with regard to Hazrat Isa (peace be on him) that he would marry and would have children on his second appearance on earth Mirza has himself written about those persons who disbelieve his appearance: "The Prophet of Allah(SAW) is answering here the doubts of those black-hearted unbelievers that these sayings will certainly be fulfilled."

Excerpt No. 14: For fifteen days, Mirza carried on arguments with a Christian Priest, named Abdulla Atham. Having failed to give him a defeat he announced his revelation, on 5th June 1893, that within fifteen months his adversary would be thrown into 'haviya' (the hell), unless he returned to the truth. Mirza wrote in this case:

"I admit right this time that if this prediction goes false, that is, if within fifteen months from this date, the party who is on falsehood in view of Allah, does not fall into 'Haviya' as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows. I am ready for all. I swear by the Greatness of Allah's Glory that He will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. Earth and sky my deviate but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans". (Jung-e-Muqaddas, P. 189)

Comments: Mirza's prediction expired on 5th September, 1894 but Atham neither renounced Christianity, nor accepted Islam, nor fell into "Haviya" in death punishment. Nothing of the sort happened and everything sailed smooth.

Mirza went to the extent of invoking charms over Atham, throwing over him spells and witchcraft ('Seerat-ul-Mahdi', P. 188, Vol. 1), but nothing happened.

On the last day, when this prediction was ending (i.e. 5th September), he implored Allah, cried out and lamented: "Ya Allah! Atham may die, Atham may die, Ya Allah! Atham may die" (Al-Fazl, dated 20th July 1940). But Atham lived on. Magic, charms, witchcraft and spells did him no damage. Allah rejected Mirza's implorations, lamentations and curses. Atham grew all the more prosperous!

On the other hand, Mirza had proposed his own punishment as a liar: "Disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows... keep the gallows ready for me, think of me as the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans". Consequently, how did the opposing party carry out this instruction of Mirza Saheb? It can be guessed by the dirty announcements which were published on the expiration of the fixed time. What his adversaries did? They heaped on Mirza such filthy abusive epithets that it shall be indecent to print them here. But a couplet, which became popular on public tongues may be reproduced here:

"Shameless perverse are also in this world; But you shame-proof, have surpassed all!"

This was an echo to Mirza's own acknowledgment: "Most accursed of all the accursed, evil doers and Satans." Really he was so, otherwise how Allah would have failed him before a 'Kafir' Christian?

Excerpt No. 15: Mirza wrote in Shahadat-ul-Quran: (P. 80).

"In addition to this, there are similar other magnificent tokens of this humble self on the test list: There is my prediction in respect of Munshi Abdulla Atham Sahib Amritsari, the term of which is fifteen months beginning from 5th June, (1893). My other prediction is in respect of the son-in-law of Mirza Ahmad Baig, resident of Patti, District Lahore, term of which has eleven months more from today the 21st September, 1893. All these matters which are totally beyond human power are sufficient to identify the true from the liar".

Comments: This is exactly the modus-operandi in which a liar is distinguishable from a truthful person, that is, if these predictions are fulfilled as per duration of their terms then the teller of the predictions will be considered truthful. As the predictions failed, therefore Mirza is identified as a proven liar. No other argument is necessary to prove Mirza's lies.

Excerpt No. 16: Mirza announced:

"In the end, I beseech You, O God! Almighty, All-Knowing, if these predictions are not from You that Atham will be caught in fatal tortures and Ahmad Baig's elder daughter coming ultimately into Nikah of this humble self then destroy me with disgrace and disappointment. Efface me, perish me with insults, make me permanent target of accursed imprecations, please my enemies, accept their prayers if, in Your estimate, I am a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor ('Dajjal') as my opponents have understood me, and if that Benevolence of Yours is not with me which was with...... " (so and so saints and prophets: here Mirza has named many saints and prophets). (Ishtihar dated Oct. 27, 1894, reproduced from Majmu'a Ishtiharat P. 116, Vol. 2).

Comments: Despite these heart-rending entreaties and self-accursements, Allah did keep Mirza deprived of Nikah with Muhammadi Begum until he breathed his last. From this it appears that Mirza, according to his own statements, was 'a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor ('Dajjal') as his opponents have understood him'.

Alas! As a result of this self-cursing he perished in disgrace and disappointment, became a permanent target of accursed imprecations, his enemies became happy and their prayers were accepted by Allah.

Excerpt No. 17: Mirza in his communication to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari wrote:

"In your paper, you build up this reputation for me that this person imputes falsely, is a liar and is one-eyed anti-Christ impostor ('Dajjal'). I have borne a lot of tortures from you but endured them patiently........ if I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper then I will perish in your lifetime". (Advertisement, Moulvi Sanaullah Saheb se Aakhri Faislah, Majmua-e-lshtiharat, Vol. 3, P. 578)

Comments: Mirza died on 26th May, 1908, in the lifetime of Maulana.  Mirza's words are proven: "If I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper then I will perish in your lifetime". Mirza was a 'truthful' liar, therefore died earlier.

Excerpt No. 18: In the same advertisement addressed to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsar, Mirza wrote:

"If that punishment which is not in the hands of a human being but only in God's Hands, such as plague, cholera, etc., and similar fatal diseases and if the same do not descend upon you in my lifetime then I am not god-sent".

Comments: Allah, the Exalted, kept Maulana safe from every affliction in Mirza's lifetime and fulfilled this proposal of Mirza:. "Then I am not God-sent."

Excerpt No. 19: Mirza implores Allah in the above-quoted Aakhri Faislah.

"O God! If this claim of the 'promised Masih' is only a false imputation from the 'self in me and in Your eyes I am a mischievous liar, then O my dear Master! Humbly I implore in Your Audience to put me to death in Maulana Sanaullah's life-time. Ameen".

Comments: This prayer of Mirza came to be accepted; Mirza died while Maulana Sanaullah lived on. Proved: Mirza was a mischievous liar in the eyes of Allah the Exalted. Further proved: Mirza's claim of being 'promised Masih' was false imputation of his 'self and that Maulana Sanaullah was righteous.

Would that Mirza had implored Allah for his guidance instead of his death! Perhaps that would also have been accepted.

Excerpt No. 20: Mirza further wrote:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Mirror of his own Writings Part 1
Posted by admin on Friday, October 16 @ 22:33:30 CEST (5527 reads)
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Mirror of his own Writings



Truth and untruth are two on-going serials of the world. But Allah, Exalted in Munificence, has bestowed some distinctive factors enabling a man of ordinary understanding and common sense to identify one from the other. Praise to Him.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (India) made a number of claims for himself, from being a 'Revivalist' to being a 'Prophet'. The falsehood or otherwise of a claim is easily identifiable through several tokens of cognizance which Allah, the Exalted, has laid down.

