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Verdict on Qadianis
Posted on Friday, October 16 @ 22:26:53 CEST by admin

Verdict on Qadianis

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful

Part 1 - Mirza Qadiani in Allah's Court

Respected Readers: When two parties to a dispute approach Allah for His Decision and beg of Him for His verdict, this is called Mubahala, and the result coming out after the Mubahala initiation is considered Allah's Decision. Mirza Qadiani presented his cases in Allah's Court, several times, but Divine Decision went against him each time. Here are some specific cases:

Case No. 1: Mirza referred a dispute between himself and a Christian Priest, Atham, in the Court of Allah unilaterally. The Decision went against him and, seeing his defeat, he resorted to giving interpretations to Allah's Decision, twisting the same in his favor.

Case No. 2: Mirza implored Allah to decide in a dispute he had picked up against Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari. Allah's Decision went against him here too. Details of both these cases will follow shortly.

Case No. 3: Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi met Mirza Qadiani, face to face, in a Mubahala in the Eidgah of Amritsar on Zeeqadah 10, 1310 A.H. In this case, both parties begged Allah to send His Verdict to identify the liar from the truthful (Majmua-e-lshtiharat, Vol. 1, 426-427). In this Mubahala, Mirza himself set out a premise that Divine Decision results in the death of the liar. He said: "The party who is telling lies dies in the lifetime of the truthful." (Malfoozat, Vol. 9,  P. 440-441).

Result: Mirza died earlier on May 26, 1908. What he enunciated stood because Maulana Abdul Haq died nine years later, on May 16, 1917. (Raees-e-Qadian, Vol. 2, P. 192; Tarikh-e-Mirza, P. 38). In this way, Divine Court decreed that Mirza Qadiani was a liar, impostor and apostate.

Case No. 4: In this case, a high-ranking disciple of Mirza Qadiani, by name Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf, challenged the above- mentioned Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi for a Mubahala rendezvous on Shawwal 12, 1310 A.H. (April 19, 1893). The issue at stake was whether Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his two friends Hakeem Nooruddin and Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi were Muslims or not. Hafiz Yusuf said all the three were Muslims but Maulana said they were liars, deceivers and apostates. No sooner had Mirza heard that the said Mubahala was going to be held than he was filled with extreme joy. He confirmed the action of his disciple and praised him for his righteousness. Assuming full responsibility in this connection, Mirza took him under his benevolent wings. (Majmua-e-lshtiharat Vol. 1, P. 394-396). But the result was that Hafiz Yusuf lost because, at the last moment, better sense prevailed on him. He realized his grave mistake which was leading him to perdition. He offered solemn repentance to Allah for his "kufr" and the same Hafiz, who was up till now an erstwhile defender of Mirza, tore open all the seams of Qadianism. Never was Mirza more disturbed. The result could not be worse for him. Staggering under this unforeseen blow, he paled with anguish. Collecting himself up, Mirza wrote a dirge in his book, "Arbaeen", lamenting at this turncoat Hafiz, in these words:

"Nothing comes to reason or imagination as to what appended to Hafiz Sahib. What advantage accrues to a man if he sacrifices his spiritual life for the sake of bodily life. Personally, I had heard many times form Hafiz Sahib that he was one of those who affirmed my credibility and was always ready to hold Mubahala against my accusers. His life had largely passed in this way and he had been narrating his dreams to me in my support and had held Mubahala with some of my dissenters." (Arbaeen No. 3, P. 21; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 17, P. 408).

So, this was Allah's Decision, which confirmed again that Mirza was a Dajjal, Liar and arch-deceiver.

