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Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala
Posted on Friday, October 16 @ 22:04:05 CEST by admin

Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala

Whenever Qadianis are disappointed over something or feel uneasy, their leaders must embark on some mischief to prop them up. This is customary with them. In this way they set their progeny at rest. But as luck would have it, this invariably results in more disgrace and greater ignominy for them. In this context, a new activity has recently emanated from their leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. He has challenged all Muslims of the World for holding with him a sort of 'Curses Rendezvous'. Reply to the aforesaid challenge, sent to Mirza Tahir on behalf of the Writer, is reproduced below.

Janab Mirza Tahir Sahib,

Peace be on those who follow the right path!

You have lately published a challenge for Mubahala. I should not have considered the pamphlet worth any attention because this is my normal practice with Qadiani outbursts; but, on return from abroad, I found a copy of your challenge in my mail, and I have been specifically asked to answer. Therefore it devolves on me to give you this reply.

Here are some points in answer:

Allah extols those who fight Apostates

1. At the outset, let me thank you for having included the name of this humble self in the list of opponents of the Arch Liar of the Present times, i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani - the 'Musailma' of the Punjab. You have done me a great honor, indeed, which Quran Majeed has recounted in these words:

"O believers, whoever from amongst you forsakes his religion, then Allah will create very soon such people whom Allah shall love and who shall love Allah; They will be kind towards Muslims and forceful over Kafirs; They will be fighting in the way of Allah and will not be afraid of accusations of any accuser;  This is Allah's munificence.  He bestows it upon whomsoever He wants and Allah is All-pervading and Knows everything." (Holy Quran, 5:54)

In this blessed 'Ayah', six eminent virtues have been enumerated for those who contend with the apostates. Firstly, they are slaves whom Allah loves; secondly, they are among Allah's true lovers; thirdly, they are complaisant towards the people of the faith; fourthly, they are severe over the Kafirs; fifthly, they wage war in the path of Allah to perform the obligation of communicating His celebrated Commands and His Prohibitions; sixthly, they don't mind accusers reproaching them in the matter of Deen. In the end of this 'Ayah', it is proclaimed that this is Allah's Special Favor which is bestowed upon whosoever He wants.

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani -- The Musailma of Punjab

In the light of this holy verse, the first and foremost to deserve the avowed honor are Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq and his associates (Allah be pleased with them all) ,because they fought with Musailma, the Liar, and other apostates. Now, in the present times, recipients of these glad tidings are those who are contending with the Arch Liar, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his progeny of mini liars. Therefore, your counting me among the adversaries of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a proof which you have provided for this humble self that he is fit to be included among the praiseworthy persons extolled in the above holy verse. It is evidently a great testimony and a very happy news of Allah's great Munificence for this hapless soul. Words fail me to thank you for this gesture.

But this unworthy person, the lowest and the least competent among the followers of Allah's Prophet Khatam-un-Nabieen and Saiyedil Mursaleen(SAW) perhaps the most unbecoming and inadequate in the entire Ummate Muhammadia (utmost blessings and peace on its Chiefs). Our Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Anwer Shah Kashmiri, a leader of recent times, (may Allah make his grave resplendent), said in a couplet

"There is nobody in your Ummah like this humble self who is presenting himself before you with such insignificant deeds".

What honor greater than this can be for an insignificant 'Ummati' like myself than the Divine epithet of "Allah loves them and they love Allah". Your writing has raised hopes of this humble self that, Allah willing, our Prophet(SAW) will intercede for this unworthy and insignificant person when he will present himself before him with his humble demeanor.

Nevertheless you have provided great honor to this Dervish by including his name among the opponents of Mirza Qadiani. The remarks which you have written to me shall testify for me on Judgment Day. For this favor done to me sweeten your mouth with a treat of ghee and sugar!

Qadianis Disobey their Sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

2. In his book 'Anjam e Atham', Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had expressed his determination that he would never address the Ulema in future. He was adamant. Note his vehement style:

"We have today finalized the preaching which were obligatory on us.. and it is our resolve that we shall not address the Ulema after these clarifications.. and that is the end of discourses from our side".

When Mirza Qadiani had conclusively proclaimed in 1897 his refusal to reopen any discourse with the Ulema in future. Does his promise, which according to your belief was:

"And he does not speak from inclination of his self; This is but revelation sent down",

stand abrogated or is it that Mirza's progeny does not care a fig for all those promises, deeds and words which Mirza put forth?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani -- Liar, Apostate, Dualist Infidel

3. You have challenged the Ulema of the Ummat for a Mubahala. Remember, such engagements are final touchstones which distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood. You seem to be going in for this Mubahala, because you are not sure of the truthfulness of your Sire, even after a lapse of one century. Evidently, you and your party members distrust your Patriarch.

Praise be to Allah, the entire Islamic Ummah, including myself - the most incompetent man of Ummat -, don't have least of the least doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a liar. Final, decisive and unanimous is Islamic Ummah in the belief that, after Allah's Prophet any claimant to prophethood, is a liar, apostate and dualist-infidel. This is in accordance with the Prophetic words:

"Thirty liars (will appear before the Day of Judgment) and each one of them will claim to be a Prophet of Allah." (Tirmizi)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is included in this list.

