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Growing Number of Members in Jamaat Ahmadiyya What are the facts part 1
Posted on Friday, July 24 @ 11:42:37 CEST by admin

Growing Number of Member in Jamaat Ahmadiyya

5 Million Baith in 1999

What are the Facts?

Part I

by Prof. Munawwar Ahmad Malik Ex-Ahmadi

Munawwer Ahmad Malik is a famous Scientist and a Senior Professor in Gujar Khan Government College. He was a born Qadiani, but by the Grace of Allah in January 1999, after witnessing the Qadiani deception, he embraced Islam. The following article is an analytical report about the myth of increasing numbers of Ahmadiyya followers, which is enough to open the eyes of their followers. We sincerely hope that Qadianis/Ahmadis will read this with an open mind and wake up to the deception they are living day and night. May Allah give them the hidayah to embrace Islam. Ameen.

Most ulemas (non-Ahmadi Muslim scholars) usually present such statistics about Jamaat Ahmadiyya which are immediately rejected by Ahmadis. According to these scholars, the total number of Ahmadis in Pakistan is about 100,000. They therefore demand from the Government of Pakistan that in a population of 130 million, Ahmadis should be given rights and representation in every walk of life according to their percentage/proportion. For example according to their proportion, they should be given places in Government services etc. According to the Islamic scholar's figures, the Ahmadis' proportion is 1300:1, which means for every 1300 Muslims there is one Ahmadi. If there are 1300 seats, ONE seat will be given to Ahmadis. Islamic scholars complain that Ahmadis are getting much more than what they have the rights to. If one keeps these figures in mind, then the quota for Ahmadis in the National Assembly seats (which are 260) will not be even a quarter seat, whereas Ahmadis have one seat reserved in the NA. Similarly in the Provincial Assemblies the total seats are 260 and the Ahmadis should not get even half the seat but they have 4 seats reserved for them.

On the other hand Jamaat Ahmadiyya claims that in Pakistan their numbers are 4.5 millions. This is the figure which was mentioned more than 25 years ago (when Ahmadis were declared non-Muslim minority in 1974). Till now Jamaat Ahmadiyya has never formally declared their numbers. The above figures are quoted 'unofficially' by all Murabbis, Ameers and other responsible persons, to boast the morale of the Ahmadiyya followers. For Ahmadis, Murabbis or Ameer Jamaat or Jamaat Ahmadiyya can never lie. According to their faith, earth can move from here to there but they can never lie, thus they firmly believe in these numbers.

I have spent 40 years of my life in this Jamaat, my childhood and the golden years of my youth have passed in this Jamaat. I had spent all my energies for the betterment of this Jamaat and as a militant Ahmadi, I used to take part in all activities. During my M.Sc. from Punjab University, I was the leader (za'eem) of the Ahmadi students. During my service in Chakwal I became the Nigraan (supervisor), In Jhelum I was the Naib Ameer of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, District Jhelum. But when lying became rampant in the Jamaat, it became devoid of Islamic traditions, lack of any fairness or justice and I witnessed large scale tyranny and oppression, then finally on 15th January 1999, 26th Ramadhan 1419 AH, on the day of Jumaatul Wida'a, I, along with my 12 family members, denounced Ahmadiyyat and embraced Islam. Now this figure has grown to 19.

Thus whatever I am stating in this article, is based on my personal observations and personal knowledge that I gained due to my official position in the Jamaat.

The office bearers of Jamaat Ahmadiyya still quote the figure of 4.5 millions. In other words it is the same figure which was given 25 years ago. However some irresponsible people give the figure of 5 to 6 million. If we take an arbitrary figure of 5 million, then we can analyze the situation. With this figure the proportion of Ahmadis to Muslim becomes 1:26 which means that for every 26 persons there is one Ahmadi in Pakistan. This comes to about 4% and is not present in any district in entire Pakistan.

Education Field

There is a common (mis)conception that Ahmadis are very advanced in the education. This is true that Jamaat lays great stress on education of their children, for quite sometime students getting positions in Board or University used to be rewarded. It can be said that 80% of the Ahmadi children get education, whereas it is said that the 95% of children in Chanabnagar (Rabwah - the former Qadiani HQ in Pakistan) are educated. On this basis if we make a survey then we will discover that, other than Chanabnagar, in no educational institution all over Pakistan is Ahmadi students 4%, despite the fact that the literacy rate in Pakistan is about 30%, whereas they should be more than 8% if the Ahmadi claims about their literacy rate and their numbers in Pakistan are correct.