Case No. 5: Mirza invited Hindu Aryas for a Mubahala and himself said those exact words which he wanted them to utter at the time of Mubahala.  He also proposed that after the Mubahala:

"There shall be a waiting period of one year for the Divine Decision to come down. If after the passage of one year, Divine Punishment falls on the writer of this pamphlet and not on the adversary, then this humble self, in either cause, shall suffer a fine of Rs. 500/- which subject to mutual agreement, shall be deposited into the government treasury or wherever this amount is easily available to the adversary. In case he overcomes us, he shall entitle himself to collect this sum automatically but if we overcome him we don't lay a wager. Our bet is the same prayer, that is, of heavenly signs befalling, and that's enough. Now, we conclude this pamphlet after writing down the subject matter of each of the two do*****ents of Mubahala". (Surma-e-Chashme-Arya, P. 251; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 301)

If these writings are put together, one will note that:

Mirza challenged all Aryas to a Mubahala; His curse would show its effect in a year's time; If in one year's time nothing untoward happened to his rival and Divine furs fell on Mirza, he should be proved a liar in both the cases; When Mirza is proved a liar (as stipulated above), he would pay a fine of Rs.500/- to his adversary and this money he offered to deposit in advance. In case the adversary lost, then Mirza would not ask for any money because heavenly ill-omens would suffice to strike him down, as a result of Mirza's curses.

Pandit Lekh Ram, on behalf of Aryas, accepted the challenge which Mirza confirmed in his book, Haqiqat ul Wahi, in these words:

"May it be known that at the end of my book, Surma-e-Chasham-e-Arya, I had called some Arya people for a Mubahala ............. As a result of my writing, Pandit Lekh Ram, in his pamphlet, Khabt-e-Ahmadiya, which he published in 1888.. held a Mubahala with me. (He closed his writing with the following prayer). 'O Parmeshwar (God) make decision between us truly because never can a liar glorify in Thy Audience against the truthful'". (Roohani Khazain, Vol. 22, P. 326-332).

Result: The challenge was thrown early in 1888. By the end of 1888, the result was to be out in the form of some Divine Punishment on the Pandit, because Mirza had postulated it but nothing happened and the year of 1888 passed away normally. Pandit Lekh Ram lived much beyond 1889. Actually he died in 1897 and Mirza did not pay him Rs. 500/-. In this way, Lekh Ram won the Mubahala and Mirza was proved a liar once again.

Conclusion: Respected readers must have noted from the above details that Mirza Qadiani's case was presented before like Court of Allah five times thrice against the Muslims, once against a Christian Priest and once against a Hindu Arya and, in each of the five cases, Allah's verdict went against him, declaring him a liar. Can any wise person even now doubt Mirza's duplicity, deceit and falsehood?

Part 2 - Some Predictions of Mirza that Came True

Prediction No. 1: Mirza in his communication to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari wrote:

"In your paper, you build up this reputation for me that this person imputes falsely, is a liar and is an arch-impostor. I have borne a lot of tortures from you yet endured them patiently .... If I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper, then I will perish in your lifetime". (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol. 3, P. 578).

Result: Very right. Mirza died on May 26, 1908; Maulana (Amritsari) in 1949. Mirza had said: "If I am a liar, an impostor and a charlatan then I will perish in your lifetime."

Proved: Mirza was a liar.

Prediction No. 2: In the same communication, Mirza wrote to Maulana Sahib:

"If that punishment which is not in the hands of a human being but only in God's Hands, such as plague, cholera, etc., and similar fatal diseases, and if the same do not descend upon you in my lifetime then I am not God-sent." (Hayat-e-Nasir, P. 14, Ref: Qadiani Mazhab Section, No. 80)

Result: Very right. Mirza died of cholera and Maulana lived on safe and sound long afterwards.

Proved: Mirza was "not God-sent."

Prediction No. 3: For fifteen days, Mirza carried on arguments with a Christian Priest, named Abdullah Atham, (who was the) head of a local Episcopal diocese. On the last date June 5, 1893, Mirza predicted that within fifteen months, his adversary would be thrown into 'Havia' (lower reaches of Hell). Mirza wrote in these words:

"I admit right this time that if this prediction goes false, that is, if fifteen months from this date, the party who is on falsehood in view of Allah, does not fall into 'Havia', as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every kind of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows; I am ready for all. I swear by the greatness of Allah's Glory that he will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. Earth and sky may deviate but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans." (Jang-e-Muqaddas, P. 210-211; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 6, P. 292-293).