The statement that "Mirza's marriage was solemnized in the sky!" is one example of Mirza's falsehood. Allah the Exalted, Supreme in Perfection, Eminent in Wisdom, has provided us numerous conclusive proofs of the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani--the Musailma of the Punjab. The lies of this liar are as visible as the sun at meridian. In the context of these lies, the arch Liar cannot remain hidden from those whose hearts glow with the light of Faith, however faint. But those eyes which are totally sealed, Allah has been pleased to say about them:

"And the person who shall be blind in this world shall be blind in the hereafter also and will be strayed more from the path".

How can a blind man tell the truth from the untruth or distinguish the white from the black? Let this one example suffice for Mirza's falsehood.

Marriage with Muhammadi Begum in the Sky!

Mirza declared the so-called revelation that he had been married with Muhammadi Begum, a respectable lady, in the sky. He kept on harping on this revelation of marriage from 1888 to 1907. Ultimately, he wrote these words in his Appendix to Anjam e Atham, on page 54.

"Remember, if the second part of this predication does not come true (i.e. Muhammadi Begum is not married to Mirza after her widowhood), I should be deemed more wicked than any wicked man. O idiots! this is not a human's pretension. This is no business of any depraved impostor. Consider this to be God's true promise, definitely the same God Almighty Whose words are never withdrawn; the same Glorious Nourisher Whose intentions nobody can stop".

Certainly we agree and do believe that Allah's words are His Will. His promises are true, unbreakable and uncontradictory, unflinching and unswerving. Nobody can stop His intents.

Mirza did not even see the Shadow of His Illusive Bride:

But what happened to the second part of Mirza's prediction? Far from marriage, Mirza did not see even the shadow of his illusive bride, Muhammadi Begum. Is the falsehood of foul and fraudulent Mirza not thus proven? He himself admitted in his own words that he was a very wicked man, more wicked than any other wicked. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, cobblers, sweepers, etc., are also non-Muslims, but Mirza admits he is worse than all of them.

Does any doubt still remain of his being an Arch Liar, an impostor, a pretender, nay, the worst of them all? This is one example I have mentioned, otherwise, Allah the Exalted, has provided us with a collection of proofs not in hundreds but in thousands.

Mirza Already Vanquished in Several Mubahalas

4. Besides these testimonies, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had already conducted a number of Mubahalas with the people. The result invariably was that Allah, the Exalted, showed him up as the Arch-Liar.

a. Interesting Mubahala Session with a Christian Priest

Mirza Qadiani convened a discussion with a local head of Episcopal diocese, named Atham. For fifteen days argumentation continued. When he could not beat his adversary, he invoked Allah for decision. He pronounced that Allah had made this decision for Atham that this liar should be thrown into 'Havia' (hell) within fifteen months from June 5, 1893. Mirza had predicted in these words:

"Blacken My Face: Put Rope Around my Neck":

"I admit right now that if this prediction goes false, i.e. if within fifteen months from this day, the party who is deemed to be false in Allah's view does not fall into 'Havia' as death punishment, then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows. I am prepared for all. I swear by the Greatness of Allah that He will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. The earth and the sky may deviate, but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, the evil-doers and the satans". (From Jung e Muqaddas, P.189).

Hullabaloo in Qadian on the Critical Night:

The night before the avowed date-line, the town of Qadian went into a tumultuous drone. Men, women, big and small rubbed their noses on the earth, lamenting: Ya Allah, Atham may die! Ya Allah, Atham be dead! Ya Allah, Atham may die! They were certain that Atham would no more live to see the light of the fixed day. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, on his part, worked out spells of magic for Atham's death and had charms recited over black grams and thrown them into dry wells. Despite all these invocations, contrivances and holloas, Atham remained alive and lived on and on. By His actions Allah. the Exalted testified that:

the prediction was not a revelation from Allah; the prediction was Mirza's imposture; both Mirza & Atham were liars but Mirza was the Arch Liar; Mirza deserved the punishment he had proposed on himself, that is: "Disgrace me; "Blacken my face; "Collar a rope around my neck; "Hang me on the gallows"

After this Divine Decision, is there any further need, Mirza Tahir, for the Mubahala you wish to hold?!

(b) Mubahala with Maulana Ghaznavi

On the 10th Zeeqada, 1310 Hijri, Mirza Qadiani, by appointment with Hazrat Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, came out in the Eidgah of Amritsar for Mubahala. The invoked curses told upon Mirza and as a result he tumbled out of life with his heels twirling and his legs twining, whereas, the celebrated Maulana Sahib lived on respectably, sound and magnificent. Is any Divine testimony still needed to prove that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was in the wrong!

(c) Mubahala with Maulana Sanaullah

On April 15, 1907, Mirza Qadiani published all announcement for holding his favorite "Curses Rendezvous" of Mubahala. His announcement was published in the form of an advertisement the title of which was: 'Final Decision with Maulvi Sanaullah Amristari'

In this announcement, he beseeched Allah with extreme earnestness and implored most humbly. The invocation on his lips: "Take away the life of whosoever is the Liar during the life-time of the one who is not. Let the death of the liar not be caused by any human hand but by a fatal disease such as Cholera. Plague or the like".