But the easiest pointer, readily available, is Mirza's own writings about which he himself said that his writings were a touchstone to check upon the veracity of his claims. I, therefore, invite readers to go through his written statements and judge for themselves.

Here are presented 22 excerpts from Mirza's writings. You would see in these that Mirza challenges the world to prove him a liar. He is bold about it. I expect my brethren to test his metal in a cool unprejudiced manner.

I pray to Allah, the Exalted, to grant us His Favor in identifying the truth as such, and untruth as such.


Excerpt No. 1: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani wrote in a letter to Qazi Nazar Hussain, Editor, Newspaper 'Qul-Qul', Bijnor, (India):

"Those persons who come from Allah's side.... they do achieve essential intent of their 'sending down and do not die till the purpose of their commission is not manifested.

My mission for which I am standing in this field is this very one that I (a) topple the pillar of worship of Isa, (b) spread monotheistic doctrine in place of Trinity, (c) and display dignity and glory o the holy Prophet(SAW) before the world.

Therefore, I am a liar if I fail in the manifestation of this essential intent, notwithstanding millions of tokens coming forth from me.

Why is the world, therefore, inimical to me? And why does it not see my end?  If I manage to succeed in doing in support of Islam that work which the promised Masih or the promised Mahdi should have done, then I am truthful. And if nothing happens by the time I am dead then let everybody be witness that I am a liar. (Newspaper, 'Badr', Qadian, Vol. 2, P. 4, July 19, 1906).

Comments: How far did Mirza succeed in his mission is recounted in the official newspaper of Qadianis, Al Fazl, in its issue dated June 19,1941, page 5.  It says:

"Do you know, there are 137 Christian Missions operating in India, i.e., Head Missions. Number of their branches is many more. More than 1800 'Priests' are working in the head missions. There are 403 hospitals in which 500 doctors are working There are 43 printing presses and about 100 newspapers are printed in different languages. They are running 51 Colleges, 617 High Schools and 61 Training Colleges where 60,000 students study. In the (Christian) 'Salvation Army' there are 308 European and 2886 Indian priests. Under it (the 'Army') there are 507 Primary Schools in which 18,675 students study Eighteen colonies and 11 Dailies are their own. Under different departments of this Army 3,290 men are nourished. Result of these efforts and sacrifices is that it is said that 224 persons of different religions are being daily converted to Christianity. Against this, what are the Musalmans doing? Perhaps they do not consider this work worth their attention. Ahmadi Jamaat should think what is the position of their own efforts against such widespread net of Christian missionaries. We have only two dozen preachers in the whole of India and the difficult conditions under which they are working, we know that too".

This is the evidence produced by a Qadiani newspaper, 33 years after Mirza's death! It shows that Mirza s claim did no damage to Christianity Monotheism did not flourish at the cost of Trinity. His effort to stop the spread of Christianity failed.

Thus, Mirza's statement: "Therefore I am a liar if I fail in the manifestation of this essential intent..... And if nothing happens by the time I am dead then let everybody be witness that I am a liar" is a lie self-proved.

Excerpt No. 2: Mirza writes in Zamima Anjam-e-Atham: (P. 30-35).

"If within seven years, a distinct effect of my efforts does not appear by Allah's support in service of Islam and, since death of false religions is essential on the hands of Masih, if this death of false religions does not come by through me, i.e., if Allah, the Exalted, does not reveal those tokens through my hands which shall enhance Islam's success, as a result of which Islam starts to enter from all sides annihilating the void Christian Divinity and the world catching on a different hue, then, I swear by Allah that I shall consider myself a liar".

Comments: Mirza wrote the above in January, 1897, or thereabouts. In other words, his promised seven years' limit closed in 1903. By that year, Mirza had to fulfill his promise to substantiate his truthfulness, failing which he had sworn himself to be a liar. Now, readers know that nothing of that sort happened and his promise did not materialize according to the time-scale which he himself had stipulated. Thus, Mirza is a self-proclaimed liar.

Excerpt No. 3: It so happened during Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak of the year 1311 Hijri that lunar eclipse occurred on the 13th and solar eclipse on the 28th. Both eclipses chanced to fall during the same month. Mirza announced this phenomena as a proof of his 'Mahdviat' (being Mahdi). He declared that this supernatural abnormality was a special sign for his sake only and which had never occurred before during lifetime of any other claimant to Mahdviat, Masihiat or Prophethood.

In Magazine, 'Anwar-ul-Islam' (P. 47), Mirza wrote:

"Since the times that this world was created never did lunar and solar eclipses get together during the times of any claimant of Prophethood/ Messengership/ Muhaddathiat. If somebody says they have conjoined then burden of proof lies on him.

It never happened and certainly never happened from the start of the world till today that lunar and solar eclipses conjoined in this manner in Ramadhan and that some claimant to Prophethood, Messengership or Muhaddathiat was present at that time." (P. 40)

Comments: Mirza's lack of knowledge deserves pity. From the years Hijri 18 to Hijri 1312, lunar and solar eclipses have conjoined sixty times in Ramadhan alone; during these thirteen centuries there have been not one but dozens of claimants of Prophethood and Mahdviat. But Allah, the Exalted, willed that Mirza be proved a liar from his own ignorance.

Therefore Allah, the Exalted, made him write out this challenge:

"If these cruel Maulvis can produce an evidence of this type of conjunction of eclipses in the times of any claimant, they should come out with it. Undoubtedly, I shall go down as a liar, by this". (Appendix, Anjam-e-Atham, P. 48).

Here I produce evidence, not one but four.

1.     In Hijri 117, lunar and solar eclipses conjoined in month of Ramadhan in the times of a claimant, by name 'Treef' who was living in Aljazair;

2.     Again, Hijri 127 saw a conjunction of the eclipses and at that time a person called Saleh, son of Treef, was claimant of prophethood;

3.     A conjunction again occurred in 1267 Hijri in Iran where Mirza Ali Muhammad Bab was blowing his trumpet of Mahdviat for seven years;

4.     The Hijri of 1311 was again the year of conjunction when Mahdi Sudani was spreading his cult of Mahdviat in Sudan.

More historical proofs are available in respect of such phenomenal conjunctions in the lifetime of many claimants of prophethood and Mahdviat. For details refer to the following books:

'Doosri Shadadat-e-Aasmani' by Maulana Abu Ahmad 'Aimma-e-Talbis & Raees-e-Qadian' by Maulana Abul Qasim Dilawari

But the above four evidences are sufficient to prove Mirzas lies.

Excerpt No. 4: Mirza wrote in 'Izala-e-Auham': (P. 190, 1st edition; P. 79, 5th edition)

"O Brethren of Deen and theologians of inviolable Law! Listen, you people to my submissions intently; that the claim of the promised similar, which this humble has made, has been taken as the promised Masih by witless folks.... I have not certainly made this claim that I am Masih, son of Mariam. The person putting this blame on me is a downright slanderer and a liar".

