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An Open Qadiani Threat to General Pervez Musharraf nd its Rebuttal
Posted on Friday, August 14 @ 00:42:29 CEST by admin

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 10th June 2000

Bismillah alRehman alRaheem

An open threat to Gen. Musharraf, Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, by a Qadiani and its reply by a Muslim

Are they upto something once again?



A Qadiani Taken from http://www.ahmadiyya.com




S. Ahmad,

Lahore, Pakistan.

April 11th, 2000

Note: Jamaat Ahmadiyya has denied the request to produce the letter here. The contents of letter have been saved for any future reference and in case the Jamaat's website decide to remove this letter. Please visit the following website to read the threat given by Qadiani, Mr S. Ahmad to General Pervez Musharraf, CEO of Islamic Republic of Pakistan




GULZAR ANWAR 27th May 2000


I have gone thru your open letter of April 11 to Gen. Musharraf appearing in the above website on the last 2 pages of the article “Answers to a Few Objections”.  In this letter, you have listed the instances where some important people, according to you, have met an unfortunate end solely because of their dislike for, and harsh treatment of, Qadianis which only means that had they opted not to oppose Qadianis, they could have been spared to live a little longer.  You have, actually, delivered a concealed threat to Gen. Musharaf for a similar end if he takes chances with your community.  You, also, forget that, in this way, you are only presenting your prophet as a prophet of doom.  Special people of God are full of mercy and they do not harm the lives of those who do not enter the fold of their following.  Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a supreme example on this account.  However, you are fully entitled to have as much misgivings about yourself as you like.  There is no bar on having any fancy notions.

Let me tell you one thing, Mr. Ahmad, that Syed Ataullah Shah Bokhari  - founder of the anti-Qadiani movement -  was the greatest enemy of your community and its leader and he died a natural death after outliving most of your leaders in years, if the numbers game is all that important in your eyes.  Other Muslim divines like Maudoodi, Daud Ghaznavi, Abul Hasnat, Hazarvi, Mufti Mahmood, et alia who were equally opposed to you, all died a natural death.  Bokhari launched a relentless struggle against the British Raj and was in jug most of his life.  He was a great freedom fighter and was never a member of the Viceroy Council nor did he ever enjoy or accept any privileges from the Crown. Let me, for example, quote Abu Sufian the arch rival of Islam and the leader of Meccan aristocracy.  He died a natural death despite fiercely opposing our Holy Prophet (PBHU).  He survived because he had to die only upon his appointed time.  He also came out unharmed from the Battle of Ohad where the Muslims were outfought and fled for safety.  Now by your standards he should have died an exemplary death much earlier because of his aggressive designs against Islam.  His wife - Hinda - was not far behind and she, despite sparing no effort in bringing down the fledgling community of newly emerging Islam, also died a natural death.  The socalled premonition about the terminally ill Abdullah Atham was similarly ridiculous.  This foretelling came, as you know, in the wake of the disputation with Christians in Amritsar which has been given the name of Jang-e-Muqaddas by you and in which Dr. Henry Martin Clark went blow for blow with your leader while substituting for the ailing Atham.

Your logic would lead us to believe that every Muslim who dies, meets this unfortunate end before time because he does not believe in your “Promised Messiah”.  Is that what you want us believe?  What kind of cutting edge you have in regard to the life span of people who do not see very kindly to you?   What  about the final moment of exit from this temporary abode set for each one of us and does it change according to our disposition towards Qadianis?  You are either too naive - as distinct from knave - or refuse to outgrow the nursery rhymes imparted in your pocket book.

You forget one thing that the political instability is a common culture of the third world countries and you hardly find a stable Government anywhere in Africa or Asia except of course in India.  Governments, in these countries, can still be overthrown easily and there is a new ruler  to be seen everywhere ever other day.  You were the first to support Bhutto and began threatening the religious parties of dire consequences as soon as Bhutto came to power.  Your diabolical planning was afoot, I think, as I personally heard your people boasting that the mainstream religious leaders will meet the same fate as their counterparts had met in Egypt under Nasir.  Obviously, you were working in this direction, but when Bhutto decided to turn on you, for some inscrutable designs of the Providence, you made an about turn.  And when he fell because of the imperialist intrigues, you found a divine act, on your behalf, in his downfall.  If that is the truth, you take so much pride in, then I shall take delight in the untruth because I sincerely believe that Bhutto was brought down by the imperialist powers the same way Sukarno was swept aside in Indonesia after the influx of foreign money and after enlisting the support of the local rogue elements in both the countries

The main body of the article boasts of having produced Crown cronies like Ch. Zafarullah who brilliantly served the king and the country and then joined the Pakistan movement on a nod from his masters.  He was working according to the game plan given to him. You should bear in mind also that the demand for Pakistan was only a political movement and to oppose a political movement does not disqualify you for courting the divine mercy in the Hereafter nor will those, who supported Pakistan, have a free passage to paradise to lay their hands on some Hoories of their choice and live happily ever after.  Should that be your criteria then this will be too salacious an idea.  What about the cronies like Daultanas, Tiwanas, Noons, Qureshis and other stars of the landed aristocracy and monastic orders who supported the Pakistan movement and the Raj alike?

