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An Appeal to Ahmadi Brothers
Posted on Wednesday, July 08 @ 23:06:45 CEST by admin
For Ahmadis Qadianis Attention

BismIllah arRehman arRaheem

An Appeal to Ahmadi Brothers

by Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari Former Ahmadi from Bombay


Peace be on those who follow the hidayah

Brother Mohammed Usman Saheb is an active member of Ahmadiyya Movement who lives in Bait-ul-Hamd, the Ahmadiyya Centre in Karachi. On behalf of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, Ameer Jamaat Ahmadiyya, he has recently performed a Mubahila with Mr. Illias Suttar regarding his book 'Can Ahmadis Answer?' I am amazed that Mirza Tahir himself is scared of doing face to face mubahila and had for several years been cheating his followers by pretending to do mubahila sitting in their houses. Thus I thought it was an opportune time to convey certain facts to you hoping that may Allah show some of you the right path. These facts are well known to a lot of you, but thought it expedient to turn a blind eye.


I am a born Ahmadi, and from my childhood till adulthood, 21 long years, I remained not an ordinary Ahmadi but an active member of Jamaat and had deligently propagated Ahmadiyyat among the non-Ahmadis. Even today I stay as a tenant in the same building which is owned by the Jamaat and houses the Ahmadiyya Headquarter in Mumbai, India. 50 years ago my father was converted to Ahmadiyyat by an Ahmadi Muballigh, Mr. Hakeem Mohammed Din by trapping him into the decietful doctrine of Life or Death of Jesus. In those very few people had a clear idea about Ahmadiyya/Qadianiat. Like my father, many were trapped into Ahmadiyyat by the doctrines of Death and descent of Jesus and the Heavenly signs of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. They were usually kept in the dark about the real beliefs of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Saheb till such time that they were brainwashed suffecient enough to withstand the propaganda of opponents of Ahmadiyyat. The doctrine of Prophethood and Messengership of Mirza Saheb was usually discussed quite late and that too with such mind boggling explanations that most people were left confused. My father converted because he was impressed with the talk and manners of Hakeem Mohammed Din and not because of Mirza Saheb's beliefs or writings. When Muslims boycotted my father, he moved as a tenant into this building which is still owned by Ahmadiyya Jamaat and which houses its headquarter. More than half of the tenants of this building are Ahmadis.

Anyway, I opened my eyes in this atmosphere and passed my childhood in the lap of Ahmadiyyat. I always considered Ahmadiyyat as the true and real Islam and all non-Ahmadis were misguided and kaafirs. My father was also such a staunch Ahmadi that because of his donations, his name was permenantly affixed in the Bahishtee Maqbarah (The Heavenly Graveyard) in Qadian. If at any time I had a fight with the son of Molvi or other Qadiani neighbours, my father used to scold me.

However with the passage of time, doubts started creeping into the mind of my father about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Saheb and his followers. Ultimately when the entire truth was realised, he reverted to Islam. He used to say that Ahmadiyyat is a false religion but I always considered it as true Islam and used to preach him hoping that he will revert back to Ahmadiyyat. I used to argue with him about things like death of Jesus etc. but he would counter it by saying: This is all fraud and deception and we are being kept in dark; truth is that we ordinary Ahmadis are given small booklets from the Jamaat and the books written by Mirza Saheb are never shown to us.

My father had privately embrassed Islam but he was scared of revealing it to the Jamaat. When my grandfather and grandmother died one after the other, despite opposition from the Jamaat, they were buried in Muslim graveyard. Jamaat had become suspicious but my father continued to conceal his faith because he had to stay in the same building and continue to do his small scale business from the same place. He had no where to go. He would have lost his home and his business. This continued for a long time.


My father did not participate in the propagation of Ahmadiyyat, but I was such a staunch Ahmadi that I used to go among the non-Ahmadis and openly preach Ahmadiyyat. Over the years, one after the others, Ahmadi preachers kept changing. Some would stare at young girls, others would point at the houses of ladies and yet other would pass remarks at passing women saying: Look! your teacher is going etc. etc. Among them was Molvi Burhan Ahmad Zafar. He was young, sharp and cunning like a fox.

Jamaat would arrange several conferences (Jalsas), which used to be advertised well in advance, posters were stucked here and there, advertisements were given in the newspapers. On the day of Jalsa, hardly 60-70 people would gather in a big hall but later these Molvis would make false propaganda that the Jalsa was extremely successful.