Result: Mirza's divination expired on September 5, 1894, but Atham did not die till that date. Therefore, this prediction of Mirza Qadiani came true that:

"If within fifteen months, Atham does not fall into Haviya, then I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans."

Prediction No. 4: Mirza claimed that he had received Divine Revelation that the husband of Muhammadi Begum (daughter of Ahmad Baig of Hoshiarpur) would die in his lifetime and after that the widow, Muhammadi Begum, would be married to Mirza. In this connection, Mirza foretold in these words:

"I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come." (Anjam-e-Atham Hashiah, P. 31).

Result: The son-in-law of Ahmad Baig (Sultan Muhammad) did not die during Mirza's lifetime; but Mirza died, while Sultan Muhammad lived on for a long time after Mirza's death. Hence Mirza's prediction came true: "If I am a liar, the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig will not die in my lifetime".

Prediction No. 5: As a corollary to prediction No. 4, Mirza wrote:

"Remember, if the second part of this prediction does not come true (i.e., son-in- law of Ahmad Baig does not die in Mirza's lifetime) then I shall be more wicked than every wicked man. (Zamimah Anjam-e-Atham, P. 54).

Result: This "divination" also came true word for word. Therefore, consider Mirza "more wicked than every wicked man".

Prediction No. 6: Mirza foretold of an impending earthquake which he said should be a sample of the one to occur at the Resurrection time. He named it 'Tremor of the Hour,' that is, Doomsday shake-up. He published many notifications for this and in one of them he wrote:

"My foretelling of the coming earthquake is no ordinary prediction. If that turns out to be something ordinary or does not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent." (Zamimah Braheen-e-Ahmadiya, Part 5, P. 92-93; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 21, P. 253).

Result: Mirza's 'Braheen-e-Ahmadiya' Part 5, was published posthumously on Oct. 15, 1908, about five months after his death. No such earthquake occurred in his life and therefore his prediction turned out true, word by word, viz.,

"If the earthquake did not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent".

Point of Interest: In those days, when Mirza was issuing out his posters, one after another, announcing "Doomsday earthquakes was about to come, there was a gentleman, by the name of Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi, who refuted it pointblank, saying: "I have come to know through a resplendent disclosure that no such earthquake will come," and that "Mirza shall face disgrace in this prediction, as always in the past." On May 11, 1905, Mirza issued another notification in which he quoted from Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi's rebuttal:

"I (Mulla Muhammad Bux Hanafi) firmly announce and proclaim, today, the 6th of May, 1905, and thereby console all those whose hearts may be awe-stricken or whose spirits are dampened after hearing what the Qadiani has advertised in Newspapers and his Posters on April 5, 8, 21, 29, 1905, that a most severe earthquake will occur and which shall be of such a magnitude and so horrible that no year would have ever heard of it nor any eye would have seen it. The Qadiani (also claiming Hindu godship of) Krishna does neither inform of its date nor time of its occurrence; nevertheless, insists on saying that this earthquake will certainly come. Therefore, I fully assure and wholeheartedly console those simple innocent folks who have been put to fright by the verbosity and pedantry of the Qadiani in his newspaper writings, etc. I announce this happy news that this "Qadiani earthquake" will never come by Allah's kindness, either in the city of Lahore or elsewhere. It will never come, will never come, will never come. Therefore, people should remain perfectly at ease, calm and composed, in every way. This happy news has been conveyed to me by resplendent Divine Disclosure and Discovery which shall be absolutely correct, Insha Allah. I reiterate again and again that having profited from the Divine Light, manifested to me through revealed vision and having been permitted to make its announcement, I hereby proclaim, by beat of drum that the Qadiani will fall into disgrace again, as ever, in his prediction of this earthquake; and Allah, the Exalted, by virtue of Muhammad(SAW), the intercessor of sinners, will protect His guilty creatures under His Cloak of Mercy, from any such impending catastrophe and not a hair of any individual will come to harm." Mullah Muhammad Bux Hanafi, Secretary, Anjuman Haami-e-Islam, Lahore. (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Mirza Qadiani, Vol. 3, P. 541-542).