Verdict on Qadianis
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Verdict on Qadianis

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful

Part 1 - Mirza Qadiani in Allah's Court

Respected Readers: When two parties to a dispute approach Allah for His Decision and beg of Him for His verdict, this is called Mubahala, and the result coming out after the Mubahala initiation is considered Allah's Decision. Mirza Qadiani presented his cases in Allah's Court, several times, but Divine Decision went against him each time. Here are some specific cases:

Case No. 1: Mirza referred a dispute between himself and a Christian Priest, Atham, in the Court of Allah unilaterally. The Decision went against him and, seeing his defeat, he resorted to giving interpretations to Allah's Decision, twisting the same in his favor.

Case No. 2: Mirza implored Allah to decide in a dispute he had picked up against Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari. Allah's Decision went against him here too. Details of both these cases will follow shortly.

Case No. 3: Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi met Mirza Qadiani, face to face, in a Mubahala in the Eidgah of Amritsar on Zeeqadah 10, 1310 A.H. In this case, both parties begged Allah to send His Verdict to identify the liar from the truthful (Majmua-e-lshtiharat, Vol. 1, 426-427). In this Mubahala, Mirza himself set out a premise that Divine Decision results in the death of the liar. He said: "The party who is telling lies dies in the lifetime of the truthful." (Malfoozat, Vol. 9,  P. 440-441).

Result: Mirza died earlier on May 26, 1908. What he enunciated stood because Maulana Abdul Haq died nine years later, on May 16, 1917. (Raees-e-Qadian, Vol. 2, P. 192; Tarikh-e-Mirza, P. 38). In this way, Divine Court decreed that Mirza Qadiani was a liar, impostor and apostate.

Case No. 4: In this case, a high-ranking disciple of Mirza Qadiani, by name Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf, challenged the above- mentioned Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi for a Mubahala rendezvous on Shawwal 12, 1310 A.H. (April 19, 1893). The issue at stake was whether Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his two friends Hakeem Nooruddin and Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi were Muslims or not. Hafiz Yusuf said all the three were Muslims but Maulana said they were liars, deceivers and apostates. No sooner had Mirza heard that the said Mubahala was going to be held than he was filled with extreme joy. He confirmed the action of his disciple and praised him for his righteousness. Assuming full responsibility in this connection, Mirza took him under his benevolent wings. (Majmua-e-lshtiharat Vol. 1, P. 394-396). But the result was that Hafiz Yusuf lost because, at the last moment, better sense prevailed on him. He realized his grave mistake which was leading him to perdition. He offered solemn repentance to Allah for his "kufr" and the same Hafiz, who was up till now an erstwhile defender of Mirza, tore open all the seams of Qadianism. Never was Mirza more disturbed. The result could not be worse for him. Staggering under this unforeseen blow, he paled with anguish. Collecting himself up, Mirza wrote a dirge in his book, "Arbaeen", lamenting at this turncoat Hafiz, in these words:

"Nothing comes to reason or imagination as to what appended to Hafiz Sahib. What advantage accrues to a man if he sacrifices his spiritual life for the sake of bodily life. Personally, I had heard many times form Hafiz Sahib that he was one of those who affirmed my credibility and was always ready to hold Mubahala against my accusers. His life had largely passed in this way and he had been narrating his dreams to me in my support and had held Mubahala with some of my dissenters." (Arbaeen No. 3, P. 21; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 17, P. 408).

So, this was Allah's Decision, which confirmed again that Mirza was a Dajjal, Liar and arch-deceiver.

Case No. 5: Mirza invited Hindu Aryas for a Mubahala and himself said those exact words which he wanted them to utter at the time of Mubahala.  He also proposed that after the Mubahala:

"There shall be a waiting period of one year for the Divine Decision to come down. If after the passage of one year, Divine Punishment falls on the writer of this pamphlet and not on the adversary, then this humble self, in either cause, shall suffer a fine of Rs. 500/- which subject to mutual agreement, shall be deposited into the government treasury or wherever this amount is easily available to the adversary. In case he overcomes us, he shall entitle himself to collect this sum automatically but if we overcome him we don't lay a wager. Our bet is the same prayer, that is, of heavenly signs befalling, and that's enough. Now, we conclude this pamphlet after writing down the subject matter of each of the two do*****ents of Mubahala". (Surma-e-Chashme-Arya, P. 251; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 301)

If these writings are put together, one will note that:

Mirza challenged all Aryas to a Mubahala; His curse would show its effect in a year's time; If in one year's time nothing untoward happened to his rival and Divine furs fell on Mirza, he should be proved a liar in both the cases; When Mirza is proved a liar (as stipulated above), he would pay a fine of Rs.500/- to his adversary and this money he offered to deposit in advance. In case the adversary lost, then Mirza would not ask for any money because heavenly ill-omens would suffice to strike him down, as a result of Mirza's curses.

Pandit Lekh Ram, on behalf of Aryas, accepted the challenge which Mirza confirmed in his book, Haqiqat ul Wahi, in these words:

"May it be known that at the end of my book, Surma-e-Chasham-e-Arya, I had called some Arya people for a Mubahala ............. As a result of my writing, Pandit Lekh Ram, in his pamphlet, Khabt-e-Ahmadiya, which he published in 1888.. held a Mubahala with me. (He closed his writing with the following prayer). 'O Parmeshwar (God) make decision between us truly because never can a liar glorify in Thy Audience against the truthful'". (Roohani Khazain, Vol. 22, P. 326-332).

Result: The challenge was thrown early in 1888. By the end of 1888, the result was to be out in the form of some Divine Punishment on the Pandit, because Mirza had postulated it but nothing happened and the year of 1888 passed away normally. Pandit Lekh Ram lived much beyond 1889. Actually he died in 1897 and Mirza did not pay him Rs. 500/-. In this way, Lekh Ram won the Mubahala and Mirza was proved a liar once again.

Conclusion: Respected readers must have noted from the above details that Mirza Qadiani's case was presented before like Court of Allah five times thrice against the Muslims, once against a Christian Priest and once against a Hindu Arya and, in each of the five cases, Allah's verdict went against him, declaring him a liar. Can any wise person even now doubt Mirza's duplicity, deceit and falsehood?

Part 2 - Some Predictions of Mirza that Came True

Prediction No. 1: Mirza in his communication to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari wrote:

"In your paper, you build up this reputation for me that this person imputes falsely, is a liar and is an arch-impostor. I have borne a lot of tortures from you yet endured them patiently .... If I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper, then I will perish in your lifetime". (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol. 3, P. 578).

Result: Very right. Mirza died on May 26, 1908; Maulana (Amritsari) in 1949. Mirza had said: "If I am a liar, an impostor and a charlatan then I will perish in your lifetime."

Proved: Mirza was a liar.