There is a Sunni Muslim family living in my neighbouring flat, Mr. Abdul Qadir Dabbawala. Molvi Burhan used to tell me and other young Ahmadis to tease them so that they may vacate the premises. At the instigation of Molvi Burhan Zafar, Ahmadi boys would deflate the tyres of Dabbawala's car, sometimes cut his telephone wire or repeatedly cut his water supply. Several times Ahmadiyya Mission filed case against this Sunni family to vacate the premises but the court always gave the verdict in favour of them to stay in the flat. Once Ahmadis complained to the police to stop the voice of Azan from the Sunni mosque. After prohibiting the Azan, police informed Mr. Abdul Qadir that he also has the right to do the same but he declined to stop the voice of Azan even if it is coming from the Ahmadiyya mosque.

Failure of Molvi Burhan Zafar

By chance in those days, Molvi Burhan Zafar arranged a Jalsa in Bandra area of Mumbai. In this Jalsa some non-Ahmadi Muslim molvis stood up and asked questions. Molvi Burhan instead of answering the questions asked them to visit the Mission house. These Muslim molvis distributed leaflets which mentioned certain unfulfilled prophecies of Mirza Saheb, like Marriage with Mohammedi Begum and Death of Abdullah Atham. This was the first time in my life that I had heard or read such a thing and considered these Muslim mullahs to be liars. Anyway when they came to the mission I made sure that I was there. I wanted to see the humiliation on the faces of these Mullahs but the Ahmadi Molvi and others got angry and chased me out of the mission saying that I am too young to be present at such a meeting. Later I kept asking Molvi Burhan and others about the truth of these unfulfilled prophecies but they kept evading the issue, sometimes telling me about the story of Prophet Jonah, sometimes telling me that the prophecies were all fulfilled and the Mullah was lying, sometimes saying that there is no such prophecy mentioned in our books; then they would go on the pretext of bringing the books and would return empty-handed saying that the books have been borrowed by someone.

After witnessing several such attitudes, gradually doubts started arising in my mind. Why is it that the Preachers of true religions (Ahmadiyya) have such a bad character? Why do they have to do false propaganda? What is it they are hiding in their books? I decided to find out the truth myself and asked them to give me the original books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Saheb for reading. But the request was turned down.

My father used to tell me that I should not ask too many questions from these Molvis. He told me that they have started harassing him. They had lodged complaints in Income Tax Dept., CID, Police, Municipality, Fire Brigade etc. Molvi Burhan had understood it very well that the loyalties of this family were in doubt. In 1990, my father became seriously ill. Taking advantage of his illness, Molvi Burhan took a notice to him in the hospital from Mirza Tahir to vacate the premises. After reading this notice suddenly my father became more ill. I fought with Molvi Burhan and other Ahmadis about it and even wrote a complain to Mirza Tahir about this heartless action of Ahmadis but no reply came. Finally my father died of this shock in August 1990. My brothers had already stopped going to Ahmadi mosque but I was still an Ahmadi and was scared of the Heavenly signs of Solar and Lunar Eclipses that some sort of divine punishment would descend on me. When Molvi Burhan tried to offer funeral prayers of my father, my brothers stopped him and buried him in Mulim graveyard. Molvi Burhan labelled us a munafiqs in his Friday sermon and said that whoever will oppose the Jamaat will be destroyed.

Expulsion from Jamaat

Now everything was in the open. Ahmadis wrote in AlBadr Newspaper that we have been expelled from the Jamaat. I was still confused. But when Allah wills hidayah for someone, He provides the right opportunities as well. At the same time I came across some Anti Ahmadiyya literature which gave answers to all those questions which were bothering me. On the other hands, Ahmadis had told me not to come to their mosques.

Soon after, Ahmadis started teasing us systematically. 10-15 boys would gather in adjacent flat and would spend whole night singing, shouting at the top of their voice, banging at the adjacent walls. They were trying to provoke a fight so that they can lodge complaints against us. They went to CID saying that we are agents of Pakistan, Municipality, Fire-brigade, Police, Court. They did not leave any stone unturned to harm us mentally, physically and financially. We would be called repeatedly to Police stations to intimidate us. Jamaat had started a relentless propaganda campaign against us saying that whoever would stand against would be destroyed and ultimately will have to come back to the Jammat. Jamaat adopted every possible means that we would run away from this house, to have us ruined financially or to have us jailed so that we would ultimately apologised and revert back to Ahmadiyyat.