Respected Readers! You see the divination of a genuine Muslim and what came out from the mouth of a spurious one. Compare what the Musalman said and what the Kafir said. By the virtue of glory of Hazrat Khatam-un-Nabieen Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), Allah corroborated the truthfulness of the Muslim while Mirza Qadiani fell into disgrace by saying:

"If that earthquake does not come to pass during my lifetime then I am not God-sent".

Proved: Mirza, a liar.

Prediction No. 7: Mirza Qadiani wrote a letter to Qazi Hussain, Editor of Qul Qul, Bijnore, India.  It was published in the Qadiani newspaper, Badr, dated 19th July, 1906. Its extract is given below:

"My work for which I am standing .n this ground is none other than that I will shatter the pillar of 'Isa-worship' (i.e. Jesus- worship) and will spread monotheism instead of Trinity and exhibit the eminence and dignity of the holy Prophet(SAW) to the world. Hence, if even millions of signs may appear from me but this real work does not come to pass through me, then I am a liar. Therefore, why is the world hostile to me and why does it not see my accomplishments? If I succeed in doing that work in Islam's support which ought to be done by the promised Masih and the promised Mahdi, then I am truthful and if nothing is achieved and I am dead, then let all be witness that I am a liar". (Akhbar Badr, Qadian Number, Vol. 29, P. 4, dated July 2-19, 1906; Qadiani Mazhab Section 7, No. 39)

Mirza's prediction came true. He died and nothing was achieved. The world saw the finale of this fake sire. Eighty-five years have passed since his death and "the pillar of Isa-worship" has not yet crumbled; faith in Trinity has not yielded to monotheism; and Christianity has seen no impediments; only Mirza's loquacity has gone bottom-side up! His ravings only helped to spiral a greater ascendancy for the Christians.

In consequence the world must go on calling Mirza, as he wished to be called, a liar, a liar, a liar till his Day of Reckoning!

Part 3 - Some Invocations of Mirza Which were Accepted in Allah's Audience

Invocation No. 1: In his published notification dated October 27, 1894, Mirza wrote:

"In the end, I beseech you, O God Almighty, All-knowing, if these predictions of mine, that Atham shall be drawn into fatal tortures and that Ahmad Baig's elder daughter shall ultimately come into Nikah (marriage) of this humble self, are from Your side, then reveal them in such a manner that it becomes a conclusive proof for the mankind and shuts the mouth of the inwardly blind envious people. And O God, if these predictions are not from Thine side, then perish me with disgrace because I failed to attain my objective. Therefore, if in Your View, I am a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor, as my opponents have thought of me and that Benevolence of Yours is not with me which was With Your servant Ibrahim, and with Ishaq, and with Ismail, and with Yaqoob, and with Moosa and with Dawood, and with Masih bin Mariam, and with Muhammad(SAW), the best of all prophets, and With the eminent saints of the Ummah, then efface me and annihilate me contemptuously making me a target of never ending imprecations, curses, and make all my enemies happy and accept their prayers". (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat: Vol. 2, P. 115-116).

Result: Despite these heartrending entreaties and self-accursements, Allah did keep Mirza deprived of Nikah with Muhammadi Begum, Ahmad Baig's elder daughter, until Mirza breathed his last; nor was Atham drawn into fatal tortures. This proves that these predictions were not from Allah's side and therefore Mirza's prayer was accepted that "if these predictions are not from Your Side then perish me with disgrace." Therefore according to his own statement, Mirza was "a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor," and "a target of never ending imprecations, and curses".