Prediction No. 2: In the same communication, Mirza wrote to Maulana Sahib:

"If that punishment which is not in the hands of a human being but only in God's Hands, such as plague, cholera, etc., and similar fatal diseases, and if the same do not descend upon you in my lifetime then I am not God-sent." (Hayat-e-Nasir, P. 14, Ref: Qadiani Mazhab Section, No. 80)

Result: Very right. Mirza died of cholera and Maulana lived on safe and sound long afterwards.

Proved: Mirza was "not God-sent."

Prediction No. 3: For fifteen days, Mirza carried on arguments with a Christian Priest, named Abdullah Atham, (who was the) head of a local Episcopal diocese. On the last date June 5, 1893, Mirza predicted that within fifteen months, his adversary would be thrown into 'Havia' (lower reaches of Hell). Mirza wrote in these words:

"I admit right this time that if this prediction goes false, that is, if fifteen months from this date, the party who is on falsehood in view of Allah, does not fall into 'Havia', as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every kind of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows; I am ready for all. I swear by the greatness of Allah's Glory that he will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. Earth and sky may deviate but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans." (Jang-e-Muqaddas, P. 210-211; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 6, P. 292-293).

Result: Mirza's divination expired on September 5, 1894, but Atham did not die till that date. Therefore, this prediction of Mirza Qadiani came true that:

"If within fifteen months, Atham does not fall into Haviya, then I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans."

Prediction No. 4: Mirza claimed that he had received Divine Revelation that the husband of Muhammadi Begum (daughter of Ahmad Baig of Hoshiarpur) would die in his lifetime and after that the widow, Muhammadi Begum, would be married to Mirza. In this connection, Mirza foretold in these words:

"I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come." (Anjam-e-Atham Hashiah, P. 31).

Result: The son-in-law of Ahmad Baig (Sultan Muhammad) did not die during Mirza's lifetime; but Mirza died, while Sultan Muhammad lived on for a long time after Mirza's death. Hence Mirza's prediction came true: "If I am a liar, the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig will not die in my lifetime".

Prediction No. 5: As a corollary to prediction No. 4, Mirza wrote:

"Remember, if the second part of this prediction does not come true (i.e., son-in- law of Ahmad Baig does not die in Mirza's lifetime) then I shall be more wicked than every wicked man. (Zamimah Anjam-e-Atham, P. 54).

Result: This "divination" also came true word for word. Therefore, consider Mirza "more wicked than every wicked man".

Prediction No. 6: Mirza foretold of an impending earthquake which he said should be a sample of the one to occur at the Resurrection time. He named it 'Tremor of the Hour,' that is, Doomsday shake-up. He published many notifications for this and in one of them he wrote:

"My foretelling of the coming earthquake is no ordinary prediction. If that turns out to be something ordinary or does not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent." (Zamimah Braheen-e-Ahmadiya, Part 5, P. 92-93; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 21, P. 253).

Result: Mirza's 'Braheen-e-Ahmadiya' Part 5, was published posthumously on Oct. 15, 1908, about five months after his death. No such earthquake occurred in his life and therefore his prediction turned out true, word by word, viz.,

"If the earthquake did not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent".

Point of Interest: In those days, when Mirza was issuing out his posters, one after another, announcing "Doomsday earthquakes was about to come, there was a gentleman, by the name of Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi, who refuted it pointblank, saying: "I have come to know through a resplendent disclosure that no such earthquake will come," and that "Mirza shall face disgrace in this prediction, as always in the past." On May 11, 1905, Mirza issued another notification in which he quoted from Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi's rebuttal:

"I (Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi) firmly announce and proclaim, today, the 6th of May, 1905, and thereby console all those whose hearts may be awe-stricken or whose spirits are dampened after hearing what the Qadiani has advertised in Newspapers and his Posters on April 5, 8, 21, 29, 1905, that a most severe earthquake will occur and which shall be of such a magnitude and so horrible that no year would have ever heard of it nor any eye would have seen it. The Qadiani (also claiming Hindu godship of) Krishna does neither inform of its date nor time of its occurrence; nevertheless, insists on saying that this earthquake will certainly come. Therefore, I fully assure and wholeheartedly console those simple innocent folks who have been put to fright by the verbosity and pedantry of the Qadiani in his newspaper writings, etc. I announce this happy news that this "Qadiani earthquake" will never come by Allah's kindness, either in the city of Lahore or elsewhere. It will never come, will never come, will never come. Therefore, people should remain perfectly at ease, calm and composed, in every way. This happy news has been conveyed to me by resplendent Divine Disclosure and Discovery which shall be absolutely correct, Insha Allah. I reiterate again and again that having profited from the Divine Light, manifested to me through revealed vision and having been permitted to make its announcement, I hereby proclaim, by beat of drum that the Qadiani will fall into disgrace again, as ever, in his prediction of this earthquake; and Allah, the Exalted, by virtue of Muhammad(SAW), the intercessor of sinners, will protect His guilty creatures under His Cloak of Mercy, from any such impending catastrophe and not a hair of any individual will come to harm." Mullah Muhammad Bux Hanafi, Secretary, Anjuman Haami-e-Islam, Lahore. (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Mirza Qadiani, Vol. 3, P. 541-542).

Respected Readers! You see the divination of a genuine Muslim and what came out from the mouth of a spurious one. Compare what the Musalman said and what the Kafir said. By the virtue of glory of Hazrat Khatam-un-Nabieen Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), Allah corroborated the truthfulness of the Muslim while Mirza Qadiani fell into disgrace by saying:

"If that earthquake does not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent".

Proved: Mirza, a liar.

Two Interesting Mubahalas
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Two Interesting Mubahalas

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful Introduction

Unique is the glory of Allah, the Exalted, that false pretenders of prophethood are always exposed, as was the impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani who undertook to mislead simple folks by laying claims to prophethood. Allah punished him for his fraud and made him collect the filth that lay heaped around the world.

At every step he was disgraced and knocked down in every move he made. Obviously this had to be so because his crime was such. A vain person, he held Mubahala rendezvous with many persons but each time he did so, the pseudo was fully exposed as a maestro tongue-twister.

In my monograph on "Qadiani Mubahalas", you have read some of the episodes of Mirza Qadiani. I summarize a few of them to refresh your memory.

Against Abdullah Atham: the Christian Priest

On the day the long drawn polemics concluded against Abdullah Atham, Mirza was so exhausted by his adversary's arguments that his tongue loosened and he blurted forth a clever prophecy, in a style unworthy of prophets. Said he:

"Whosoever is a liar between us shall be hurtled into 'Havia' (hell-fire) within fifteen months hence" (i.e. by June 5, 1893).

Since Abdullah Atham was about 70 years old at that time, his death within the period fixed by Mirza was, after all, not something that could not be expected.