When all else failed, they conspired to have me killed but the plan leaked out. Man who leaked the plan to us just vanished in thin air. Till this day I did not see him again. Jamaat also took help of Pathans of Mumbai to have the flat vacated. Ultimately they hired famous gangsters of Mumbai to have us 'liquidated', but AlHamdolillah it did not materialise. We made several complains to police, but Jamaat Molvis would take people with long beards to the station, and the police would end up thinking that we are liars. Several people offered to help us against Ahmadis, but were bought out by them.

Clash with Ahmadi Muballighs

For the last 14 years I have been demanding Qadiani Molvis for Roohani Khazain. Alas! Had they been truthful, they would have let me read it. But I know that now they will never give me, because if I have these books, I will show it to every ignorant Ahmadi what kind of rubbish Mirza Saheb has written and thus expose his deception. I declared Ahmadiyya as a false religion only because of fear of Allah and AlHamdolillah I am steadfast on Islam. I am true and sincere follower of Islam and now I preach against Ahmadiyya. What kind of fraud is this they they keep telling people about the coming of Mahdi, the death of Jesus and avoid talking about the character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani!!

After Molvi Burhan, another young muballigh came to Bombay. His name was Basit Rasool Dar. Now he has gone to Israel. After him came another one by the name of Shamshad. Everyone of them come to my mother and try to convince her to revert to Ahmadiyyat, but when I invite them for an open discussion or debate in front of public, they just run away.

Dr. Ashfaq embrasses Islam and Basit Rasool Dar runs away from debate

On Friday, 10th January 1997, two Ahmadis invited me to have a debate in the Ahmadiyya Mission Mosque after the friday prayers on this that they (Ahmadis) consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani only a Mahdi and not Prophet or Messenger as alleged by us (Ahtesham). I proposed that if I prove to them from the writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that Ahmadis believe him to be not just Mahdi but also prophet and messenger, then they should all denounce Mirza Saheb and embrace Islam. Those Ahmadis who invited me for the debate accepted that. When I went to the Ahmadiyya Mission Mosque on the appointed time along with Maulana Sarfaraz and others, missioanries hid those two persons and we couldn't conduct any meeting.

Molvi Basit Rasool Dar was present at the time. Maulana Sarfaraz took the opportunity to ask him in front of other Ahmadis: Does God have a son? He denied that. I told him that Mirza Saheb wrote his revelation from God in his book, AlBushra vol.1 p.49 that: "O My Son! Listen!" Basit Rasool rejected this quotation saying: This is not written by Mirza Saheb and it is an absolute lie. Now Maulana Sarfaraz said asked him to bring this book from their library and he will show this quotation. Basit Rasool Dar went out of the room and took refuge in his office from where he started shouting that Ahtesham has brought a molvi who does not even know the Kalima. Then I showed to the people present there copies from the books of Mirza Saheb revealing his anti-Islamic beliefs.

As a result of this meeting, Dr. Ashfaq Saheb, who was an Ahmadi for the past 5 years and used to supply free homeopathic medicines to the people on behalf of the Mission, left Ahmadiyyat and embrassed Islam. Ever since several people in different parts of the city have left Ahmadiyyat and embrassed Islam. Fa AlHamdolillah ala zaalik.

Molvi Basit Rasool Dar runs away from Mubahila

My uncle, Basheer Kala Afghan/Moosa Saheb, stays in Qadian and is a 'Darwesh'. He had preached and converted many people to Ahmadiyyat. But he could not answer my questions satisfactorily and used to run away from arguing with me. Finally he got fed up from my pestering and gave me the leaflet from Mirza Tahir entitled 'Open challenge of Mubahila to Enemies, Disbelievers and Liars', and said that this is the reply for those who do not agree.

Thus when I was challenged for Mubahila, I accepted it. I wrote a letter and invited Mirza Tahir and all Muballigheen (preachers) of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, and not the common Ahmadis, for mubahila. On 26th July 1996 I gave a written request to Molvi Basit Rasool Dar asking him that if they are on the right path, they must come for Mubahila. But no one came for Mubahila despite repeated reminders. Then I told Basit Dar that his falsehood has been exposed and now I will proceed to London to do Mubahila with Mirza Tahir.