In Punjab University out of 10,000 students, 4% should be Ahmadis which means there should be 400 Ahmadi students but there were only 45 students out of which 10 were local and the rest of 35 were from all over Pakistan. This is the survey of 1982. Out of 1500 students in Chakwal College, 60 should have been Ahmadis, but there were NONE in 1986, and 3 in 1988. In Government College Tahlianwala, Jhelum, out of 1000 students 40 should have been Ahmadis but since 1989 to 1995 there has been no increase in their numbers. Similarly Government College Gojur Khan from 1995 to 1999 out of thousand students there should have been 40 Ahmadis but there were hardly two Ahmadi students and now even they are no longer there. All these figures are from my personal observations.

There is a society of all Pakistan M.Sc. and Ph.D. Physics called Pakistan Institute of Physics. It has more than 1000 members. It should have at least 40 Ahmadi members but in effect it had only 4 members, out of which Prof. Abdus Salam is dead and I have left the Jamaat. Now there are only 2 members. Punjab Lecturers and Professors Association has more than 14,000 members. At 4% there should be 560 Ahmadi Professors but there are less than 25.

Jamaat Ahmadiyya who is very advanced in the field of education, but no where this level is expressed in these analyses nor are anywhere the ratio of 4% of the population is observed. This survey shows that in the field of education their proportion is even less than 0.5 %, which means that their total strength in Pakistan is less than 600,000.

Financial Field

There are abundance of donations in Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Every Ahmadi is bound to pay 6% of his earnings as CHANDA AAM. It is a compulsory payment, non-payment is shown as a balance  to be paid later in his account. If an Ahmadi refuses to pay CHANDA, he ceases to be an Ahmadi, although CHANDA is an optional thing whose amount is not fixed, a person can give as much as he can afford, whereas TAX is fixed and payment compulsory, non-payment will be shown as a balance in payment and it will never finish.

Apart from CHANDA AAM, there is:CHANDA JALSA SALANACHANDA TEHREEK JADEEDCHANDA WAQF JADEEDCHANDA SAD SALA JUBILEE (this has now been finished)CHANDA KHUDDAMUL AHMADIYYA (CHANDA MAJLIS) which is applicable to young people.CHANDA TAMEER HALL (this hall was constructed in 1973 but the chanda collection still goes on)CHANDA BOSNIA.CHANDA AFRICACHANDA DISH ANTENNA (Ahmadiyya TV Network)CHANDA LAJNA AMA'ALLAH (applicable on females)CHANDA ATFAAL (applicable on children)CHANDA ANSAAR (applicable to people over 40)etc. etc.

In short, an Ahmadi has to give at least 10% of his earnings every month. There is a voluntary system of collecting the CHANDAS in which the collector does not get any commission. It is unlikely that anywhere this kind of system will be found. Two three times a year different inspectors of different CHANDAS come from the center to audit the accounts and make sure that the amount received is sent to the center (Chanabnagar - Rabwah). Because of this monetary system, Jamaat is accused of being an organized Jamaat, even though there is no system, no laws or regulations and no principles. There is only a system of collecting donations. Had there not been such an organized collection of CHANDAS, today the PRINCES of MIRZA SAHEB's family would not have several murabba lands (approx 1 murabba = 25 acres) nor would they have been spending luxurious and ostentatious lives. These are all the BARAKAAT of this monetary system. I will talk about this on some other occasion when Ahmadis would emotionally reject these barakaat.

For CHANDA TEHREEK JADEED every Ahmadi man, woman, youth, old and child is included. Jamaat stresses greatly that every living being should be included in Tehreek Jadeed, rather some non-living beings are also included in this, meaning that on behalf of dead people, chanda is taken from their relatives. Now if from some locality 1200 people are included in Tehreek Jadeed, this will mean that the Ahmadiyya Population there consists of 1200 people, even though dead ones are included in that.

Now after this explanation, I would like to tell you that from all over Pakistan the total members of Tehreek Jadeed are less than 100,000. It is possible that now they have increased by 2 - 4 thousand, and Jamaat will immediately announce among their people that the figure of 100,000 is absolutely wrong, and the members will start imagining that perhaps there are 1.5 to 2.0 million members, whereas they can be 2000 - 4000 more than 100,000 but never more than 200,000. I heard from the inspectors of Tehreek Jadeed that they have to complete the figure of 100,000. Now if we take the figures of Islamic scholars, then it matches the number of members of Tehreek Jadeed, whereas the Ahmadi's propagated figure of 5,000,000 cannot be proven by any means. This figure is just propagated to boast the morale of members of Jamaat.