Quoting the impostor:

"I admit right now that if this prediction goes false, i.e. if within fifteen months from this date, the party deemed to be a liar in Allah's view does not fall into 'Havia' as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows, I am prepared for everything...... This is no place to giggle in vain. If I am a liar keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the cursed persons, the evil doers and the Satans".(Roohani Khazain, Vol. 6, P. 292-293).

The result of the Mubahala challenge came out before everybody. Mirza's adversary did not die in fifteen months. Atham lived on and on and in this way, Allah put Mirza to disgrace against a Christian priest.

Mirza's prediction was not a Divine Revelation. It was his Fraud and rude imposture. He deserved the punishment he had proposed on himself, that is

Blacken my face; Collar a rope around my neck; Hang me on the gallows.

The 'Sire' applied to himself superlative degree adjectival epithet, by calling himself most accursed of all the cursed persons, the evil-doers and the Satans. The polemic rendezvous seeking support for "a Satan accursed of all Satans" was sure to flounder.

Against Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had also had a Mubahala with Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi in Amritsar. Maulana challenged him face to face on this issue: Mirza and his progeny are a coterie of liars, unbelievers, heretics, impostors and dualist-infidels. Mirza accepted this challenge saying:

"Whosoever is the liar out of the Mubahala participants, perishes during the lifetime of the truthful" (Malfuzat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 9, P. 440).

As Allah willed it, Mirza died of cholera on May 29, 1908 during the lifetime of Maulana Abdul Haq, while Maulana Sahib, Allah's mercy on him, lived for full nine years after Mirza, up to May 16, 1917. Therefore, two facts were proved:

Mirza was a liar Mirza and his progeny were a coterie of liars, unbelievers, heretics, impostors and dualist-infidels.

Against Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari

On April 15, 1907 (Rabiul Awwal 1, 1325 A.H.), Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani addressed a public notice to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari. His published notification included these words:

"If I am a liar and an impostor such as you want to call me in each issue of your periodical then I shall die in your lifetime." (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 3; P. 178).

After that, Mirza invoked Allah's Audience with these words requesting for a Divine Decision:

"If this claim of promised Messiahship is a false imputation from the side of me and if I am in Your Eyes a liar, mischief-monger, imputing false attribute to myself as my day/night routine, then, O my dear Master I pray to your Exalted Audience with all possible humility that destroy me in the lifetime of Maulana Sanaullah and let my death make him and his jama'at happy. Now, holding the garment of Your sanctity and Mercy, I supplicate into Your Lofty Audience to bring out true decision between me and Sanaullah and whosoever is really a liar and mischief-monger in Your Eye then carry him off from this world in the very lifetime of the one who is truthful." (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 3: P. 549).

Concluding this notification, Mirza Qadiani wrote:

"In the end my request to Maulana Sahib is that he should print all this writing in his periodical and may write underneath whatever he chooses to write. Now decision rests with Allah."

Conforming to the wish of Mirza Qadiani, Maulana Sanaullah printed Mirza's notification, word by word, in his periodical, 'Ahle-Hadith' and added underneath all that he liked to write. Because Mirza Qadiani had entrusted the decision to Allah, having specifically asked for it, all Muslims and Mirzais went into expecting what would come to pass from the unknown realm of the Omniscient Being. Only one year after this, Mirza died. The liar perished on May 26, 1908. Cholera purged Mirza's guts out. The knock-out was sure, certain and precise, one year after his pronouncement in which he had implored Allah for a decision. And Maulana Sanaullah lived on, and on, and on, sound and magnificent, for a long period of forty-one years. It amazed everyone. In this way, Mirza Qadiani was once again proved a hoax, a knave and a pretender. He was himself bundled off to eternal perdition (Havia) by one stroke of celestial punishment which was enough to silence the babble.

Today, we would like to relate to our readers two more interesting Mubahalas through which Allah the Exalted proclaimed Mirza Qadiani to be a liar and Dajjal.

Mubahala No. 1

Between hafiz Muhummad Yusuf and Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi

Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Zilladar, resident of Amritsar, had once been an eminent votary of Ahle-Hadith denomination. At the outset, his leanings were heavy towards Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, but somehow he fell into Mirza's net and turned an apostate. He became so strong a convert that day and night he would preach Mirza's pseudo-prophethood. The new faith became his heart's passion and Mirza, on his side, showered numerous praises on him: He was the best human ever born or the world had ever seen, a specimen par-excellence. In his book Izala-e-Auham, Mirza loaded him with rosy epithets in these words:

"Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Sahib is a righteous person, loyal, virtuous, a follower of prophetic traditions and a comrade attached to Maulvi Abdullah Ghaznavi." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 3., P. 479).

On the night of Shawwal 2, 1310 A.H. (April 19, 1893) Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf had a Mubahala with Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi on the issue-of truthfulness of Qadianiat. Subject of this Mubahala was: Whether Mirza Qadiani with his followers was an apostate, deceiver and a liar or he was a Muslim. The stand of Maulana Ghaznavi was that Mirza and his disciples, Hakim Nooruddin and Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi were apostates, deceivers and liars and not Muslim.

This Mubahala had barely covered a week that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani put up a notification on April 25, 1893. He published this under a caption:

"Mubahala notification between Mian Abdul Haq Ghaznavi and Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Sahib". Under this caption, he wrote this passage:

"I am pleased to hear that one of our respected friends, Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Sahib has received Divine Reward ahead of us through his courageous belief and gallant faith. Details of this brief are as follows: Hafiz Sahib conversing in a gathering one day said casually that nobody was appearing to come forward to debate a 'Munazra' or invoke a 'Mubahala' with Mirza Sahib, meaning this humble self. During the course of this conversation, Hafiz Sahib also said, Abdul Haq had notified for a Mubahala on his own. Now, if he thinks he is true he ought to come out to face me instead. I am prepared to have a Mubahala with him. Abdul Haq at that time happened to be somewhere near. He had also heard that Hafiz Sahib had thrown shameful remarks at him. Therefore, he steadied himself willy-nilly and caught Hafiz Sahib by hand, saying he was ready for the Mubahala right that moment. He said he would confine his challenge to this assertion that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and Maulvi Hakim Nooruddin and Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan, all three, were apostates, liars and deceivers. Hafiz Sahib accepted this challenge without hesitation and replied categorically he would do Mubahala on these very issues, because he said he had implicit belief that these three persons were Muslims. The Mubahala was therefore held on this very point and witnesses agreed upon for the Mubahala were Munshi Muhammad Nabi Bakhsh, Mian Abdul Hadi and Mian Abdur Rahman Umarpuri." (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol. 1, P. 396).