Invocation No. 2: In his poster, "Aakhri Faisla with Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari," Mirza wrote:

"I invoke Allah: O my Master, All-seeing, All-Powerful, Who is also All-knowing and All-Aware and Who is also conscious of spiritual conditions of my heart that if this claim of promised Masihship is a false imputation from me and if I am in your eyes a liar, mischief monger, imputing false attributes to my own self, as my day and night routine, then, O my dear Master, I pray to your Exalted Audience with all possible humility that destroy me in the lifetime of Maulana Sanaullah and let my death make him happy". (Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol. 3, P. 578-579)

Result: Allah accepted this invocation of Mirza as well. Mirza died in the lifetime of Maulana Sanaullah, which proved that Mirza was "a liar, mischief monger, imputing false attributes", and this was his, "day and night routine".

Invocation No. 3: In this very poster, Mirza wrote:

"Holding the garment of your sincerity and Mercy, I supplicate in Your Lofty Audience to bring out the true decision between me and Sanaullah and whosoever is really a liar in Your eye, then carry him off from this world in the lifetime of the one who is truthful, or invoke him in such severe affliction as is like death. O, my dear Master, do in this very. In the end, my request to Maulana Sahib is that he should print all this writing in his periodical and may write underneath whatever he wants to write. Now decision rests with Allah". (Ibid)

Result: This invocation of Mirza was also accepted by Allah, the Exalted, because exactly after one year and ten days, Mirza went into the grave and Maulana saw him go.

Proved: Mirza was an impostor and arch-liar in the Eyes of Allah. Maulana lived forty one years after Mirza.

Part 4 - Mirza Qadiani and Promised Messiah (Masih)

Who is promised Masih ?

He is Masih Ibn Mariam (Jesus) about whom it has been pledged to the Ummah that he would come into the world in its last era.

Thus, Mirza Qadiani writes:

"This is not a hidden matter that the prediction for Masih Ibn Mariam coming again is a prediction of the first grade that has been acknowledged by everybody, unanimously. Out of all the divination, recorded in books of Traditions, this one is proved to be matchless. Among the 'Tawatur Category, first place is occupied by it. Injii (Gospel) also confirms this". (lzala-e-Auham, P. 557; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 3, P. 400).

Proof No. 1: Mirza is not the promised Masih

Mirza himself wrote that, "Neither I am the promised Masih, nor Masih Ibn Mariam; therefore, he who calls me 'Promised Masih', lacks intellect and one who calls me Masih Ibn Mariam is a knave and a first class liar".

Says Mirza:

"Humble solicitation before learned men of India. O-brethren-in-faith, and theologians of inviolable religious law: Listen, you people, my submissions attentively. The claim of 'Maseel-e-Masih', (Likeness of Masih) which this humble self has made, has been misunderstood by some erratic people as the "Promised Masih". Maseel-e-Masih claim is not a new claim that you are listening today from my mouth, but it is the same previous Revelation which I received from Allah, the Exalted, and which I wrote very specifically at several places in Braheen Ahmadiya after whose publication more than some seven years should have elapsed by now. Certainly I have not made this claim that I am Masih Ibn Mariam. Any person who blames me for this is an outright liar and a false accuser because continuously for the past seven, eight years I have been notifying that I am 'Maseel-e-Masih'." (Izala-e-Auham, P. l90: Roohani Khazain, Vol. 3,P. 192).

Result: The outcome of the above two statements of Mirza is crystal clear, viz.

because the Masih whose coming has been promised is Masih Ibn Mariam, and; because Mirza has not claimed to be Masih Ibn Mariam; Therefore, Mirza Qadiani is not the promised Masih. On the contrary whosoever calls him Masih Ibn Mariam or the promised Masih is an outright liar and false accuser.