Mirza Tahir hides in his house and Molvi Ata ran away from Mubahila

I informed Basit Rasool Dar about my trip to London to do face to face Mubahila with Mirza Tahir. Similarly Dr. Rashid also informed the London Headquarter about my forthcoming visit. When I reached London in September 1996, I called the 16-18 Gressenhall Road (the Qadiani headquarter), Friday khutba was going on and I was told that Imam Saheb cannot come to the phone. By mistake instead of Molvi Saheb I asked for Imam Saheb, which immediately made them realise that I am not Ahmadi. Anyway when I reached their headquarter, the security people stopped me at the gate. They asked me whether I am Dr. Rashid? I replied in negative, then insisted in going inside. I said: Am I not allowed to pray in this mosque? You can search me and then allow me to go inside. Anyway after sometime they allowed me to enter the compound. I could see the nervous activity going on inside due to my presence. I made wudhu and then prayed separately. It was time for Asr prayers and the Muballigh, whose name I think was Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashed, led the prayers. Mirza Tahir it seemed was to scared to see me, so he did not appear for jamaat prayers. After prayers Ata-ul-Mujeeb tried to quickly go out but I caught hold of him and told him about the reason for my visit.

Me: I have come here to do Mubahila with Mirza Tahir.

Ata: Write it down on a paper, hand it over to me and the Mubahila is done.

Me: This method is against the sunnah of Rasoolullah SAAW. If you do not want to call Mirza Tahir from inside, then you have to do Mubahila yourself. But he started avoiding this topic and wanted to get rid of me.

Ultimately he asked me: What is your status that you have come for Mubahila?

Me: In his Mubahila challenge of 1988, Mirza Tahir challenged all enemies, disbelievers and liars for Mubahila. There is no condition that only Molvis are allowed to do mubahila. So please either you call Mirza Tahir or you who are the Muballigh of Jammat Ahmadiyya should do mubahila with me that the Jamaat is on the right path.

Ata absolutely refused that saying: It is Mirza Tahir who has given the challenge and not me. You should do mubahila with him.

But Mirza Tahir was so scared that he did not even show up for the prayers let alone talk to me or do Mubahila with me. Finally I returned reciting this verse: Jaa alHaq wa zahaq albaatil. Truth came and falsehood vanished.


Dear Ahmadi Brothers! How long are these lies be propagated that no one came for Mubahila? Truth is that several Muslim scholars had challenged Mirza Tahir fro mubahila as well as Anti Ahmadiyya Movement and Khatme Nabuwwat people. Why do these Ahmadi Muballigheens give these false khutba that no one came for Mubahila? I wish you would realise the truth. Why do people repeatedly challenge Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his family for Mubahila? And Why do other people do Mubahila in place of Mirza Tahir? Ask them why do they not do the mubahila themselves? Ask them: Why did Mirza Tahir hide away when I went for Mubahila? PLease ask them why do they make others as sacrificial goat? Do they not know that when Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW invited the Christians of Najran for Mubahila, He took his family and came out for Mubahila. The proper way is that Mirza Tahir shoudl come out himself for face to face Mubahila but I know he will never ever do it because he knows full well the doom that it spells.

The escape of Muballighs from Debates and Mubahilas

I invited Molvi Basit Rasool Dar for a debate under police protection but he declined. I asked to take Holy Quran in his hand declare that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Saheb was truthful in his claims but he couldn't do that. Inspector Molvi Abdul Haq of Qadian abandoned the debate and ran away. Molvi Burhan Zafar kept challenging me to call the Muslim scholars and arrange debate; finally when I had enough knowledge, I challenged him for debate and Mubahila, he turned it down. I challenged the present muballigh Molvi Shamshad Saheb fro debate and Mubahila, he also turned it down. WHY? Till when they would keep running away like this? How long are they going to keep decieving these ignorant Ahmadis with their lies? When will God gives these stupid Ahmadis insight so that they realise the deciet of their leaders and reject it? But he who wants to live a life of illusion, there is no cure for him.