Because the above notification of Mirza contained several misstatements, Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi considered it expedient to write a rejoinder, explanatory in nature, on Shawwal 26, l3l0 A.H.   He wrote:

Details regarding the Mubahala of Hafiz are only this much that because Hafiz Yusuf was a first rate ally of Mirza and an aide and helper he requested me again and again for a Mubahala on the night of 2nd Shawwal. Thus a Mubahala was held and it was on this specific issue: Mirza and Nooruddin and Muhammad Ahsan, all three, are apostates, deceivers and liars. Two days before this Mubahala, I happened to see a dream in which I see somebody whom I have challenged for a Mubahala and to whom I recite a couplet, meaning if you wouldn't listen to the kind advice of nightingale or a ring-dove, I shall finally treat you by branding. Some more things I saw in my dream, but it would be inconsistent to mention those now. This dream surprised me and I wondered. Only two days after this dream, this Mubahala chanced to be held. Until now, no token of any imprecation had appeared on Hafiz Yusuf and his peer-ji (i.e. Mirza Qadiani) got into the heat and issued his notification. I say to him, you wait and see what Allah does. With Allah, everything is on its appointed time. He is glorious, supreme, All-knowing." (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Mirza Qadiani, Vol. 1, P. 424).

After sometime, result of this Mubahala came out. The rival, Hafiz Yusuf, fell flat four square, and something more. He:

renounced Qadianiat, cried on his error, cursed Satan's progeny; begged for Allah's forgiveness, re-entered Islam and accepted it on the hands of his erstwhile adversary, Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi; and tore open the seams of Mirzaiyyat, exposed its knavery and proclaimed that Mirza's henchmen were apostates, deceivers and liars.
Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala
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Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala

Whenever Qadianis are disappointed over something or feel uneasy, their leaders must embark on some mischief to prop them up. This is customary with them. In this way they set their progeny at rest. But as luck would have it, this invariably results in more disgrace and greater ignominy for them. In this context, a new activity has recently emanated from their leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. He has challenged all Muslims of the World for holding with him a sort of 'Curses Rendezvous'. Reply to the aforesaid challenge, sent to Mirza Tahir on behalf of the Writer, is reproduced below.

Janab Mirza Tahir Sahib,

Peace be on those who follow the right path!

You have lately published a challenge for Mubahala. I should not have considered the pamphlet worth any attention because this is my normal practice with Qadiani outbursts; but, on return from abroad, I found a copy of your challenge in my mail, and I have been specifically asked to answer. Therefore it devolves on me to give you this reply.

Here are some points in answer:

Allah extols those who fight Apostates

1. At the outset, let me thank you for having included the name of this humble self in the list of opponents of the Arch Liar of the Present times, i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani - the 'Musailma' of the Punjab. You have done me a great honor, indeed, which Quran Majeed has recounted in these words:

"O believers, whoever from amongst you forsakes his religion, then Allah will create very soon such people whom Allah shall love and who shall love Allah; They will be kind towards Muslims and forceful over Kafirs; They will be fighting in the way of Allah and will not be afraid of accusations of any accuser;  This is Allah's munificence.  He bestows it upon whomsoever He wants and Allah is All-pervading and Knows everything." (Holy Quran, 5:54)

In this blessed 'Ayah', six eminent virtues have been enumerated for those who contend with the apostates. Firstly, they are slaves whom Allah loves; secondly, they are among Allah's true lovers; thirdly, they are complaisant towards the people of the faith; fourthly, they are severe over the Kafirs; fifthly, they wage war in the path of Allah to perform the obligation of communicating His celebrated Commands and His Prohibitions; sixthly, they don't mind accusers reproaching them in the matter of Deen. In the end of this 'Ayah', it is proclaimed that this is Allah's Special Favor which is bestowed upon whosoever He wants.

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani -- The Musailma of Punjab

In the light of this holy verse, the first and foremost to deserve the avowed honor are Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq and his associates (Allah be pleased with them all) ,because they fought with Musailma, the Liar, and other apostates. Now, in the present times, recipients of these glad tidings are those who are contending with the Arch Liar, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his progeny of mini liars. Therefore, your counting me among the adversaries of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a proof which you have provided for this humble self that he is fit to be included among the praiseworthy persons extolled in the above holy verse. It is evidently a great testimony and a very happy news of Allah's great Munificence for this hapless soul. Words fail me to thank you for this gesture.

But this unworthy person, the lowest and the least competent among the followers of Allah's Prophet Khatam-un-Nabieen and Saiyedil Mursaleen(SAW) perhaps the most unbecoming and inadequate in the entire Ummate Muhammadia (utmost blessings and peace on its Chiefs). Our Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Anwer Shah Kashmiri, a leader of recent times, (may Allah make his grave resplendent), said in a couplet

"There is nobody in your Ummah like this humble self who is presenting himself before you with such insignificant deeds".

What honor greater than this can be for an insignificant 'Ummati' like myself than the Divine epithet of "Allah loves them and they love Allah". Your writing has raised hopes of this humble self that, Allah willing, our Prophet(SAW) will intercede for this unworthy and insignificant person when he will present himself before him with his humble demeanor.

Nevertheless you have provided great honor to this Dervish by including his name among the opponents of Mirza Qadiani. The remarks which you have written to me shall testify for me on Judgment Day. For this favor done to me sweeten your mouth with a treat of ghee and sugar!

Qadianis Disobey their Sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

2. In his book 'Anjam e Atham', Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had expressed his determination that he would never address the Ulema in future. He was adamant. Note his vehement style:

"We have today finalized the preaching which were obligatory on us.. and it is our resolve that we shall not address the Ulema after these clarifications.. and that is the end of discourses from our side".

When Mirza Qadiani had conclusively proclaimed in 1897 his refusal to reopen any discourse with the Ulema in future. Does his promise, which according to your belief was:

"And he does not speak from inclination of his self; This is but revelation sent down",

stand abrogated or is it that Mirza's progeny does not care a fig for all those promises, deeds and words which Mirza put forth?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani -- Liar, Apostate, Dualist Infidel

3. You have challenged the Ulema of the Ummat for a Mubahala. Remember, such engagements are final touchstones which distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood. You seem to be going in for this Mubahala, because you are not sure of the truthfulness of your Sire, even after a lapse of one century. Evidently, you and your party members distrust your Patriarch.

Praise be to Allah, the entire Islamic Ummah, including myself - the most incompetent man of Ummat -, don't have least of the least doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a liar. Final, decisive and unanimous is Islamic Ummah in the belief that, after Allah's Prophet any claimant to prophethood, is a liar, apostate and dualist-infidel. This is in accordance with the Prophetic words:

"Thirty liars (will appear before the Day of Judgment) and each one of them will claim to be a Prophet of Allah." (Tirmizi)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is included in this list.

The statement that "Mirza's marriage was solemnized in the sky!" is one example of Mirza's falsehood. Allah the Exalted, Supreme in Perfection, Eminent in Wisdom, has provided us numerous conclusive proofs of the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani--the Musailma of the Punjab. The lies of this liar are as visible as the sun at meridian. In the context of these lies, the arch Liar cannot remain hidden from those whose hearts glow with the light of Faith, however faint. But those eyes which are totally sealed, Allah has been pleased to say about them:

"And the person who shall be blind in this world shall be blind in the hereafter also and will be strayed more from the path".