Proof No. 2: Mirza Qadiani did not come in the last era

Hazrat Masih Ibn Mariam, peace be on him, will come in the last era of the world and will be the revivalist of the last century. Acknowledging this fact, Mirza quotes a holy Hadith:

"On the head of each century, God will commission a person who will revive His Deen for the Ummah............... And any variation in the utterance of Muhammad(SAW) is impossible ... and this, is a unanimous point among Ahle-Sunnat that the last revivalist of the Ummah shall be the promised Masih who will appear in the last era. Now the issue that needs to be ascertained is whether the present time is the last era or not? Both the Jewish and Christian communities agree that this is the last era. Ask them if you wish". (Haqiqat ul Wahi, P. l93; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 22, P. 200-201).

Respected Readers: Mirza has said here three things:

Holy Hadith has it that at the start of each century a revivalist will come and that it is impossible that a century starts and the Revivalist does not come. Consensus of Ahle-Sunnat is that the last revivalist of the last century will be Hazrat Isa Ibn Mariam, Allah's mercy on him and Agreeing with the Jews and the Christians, Mirza says that the fourteenth century (A.H.) is the last era of the world.

But with the advent of the fifteenth century (A.H.), the third point of Mirza is contradicted and is void because as per prophetic revelation, a revivalist must come in the fifteenth century; and when the sixteenth century starts a revivalist will again come and so on, till in the last century, the last revivalist will be Masih Ibn Mariam. This proves that Mirza's claim in the fourteenth century that he is the promised Masih is false. Mirza proved to be a liar in his contention.

Proof No. 3: Masih Ibn Mariam shall live for forty years in the world

"It is in the Hadith that Hazrat Masih peace be on him, shall live in the world for forty years". (Haqiqat-un-Nubuwwah, P. 192; Author: Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad).

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani in his book Nishan-e-Aasmani, quoted a couplet from Shah Niamat Ullah Wali and conveniently fitted its contents upon himself:

"Till forty years, O brother mine Era of that Cavalier I see".

"From that day, the Imam (here Mirza calls himself Imam; in the couplet, he calls himself Cavalier) will reveal himself, as one who is divinely inspired. He will have a life of forty years thereafter. Now, let it be clear that this humble has been commissioned for preaching the truth by special revelation in fortieth year of his life and has been given a good news that "Thine age is up to eighty years or thereabouts". Therefore, by this revelation, my preaching commission is proved to last 40 years, out of which full ten Years have already passed". (Nishan-e-Aasmani, P. 14; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 4, P. 374).

Respected Readers: Mirza wrote this booklet, Nishan-e-Aasmani, in June,1892, as is written on its title page. Mirza acknowledged that 10 years had already passed and 30 more years remained for him to live (to complete the forty-year Commission of the promised Masih). In other words, Mirza should have lived up to the year 1922, but Mirza died in 1908. So his claim of being promised Masih was a lie and his revelation of living for the said forty years was a hoax.

Proof No. 4: Masih Ibne Mariam, Allah's Mercy on him, shall marry.

Hadith Shareef has it that Masih Ibn Mariam, Allah's mercy on him, shall marry. (Mishkat, P. 480). Mirza Qadiani while mentioning the above Hadith in his book, Nishan-e-Aasmani, writes:

"For corroboration of this prediction (Viz., Mirza's illusory, 'heavenly Nikah With Muhammadi Begum), the holy Prophet of Allah has also previously predicted that the promised Masih will take a wife and have children. Now, it is obvious that this mention of Marriage and children normally bears no significance, because every one generally marries and has children. There is no excellence in it. But here marriage means special marriage as a token and by children is meant special children for which the prediction of this humble self is there.  It is answering here the doubts of those black-hearted unbelievers that these sayings will certainly be fulfilled." (Zamimah Anjam-e-Atham, P. 53; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 11, P. 337)

Mirza wrote this in 1896.  By that year, Mirza had married twice and had children from them, but those were, according to Mirza, ordinary marriages, which had no excellence.  The one that had to be excellent as a token and which was predicted by the Prophet(SAW) never took place.  Thus, it is proven that according to the noble saying of the holy Prophet(SAW), Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was not the Promised Masih.



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