Your leader took a great pride in eulogising the British Raj and enumerated the services of his forefathers rendered to the Crown for strengthening its cavalry.  The uprising against the Sikh rule in Punjab was masterminded by the Raj in order to weaken the Sikhs and annex Punjab to the Crown which until then had eluded them.  All the “knights” lent their full support to the Raj.  The members of the Viceroy Council, with possibly an odd man out, were faithful employees of Her Majesty’s Government and an employee, big or small, by nature is bound to grovel before his paymaters and toe the official line. I admire all the nationalists/freedom fighters regardless of their caste, creed, colour or clime.  The uprising of 1857 was not a mutiny or Ghaddar as many would have us believe, it was a struggle for independence in which whoever fired the first shot was the real hero.

By the way, Lord Mountbatten had predicted that Pakistan will fall apart after 26 years and this forecasting came true.  Should we then pronounce Mountbatten a prophet.  This was actually their carefully prepared game plan to clip the eastern wing off after 26 years in the larger interest of their own global priorities for fighting the communist menace.  They set out for this demanding task, from day one, and succeeded in the end.  They had commissioned the services of their faithfuls to systematically proceed, in this direction, in order to execute their plan at the precise moment.  The imperialist politics in India will never be understood unless they are studied in the Russian perspective.  You have to see what Peter the Great had said:  “Whoever rules India is the dictator of the world”.  It was the principal desire of Russian empire to reach India and British interests were fully awake to frustrate these designs in order to perpetuate the interests of their own nation.  They had correctly estimated the communist upsurge to come and prepared themselves for it.  It was excellent management, good control of the high and low tide of events along the way and brilliant execution of the plan in the end when the communist menace was directly threatening their interests.

After you, now we have Goharshahi who has begun appearing in the celestial bodies.  We are living in too advanced an age.  Any body seeing an optical illusion declares himself a saint.  I think very soon we will have a string of saints and prophets.  All the renegades are taking refuge in Europe.  Punjab is a bedrock of abundance in every respect.  It is as much known for producing great people, besides cornucopia of grains, as it is known for producing freaks.  After all, it is a land of milk and honey which are rich nutrients, no doubt, but if they go right to your head, the results are ominous.

To establish a real world order (kingdom of God), it will require the real Jesus and not his copy.  I am a strong believer in the second coming of Christ and whenever he comes, it will only be the original Jesus son of Mary and not any false messiah who has grown big out of his own misgivings.  Yes, either the Jesus has to make a physical return to this earth himself to restore order to this troubled world, and reinstate the dignity of man, or there has to be no messiah at all.  This is as simple as that.  No ordinary person can deliver on this monumental task and no other version of messiah - especially a Punjabi - will do the trick.  Raising of minarets to mark the descension of messiah only falsifies the position and cannot reverse the facts.

I do not want to hurt you but I am only trying to correct you in that we, like you, will die one day and that will be our appointed time.  None of us will die, before time, simply because of our disbelief in your leader.  I am not really interested to know what one believes in because every one will have to account for himself end of the day.  I am kind of a footloose who is ready to listen to good things no matter where they come from.  It does not make any difference for me to see who is speaking but what is of essence is to see what is being told.  I will listen to you also but you must be sure of saying something with a logic.  Never claim all the divine favour for yourself alone.  We are all children of God and his mercy extends to all of us but remember our God is a jealous God as He won’t accept any partners unto Him and He will certainly not tolerate any renegades either.  It is upto you now to honestly say whether you were right in writing to Gen. Musharaf in the way you did.  You know your inside better, make an assessment where you stand.  I am not interested in presiding over the affairs of others and pointing them the way to reason.  Let every body be his own judge and see if he is capable of seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope I do not sound offensive but if I do I apologise for that because I hate to hurt people.   I have no intention of entering into arguments with you only because I am in no doubt about myself.  You discuss things only when you are in doubt.  As for myself, there is no haze in my eyes.  I can see the things clearly.  Nevertheless, should you like to write back, I assure you, you will be well received.  I am not a high-strung person and you are free to become counter-critical.  You can write anything  and the way you like best.  After all, we always benefit from each other’s views.

In the above paragraphs, I have discreetly answered some other points in the main article which do not relate to you.  I have not gone into details, lest it makes a *****bersome reading.  Now a personal request.  Your leader declared his prophethood in the backdrop of an alien rule in an alien country.  He had the full protection of the big non-Islamic empire.  If any one can muster the courage, stand in the House of God in Mecca now, proclaim his prophethood there and survive until the following day, I shall accept his creed and take the oath of fealty to him.  No one need be afraid, if he is right, God’s protective hand will be on him.  Does that make any sense?

By the way, Mr. Ahmad, your first caliph was a native of my hometown.  Once he left us there was no “return of the native” to be. He probably passed on into the eternity somewhere in Qadian.

I hope you will agree that we have nothing personal against each other and we have never known each other, at any time, and it is this which encourages me that you will read my letter in the same spirit in which I read yours.  An epistolary exchange of views has to be underscored by a spirit of tolerance otherwise the time taken and the effort made to write to each other proves an exercise in vain.  What I have written is no counter-offensive.  I only wanted to correct you on some points but if I have missed the mark, so be it.  I am sure there will be no hard feelings.

Take care.

Gulzar A. Anwar / Asif Saeed G.P.O. Box 1126 Islamabad Pakistan

PS. The response has been sent to the author through the Qadiani webmaster, but no response has been recieved from them so far.

New Qadiani Conspiracy against Pakistan

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