How can a blind man tell the truth from the untruth or distinguish the white from the black? Let this one example suffice for Mirza's falsehood.

Marriage with Muhammadi Begum in the Sky!

Mirza declared the so-called revelation that he had been married with Muhammadi Begum, a respectable lady, in the sky. He kept on harping on this revelation of marriage from 1888 to 1907. Ultimately, he wrote these words in his Appendix to Anjam e Atham, on page 54.

"Remember, if the second part of this predication does not come true (i.e. Muhammadi Begum is not married to Mirza after her widowhood), I should be deemed more wicked than any wicked man. O idiots! this is not a human's pretension. This is no business of any depraved impostor. Consider this to be God's true promise, definitely the same God Almighty Whose words are never withdrawn; the same Glorious Nourisher Whose intentions nobody can stop".

Certainly we agree and do believe that Allah's words are His Will. His promises are true, unbreakable and uncontradictory, unflinching and unswerving. Nobody can stop His intents.

Mirza did not even see the Shadow of His Illusive Bride:

But what happened to the second part of Mirza's prediction? Far from marriage, Mirza did not see even the shadow of his illusive bride, Muhammadi Begum. Is the falsehood of foul and fraudulent Mirza not thus proven? He himself admitted in his own words that he was a very wicked man, more wicked than any other wicked. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, cobblers, sweepers, etc., are also non-Muslims, but Mirza admits he is worse than all of them.

Does any doubt still remain of his being an Arch Liar, an impostor, a pretender, nay, the worst of them all? This is one example I have mentioned, otherwise, Allah the Exalted, has provided us with a collection of proofs not in hundreds but in thousands.

Mirza Already Vanquished in Several Mubahalas

4. Besides these testimonies, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had already conducted a number of Mubahalas with the people. The result invariably was that Allah, the Exalted, showed him up as the Arch-Liar.

a. Interesting Mubahala Session with a Christian Priest

Mirza Qadiani convened a discussion with a local head of Episcopal diocese, named Atham. For fifteen days argumentation continued. When he could not beat his adversary, he invoked Allah for decision. He pronounced that Allah had made this decision for Atham that this liar should be thrown into 'Havia' (hell) within fifteen months from June 5, 1893. Mirza had predicted in these words:

"Blacken My Face: Put Rope Around my Neck":

"I admit right now that if this prediction goes false, i.e. if within fifteen months from this day, the party who is deemed to be false in Allah's view does not fall into 'Havia' as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows. I am prepared for all. I swear by the Greatness of Allah that He will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. The earth and the sky may deviate, but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, the evil-doers and the satans". (From Jung e Muqaddas, P.189).

Hullabaloo in Qadian on the Critical Night:

The night before the avowed date-line, the town of Qadian went into a tumultuous drone. Men, women, big and small rubbed their noses on the earth, lamenting: Ya Allah, Atham may die! Ya Allah, Atham be dead! Ya Allah, Atham may die! They were certain that Atham would no more live to see the light of the fixed day. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, on his part, worked out spells of magic for Atham's death and had charms recited over black grams and thrown them into dry wells. Despite all these invocations, contrivances and holloas, Atham remained alive and lived on and on. By His actions Allah. the Exalted testified that:

the prediction was not a revelation from Allah; the prediction was Mirza's imposture; both Mirza & Atham were liars but Mirza was the Arch Liar; Mirza deserved the punishment he had proposed on himself, that is: "Disgrace me; "Blacken my face; "Collar a rope around my neck; "Hang me on the gallows"

After this Divine Decision, is there any further need, Mirza Tahir, for the Mubahala you wish to hold?!

Islamic Belief of Finality of Prophethood
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Islamic Belief of Finality of Prophethood

by : Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


The holy Quran and the holy Prophet's Ahadith (teachings) eloquently prove that prophethood (nabuwwat and risalat) came to an end with our Prophet Muhammad(SAW). There are decisive verses to that effect. Being the last Prophet in the chain of prophethood, no one ever shall now succeed him to that status of dignity.

"Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things." (Holy Quran, 33:40)

Interpreters of the Holy Quran

All the interpreters of the Holy Quran agree on the meaning of Khatam-un-Nabieen that our Prophet(SAW) was the last of all prophets and none shall be exalted to the lofty position of prophethood after him. Here are a few examples:

Imam Hafiz Ibn-e-Katheer:

"This verse is conclusive of the precept that our Prophet(SAW) is the last and that there shall be no Nabi (Prophet) after him. When there shall be no Nabi to follow him, the ordainment of a Rasool (Messenger) can not arise by logic of anteriority because the status of a Rasool is more exclusive then that of a Nabi. Every Nabi is not a Rasool, but every Rasool is a Nabi. There exists a continuous and unbroken chain of citations of Ahadith from a large number of venerable Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet(Allah be pleased with them), that there shall be no Nabi or Rasool after Muhammad(SAW)". (Tafseer Ibn-e-Khateer, Vol. 3, P. 453)

Imam Ghazali:

"No doubt the Ummah (all Muslims) has unanimously understood from this word (Khatam-un-Nabieen) and its cir*****stantial reference to mean non-existence of a Nabi or Rasool ever after Muhammad(SAW) and that (this word calls for) no reservation or tacit interpretation in it; hence its dissident is certainly the one who rejects the Ummah's unanimity". (Al Iqtisad fil Etiqad, P. 123)

Finality of Prophethood and Ahadith

The Prophet(SAW) unequivocally declared that he was the final Prophet. There are a large number of Ahadith to sustain this article of Islamic faith. Not only that but the Prophet(SAW) was also pleased to bring forth such expositions of this word (Khatam-un-Nabieen) that all doubts relating to his finality in prophethood stand void and misinterpretations exposed. Many people having theological distinctions to their credit have stressed upon the unbroken and consecutive nature of those Ahadith which concern finality of prophethood. Opinions of some of them are quoted below:

Hafiz Ibn-e-Hazam says on page 77 of his Kitab-ul-Fasl:

"All those personages who have dwelt upon the subject of Muhammad'(SAW) prophethood, his miracles and expounded the holy Quran, have stated that he(SAW) had informed that there would be no prophet after him".

Hafiz Ibne-Khateer writes under the caption, "finality of prophethood":

"And on this (Finality of Prophethood) there have come from Allah's Messenger(SAW) "mutawatir" (absolutely certain and numerous) Ahadith which have by an unbroken chain of his companions (Allah be pleased with them)".

Allama Syed Mahmood Aloosi writes in Tafseer Roohul-Mani:

"That he (Muhammad(SAW)) was the final prophet, is ordained by the Quran, acknowledged by the Sunnah and agreed upon by the Ummah; hence a claimant to the contrary will be (determined as) Kaffir (unbeliever) and put to death if he is persistent".

