$250,000 Reward! Can Ahmadis Answer?
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Oct 22nd, 1996


In the name of Allah, the One & Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Muhamaad, after Whom there is no Prophet and upon His Family & Companions


by Illias Sattar

CASH REWARD RS: 10,000,000/=

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's claims of Imam Mehdi and Promised Messiah HAVE NOW BEEN PROVED CONCLUSIVELY FALSE.

If anyone can prove the points of this article to be wrong in The Supreme Court of any neutral country like UK, USA, Germany,

Japan etc., he will receive cash reward of Rs. 10,000,000/=.

Introductory Note

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, claimed that he is Promised Messiah/Mahdi. He established Ahmadiyya Movement in 1891 and started propagating his fraudulent doctrine in the name of Islam. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died Ahmadis (Qadianis) have always been very aggressive in their preaching whereas Muslims have been keeping themselves aloof or are very meek in their defense. But now by the Grace of Allah the position is reverse. The Qadianis are shying away from limelight. AlHamdolillah they have been intellectually defeated. A Prominent Ahmadi, Mr. Ahmad Baksh Channa, a Qadiani Murabbi for years, has embraced Islam alongwith other several others who witnessed the written debate.

In the following article, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's claim of being the Mahdi and the Promised Messiah have been conclusively proved to be wrong by bringing to light contradiction in his own argument from his books. The particular argument of Mirza Sahib which was claimed to be dazzling like the sun, and according to his followers made his opponents ran away from him like lambs run away from lion, has been proven wrong beyond doubt. Since the fallacy of these claims have been exposed, Mirza Sahib's claim of being a Nabi or a Prophet also automatically becomes bogus. A True Nabi cannot make false claim.

This article was originally made public before 1982. More than 14 years have passed but no one has been able to deny the points of this article or prove to the contrary. The points of this article were twice put to the present IVth Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani but he maintained complete silence. I even went inside the Ahmadiyya Hall, an Ahmadi Mosque in Magazine Line, Karachi where I distributed this article in the hall and spoke to those who were coming inside to pray. I attended the funeral of one learned Qadiani. In the graveyard as well as in the funeral bus while coming back, I explained the article to them. On 4-7-1983 Mr. Rahim Younus Qadiani wrote from Dhaka, Bangladesh, that one learned Ahmadi is going to answer to me. Almost 13 years have passed away but till now there is no answer. Naseem Ahmad, gave a reply to "Can Ahmadis Answer" and entitled it, "An Ahmadi Answer". The grandson of the Khalifa Mirza Tahir, Mubasshir Ahmad composed it on the computer. However, later on after nearly 5 hours of discussions the grandson said that now only he has understood the question. He promised to return with proper reply. He went away never to return again.

I have had written discussions with many other Qadianis as well. Those who are interested can get copies of such correspondence from me. It is interesting to see how they have expressed views opposite to what Mirza Sahib has written. Many Qadianis have even admitted that Mirza Sahib has made a mistake, but they take the plea that Mirza Sahib was a human being and so he could make a mistake. However, time will make them realize InshaAllah that it wasn't a small mistake. This grave mistake was committed while trying to prove his claims to the office of Imam Mehdi and Promised Messiah. If the arguments put forward to prove his claim has been proven wrong, naturally the claim was also wrong. If one claim is wrong the whole Ahmadiyyat becomes a heap of debris.

I had offered Rs. One Crore (10,000,000 =~ US$ 200,000) to any Ahmadi who will defeat me in a Supreme Court of any country. One Ahmadi, Naseem Ahmad of Karachi, Pakistan, now in USA, accused me that One Crore will not be paid if I will loose the case. I said that the Judges will be satisfied about the payment of Rs. One Crore before the start of the case. He said that to start the case. Rs 15,000/= cash will be needed. I even offered Rs. 15,000/= in advance which he refused to accept. Did he knew in his heart that he will be a loser? I think he did, because he never returned to accept my offer.

The facts mentioned in this article, which have embarassed Qadianis during the discussions, are taken from the following four books of Mirza Sahib:

1.    Masih Hindustan Mein

2.    Chasma-e-Masihi

3.    Anjam-e-Atham

4.    Kashti-e-Nuh

An interesting development is that the present Khalifa of Qadianis has warned his followers about me. He spoke for more than two hours on their so-called Muslim Television Ahmadiyya and cautioned the Qadianis that a "Fitna" (temptation) is going to come, and to save the faith from that "fitna" (temptation). He reminded his followers of miracles which were to be remembered when facing the "fitna" (temptation) mentioning Zia ul Haq's plane accident and claimed that this accident happened to Zia ul Haq because of what he had done to the Qadianis.

Obviously it is an intellectual defeat for the Khalifa and the whole Ahmadiyya Community. Instead of coming up with logical arguments to counteract my proofs, the Khalifa has taken refuge in so-called miracles. Miracles or perhaps some Accident? God knows best. I am producing this article here with a challenge to all Qadianis/Ahmadis. Try to prove my arguments wrong in a Court of Law and get Pak. Rs.10,000,000/=

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