Muballigh Yusuf failed to get the reward of Rs. 10,000,000

Recently from the headquarter of Jamaat a new Muballigh was sent to preach me. Muballigh Yusuf Saheb's task was to bring me back into the fold of Ahmadiyyat. In Andhra, on 11th June 1999, I presented Yusuf Saheb proofs from the books of Mirza Saheb about his anti-Islamic beliefs. I told him that if he can prove these quotations wrong, I will give him Rs. 100,000 but he didn't respond.

Similarly he was asked: What is the meaning of Mahdi? He said: The Guided One. We asked him: Did Mirza Saheb have any teacher? He replied: There was no teacher who taught him. We said: If we prove that Mirza Saheb had teacehrs, would you leave Ahmadiyyat? He changed his first statement and said: He had two teachers. We said: Three and if you count his father as well then there will be four teachers.

At this point, I would remind the readers the conflicting statemetns of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. Writing his life story, he wrote:

"When I was 6-7 yrears old, a persian teacher was employed for me who taught me Holy Quran ....and his name was Fazal Ilahi..... at 10 years of age an Arabic Teacher was appointed for me whose name was Fazal Ahmed .... and when I was 17-18 years of age I was taught by another Molvi Saheb, whose name was Gul Ali Shah, who was appointed by my father in Qadian to teach me."      (Roohani Khazain vol 13 p.180)

However when he laid the claim for being Imam Mahdi, he conveniently ignored what he wrote earlier. He had no scruples about even making a false statement under oath:

"Mahdi is not a student of anybody. I swear that this is exactly my condition. Nobody can prove that any human has taught me Quran."   (Roohani Khazain vol 14 p.394)

Like founder, like follower. Molvi Yusuf conveniently lied to hide the fact that Mirza Saheb recieved education by various teachers. Maulana Sarfaraz at this point offered Rs. 10,000,000 if Molvi Yusuf can prove from Quran of Hadith that Imam Mahdi will have a teacher. Alas! Molvi Yusuf could neither prove the anti-Islamic quotations wrong and earn Rs 100,000 nor could he provide the proof of Imam Mahdi having a teacher and earn Rs 10,000,000.

My Dear Fellow Ahmadis! I have spent a long part of my life among you. I therefore feel duty bound to convey the truth to you so that I am absolved from responsibility on the Day of Judgement. To convey is my job, to give hidayah is God's. With full enlightenment of heart today I swear upon Allah that in the light of his writings Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a LIAR in his claims of Prophethood, Messengership, Messiahship, Mahdihood; he was a LIAR, PERFECT HYPOCRITE, APOSTATE and KAFIR. What ever books have been written by scholars of Islam about Mirza Saheb, the quotations used are quite correct, page numbers might be different, but the quotations are as they are written in original books. The publicity done by the Jamaat Ahmadiyya that Anti Ahmadiyya people are writing false things and wrong quotations, is absolutely wrong, decietful and treacherous disinfornmation for their public consumption.

I, Ahtesham-ul-Haq, former Ahmadi, Maulana Sarfaraz, Dr. Rashid of Dubai and Dr Ahmad Odeh, former Ahmadi of Sweden, openly challenge Ameer of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani and all his Muballighs all over the world, to have an open debate on the life and character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, his beliefs, claims and his writings, in the presence of Ahmadis. Fix the date and place according to your convenience. InshaAllah, falsehood can never survive in front of truth. After the truth is revealed, only that person will remain in Jamaat who loves worldly benefits and possessions. The seeker of truth will sacrifice everything and take the path of Quran and Sunnah of Rasoolullah SAAW.

"Your faith is not complete unless you love me more than your father, your son and all mankind." (Bukhari)

This is the criteria my dear Ahmadis. Let me see whom do you love? Mirza Ghulam with all his false and decietful doctrines or Holy Prophet Muhmmad SAAW with his true Islam? Now this is the test of your true faith.

If anyone wants to write to me, I will eagerly await for it. Please send me a registered letter otherwise the Ahmadis living in my building will tear any such letters. My address is as follows:

Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari 9/10 AlHaq Building 17 Y.M.C.A. Road Mumbai 400003 India

Sarfaraz Salam S. R. Traders, Kalloo Beedi ki Chawl, 19A, Shop No. 1, Umar Rajab Road, Madanpura, Mumbai 400008 India

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali P.O. Box 11560 Dibba Fujairah United Arab Emirates

rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://alhafeez.org/rashid/

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