To conclude therefore finality of prophethood is an article of faith by the Qurans text and Mutawatir Ahadith. Some are reproduced below:

The Last Brick

The Prophet of God(SAW) affirmed:

"My position in relation to the prophets who came before me can be explained by the following example: A man erected a building and adorned this edifice with great beauty, but he left an empty niche, in the corner where just one brick was missing. People looked around the building and marveled at its beauty, but wondered why a brick was missing from that niche? I am like unto that one missing brick and I am the last in the line of the Prophets." (Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Manaqib). This Hadith has also been related in Muslim, Tirmizi, and Musnad of Ahmad.

Line of Prophethood Terminated

The Holy Prophet(SAW) observed:

"God has bestowed upon me six favors which the former Prophets did not enjoy: (1) I have been endowed with the gift of pithy and perfect speech. (2) I was granted victory owing to my awe. (3) The spoils of war were made lawful unto me. (4) The whole earth has been made the place of worship for me and it has become the means of purification for me also. In other words in my religion, offering of prayers is not confined to certain specified places of worship. Prayers can be offered at any place over the earth. And in case water is not available it is lawful for my people to perform ablutions with earth (Tayammum) and to cleanse themselves with the soil if water for bathing is scarce. (5) I have been sent by Allah to carry His Divine message to the whole world. (6) And the line of prophets has come to its final end in me." (Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah)

Address to Hazrat Ali

The Holy Prophet(SAW) told Hadrat 'Ali: "You are related to me as Aaron was related to Moses(peace be upon him). But no Apostle will come after me." (Bukhari and Muslim, Kitab Fada'il as-Sahaba)

Difference With Tribe of Israel

The Holy Prophet(SAW) observed:

"The tribe of Israel was guided by prophets. When a prophet passed away, another prophet succeeded him. But no prophet will come after me; only caliphs will succeed me." (Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Manaqib).

Thirty Liars in the Ummah

It is related by Hazrat Thauban(RA) that our Prophet(SAW) said:

"In my Ummah there shall be born thirty liars (dajjals) each of them will claim that he is a prophet but I am the last of the Prophets; there shall be no prophet after me". (Abu Dawood and Tirmizi)

The Significance of Khatme-Nabuwwat
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The Significance of Khatme-Nabuwwat

Islam enjoins upon the faithful a solid belief in the divine decree of Khatme-Nabuwwat (Finality of Prophethood) in last of the Messengers and the mercy to the Universe, hazrat Muhammad(SAW). This tenant of Islam is so essential that the slightest doubt in its validity may bring one’s faith to ruin. Those who guard their belief in this basic doctrine are surely protecting their faith in the religion of Allah(SWT).

Individuals who believe in the possibility of new Prophets after hazrat Muhammad(SAW) are, in effect, advancing the notion that the religion of Allah(SWT) is not perfect and are attempting to open the door for the possible alteration, corruption, or rejection of the message of Islam. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani of India, for instance, abrogated Jihad, introduced his own novel interpretation of Quranic verses (in defiance to authentic Hadith), and gave birth to a new faith he called ‘Ahmadiyyat’. Hussain Ali (Bahaullah) of Iran modified the entire doctrine of Islam, replaced the Holy Quran with his own book, changed the direction of Qibla from Makkah al Mukarrama to Namka in Israel, and named this new faith ‘Bahaism’.

It should be evident how the mere rejection of the doctrine of Khatme-Nabuwwat enabled misguided or opportunist individuals to challenge the believers from within and divert unsuspecting public from the religion of Allah(SWT).

The Holy Quran has made it abundantly clear, in more than one hundred of its verses, that no new Prophet or prophetic revelation will be sent. Over two hundred hadith (sayings of the holy Prophet(SAW)) further support this injunction of the Quranic Message. The Holy Quran, hadith and Tafseer have been consistent on this point since the advent of Islam. In addition, close companions of the holy Prophet, great scholars, and the entire Ummah have agreed on this basic tenant and consider it Kufr to entertain the possibility of Allah(SWT) commissioning any other Prophet.

The great Imam and founder of the Hanifa School of thought, Imam Abu Hanifa(RA), was so certain of this view that he decreed the very act of questioning a claimant (demanding proof or miracles) to be an act of disbelief in itself. Naturally, this fatwa was issued to stress the importance of an absolute belief in the Finality of Prophethood and to encourage all Muslims to defend this doctrine from corruption for all times.

Any Muslim would shrink from asking a claimant to divinity for proof; that claim very clearly contradicts the teachings of Islam. The very same level of confidence and belief is also required when we are faced with impostor prophets and Messiahs:

There can not be another god besides Allah(SWT) and there can not be another prophet after Muhammad(SAW).

Our duty to defend this basic tenant becomes evident when we review some of the brightest moments in Islamic history. The first rightly guided Caliph, Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA), fought against the army of the impostor prophet Musailma, the Liar, despite the fact that, not only Musailma had recognized the Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW), but also the Muslim state was still in its infancy and without the needed resources. As the result of this war, 22000 soldiers of Musailma were eliminated; however, approximately 1200 precious Muslim lives -- including almost 600 Huffaz, Qaris, distinguished soldiers of Badr, and close Companions of the Holy Prophet(SAW) -- were also lost.

To appreciate these figures and understand the determination of early Muslims to protect the religion of Allah(SWT) from possible corruption, we will need to remember that, during the entire life of Rasool Allah(SAW), only 259 Muslim lives were lost in all the battles against the Kuffar. The non-believers had themselves suffered only 759 casualties. In short, our first Caliph, in unison with all the Companions (Sahaba), decreed that the impostor Prophet and his followers should not be allowed to spread their evil. Indeed, none of the companions rested until the complete elimination of the self proclaimed prophet and his followers. This decision of Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA) was so highly regarded, endorsed and accepted by the companions, that Hazrat Umar(RA) proposed an exchange with Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA). He said:

"I will exchange all good deeds of my life time for your acts of one night and one day. One night from those three nights you spent with Rasool Allah(SAW) in the Cave of Thaur and one day from the days of battles against impostor prophets to guard the Finality of Muhammad(SAW).”

Obviously, defending the Finality of Rasool Allah(SAW) should be of utmost importance for us: we should not even entertain the claims of false Messiahs and prophets who will appear from time to time.

It is a sad turn of events that some of our Muslim brothers, who claim to be liberal and broad minded, trivialize the significance and importance of the Islamic principal of Khatme-Nabuwwat and do not appreciate our duty to protect the Deen of Allah(SWT) from all enemies. We hope that this brief message has helped them realize the true message of Allah(SWT).

With Allah is Success and Peace of Allah be upon his Messenger Muhammad and his Followers and Companions.

Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti, President Khatme Nabuwwat University, Chiniot Pakistan, General Secretary, International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement, and Member of Punjab Assembly



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