The census of 1998 has been completed. Ahmadis were instructed (by Mirza Tahir) that those who have gone abroad, have settled there, have taken nationality there and are registered with the Jamaat there, their names should also be included in the census of Pakistan. Thus thousands of Ahmadis who are settled abroad, their names are also included in Pakistan's Jamaat. Despite that their total strength is not more than 200,000 to 300,000. The detail report os census will whole truth for which we will have to wait for a few months, but I must make it clear that Jamaat will not accept the results of this census, without any reason.

Ahmadi Numbers in Rawalpindi Division

If we analyze the Jamaat in District Jhelum, presently Jamaat is present in 11/12 different places. Biggest Jammat is Mehmoodabad Jhelum. In 1920 80% of the population of Mehmoodabad were Ahmadis. In 1924 Ahmadis refused to offer the funeral prayers of one non-Ahmadi relative of an Ahmadi. As a result a very big family left the Jamaat. Since then gradually one or the other family kept leaving the Jamaat and this is still continuing. Before 1974 this number had reduced to 50%. After 1974 it has reduced further to less than 35%, and now even less than 30% of the population in this town are Ahmadis. In the last 50 years not a single new family has entered the fold of Ahmadiyyat, rather they are continuing to leave the Jammat, despite the fact that the Ahmadis were converts from non-Ahmadis, but later they themselves and their children did not remain Ahmadis. Few of the Muslim ladies who got married to Ahmadis males, they also gradually left the Jamaat.

Jamaat has evolved a certain setup which is the most oppressively tyrannical system. InshaAllah this will now end and religious scholars should not waste their energies in this direction.

There used to be a big Jamaat in Jhelum city, which had the biggest family belonging to Sethi Group, which has gradually left the Jamaat. IN 1974 a lot of them left the Jamaat. Now Jamaat consists of at the most 35 houses, whose numbers are gradually dwindling. Number 3 is Pakistan Chipboard Factory which belongs to Mirza Tahir Ahmad Saheb's brother, Mirza Muneer Ahmad. This is a big home of the 'PRINCES' of the family of Mirza Saheb. Naseer Ahmad Tariq, the son of Mirza Muneer Ahmad, is the Ameer of Jhelum Jamaat. InshaAllah because of the dictatorial policies of this man, Jamaat will meet its end without the help of Islamic scholars. In this factory 15 - 16 workers are Ahmadis, the rest are all Muslims. The group that controls the entire Jhelum district is present here.

In Kala Gujran there used to be a big Jamaat, now that has also reduced to few persons, hardly 8 - 10 houses are those of Ahmadis. Chak Jamal used to have a Jamaat which has since ceased to exist, only 2 -3 workers are remaining in Kala Depot. In Mangla Jamaat consists of some workers who have come from other cities, total of 8 - 9 houses. In Dina apart form one local family, there are few employed person make the Jamaat which consists of 4 - 5 houses. In Rohtaas Jamaat consists of one family. There used to be a big Jamaat in Kotla Faqeer which has now perished. In Jadah also there used to be a Jamaat which is now non-existent and their place of worship is now in custody of Muslims. In Mastiyaal the Jamaat consists of two rooms, which will finish in the near future. Ahmadis are finished in Kot Baseerah. In Pindo Dadan Khan and Dandoat Jamaat consists of 3 - 4 houses. All these people work in cement factory, perhaps they are no longer there because I heard the news of the closure of this cement factory. In Kheorah there are 2 - 3 houses which belong to those employees who have come from other cities. There is a Jamaat in Pind Dadan Khan which consists of 10 - 15 houses. In summary in the entire district there are less than 1000 Ahmadis. Tehsil Suhawah is absolutely devoid of any Ahmadi. Hearing the figure of 1000 may make Ahmadis happy that at least it has avoided some embarrassment, but they should remember the the population of District Jhelum is 1.5 to 2.0 million. So 1000 Ahmadis in this population makes the ratio of 1:2000.

In 1903 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani came to Jhelum Court for a case with Molvi Karam Deen of Bheen Chakwal, where he stayed 2/3 days. The entire management of his boarding and lodging was arranged by Jhelum Jamaat. In those days the Jamaat was quite big in Jhelum, Mehmoodabad was also nearly whole Ahmadi. Most of the expanses were paid by Raja Paindey Khan of Darapur Jhelum. In three days 1300 people converted to Ahmadiyyat. Imagine! Before 1903 there was already a considerable Jamaat present in Jhelum, then 1300 new converts. Now after 96 years, if only the same families had remained Ahmadis, then 4 generations later their population would have exceeded 100,000. Conversely now that in the entire district the population is less than 1000, one can easily imagine the extent of the 'growth of Jamaat'. In other words 99% of the people have left the Jamaat.

Part 2

New Qadiani Conspiracy against Pakistan

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