In the advertisement he addressed Maulana Sanaullah Sahib in these words:

"In your paper, you have built up this reputation for me that this person is a pretender, a liar and 'Dajjal' (the one-eyed anti-Christ impostor). I have borne a lot of tortures from you, still I endured them patiently.. If I am a liar and impostor, as you call me in your paper, then I should perish in your life-time because, I know, liars and mischief-mongers do not live long. The liar ultimately meets his doom in a state of intense grief and contemptuousness, in front of his foe. It is better he perishes lest he should mislead Allah's creatures".

·         "if I am not a liar or pretender;

·         "if Allah blesses me by holding dialogues with me;

·         "if I am the promised Messiah";

·         "then by Allah's Munificence, according to His Practice, I hope that you will not be able to save yourself from His punishment, which He inflicts on disowning liars.

"Therefore if that punishment, which is not in the hands of a human being but only in Allah's hands, such as Plague, Cholera and similar fatal disease, does not descend upon you in my life-time, then I am not God-sent. This prediction is not because of any revelation or inspiration; it's merely a prayer I have invoked to Allah for His Decision".

At the end of this advertisement, Mirza Qadiani wrote:

"Ultimately, my request to Maulvi Sahib is that he should publish this entire writing of mine in his paper and write underneath whatever he wants because now the decision rests with Allah".

The Finale

The decision came out soon, in front of all. Mirza was hale and hearty by 10 o'clock at night on May 25, 1908. He had already taken his dinner. At 10 P.M., Allah's cudgel of punishment suddenly fell on him. He lay victimized by Cholera, the same Cholera he had invoked for others. Filth oozed out from both of his body orifices. Soon he lost his speech and within twelve hours lay dead. That was May 26, 1908. On the other hand, Maulana Sanaullah Amristari lived for full forty-one years after Mirza's death and the Maulana departed into Allah's Mercy and Grace in 1949. That came about after the establishment of Pakistan. He was united with Allah at Sargodha. May Allah grant him ample compassion.

Mirza -- Satan's Commissioner

In view of this decision and in Mirza's cir*****stantial death, there is all the proof of his being a great pretender and an arch-liar. Neither was he the promised Messiah nor was he commissioned by Allah. It was Satan who had commissioned him.

Mirza Tahir Sahib, is there any further need now for a Mubahala after this Divine Decision?!

5. Mirza Mahmud's Sexy Involvement Beget Allah's Wrath

Mirza Tahir Sahib, you have called upon the Ulema of the Ummat for a Mubahala. Do you know, your father, Mirza Mahmud was continually challenged for fifty years but he did not dare face the challenge.

Affair with Sakina, sister of Abdul Kareem

Maulana Abdul Kareem accused Mirza Mahmud of illicit sexuality and challenged him several times to meet him at a Mubahala and prove his morals; so much so, that he started publishing a newspaper by the very name of 'Mubahala'. Instead of taking up the gauntlet, Mirza Mahmud tyrannized over Maulana Abdul Kareem and made him a target of his oppression. Not only was his house burnt but a murderous attempt was also made on his life. He was at last forced to leave Qadian. His sister, Sakina, whom Mirza Mahmud lynched down on the practicing board of his sexy lust may be a living witness even today.

Affair with a Boy, Son of Abdur Rahaman

There was a timid dotard, namely Abdur Rahman Misri, a disciple who cringed before Mirza Mahmud and as a "Mureed" was foolishly fond of his "Peer." Such a crouching soul was he to his master that he succeeded in being appointed "officiating Khalifa" in the absence of Mirza Mahmud from Qadian. Probably it was in 1936, that Mirza Mahmud, feeling lusty after Misri's son, satisfied his lust by making the boy his target. Shocked to his bones, Abdur Rahman Misri asked Mirza Mahmud to appoint a high-powered commission of some Qadiani elders to conduct an inquiry into the case. He said that he would personally appear before the Commission to prove that this filthy act was perpetrated by the Khalifa on his son. Instead of accepting this demand, he made Abdur Rahman Misri along with his associate, Fakhrud Din Multani ,a butt of his reprisal. Misri was dragged into law suits, while Multani was found assassinated.

Club of Adultery

Abdur Rahman Misri, the erstwhile sycophant, gave this statement in the High Court at Lahore:

"The present Khalifa, Mirza Mahmud, is extremely immoral. He hunts women under the guise of sainthood. For this purpose, he has kept some men and women as his agents. Through them, he gets hold of innocent girls and boys. He has formed a club in which men and women have been taken in and adultery is committed in this social get-together".

Prayer Offered in Unbathed Defiled State

Abdul Rahman Misri also wrote this in a letter addressed to Mirza Mahmud:

"I cannot offer prayers behind you because through different sources it has come to my knowledge that sometimes you come sin-polluted, and lead prayers in an unbathed lewd condition".

Because of these gross charges, Mirza Mahmud lost courage to face Abdur Rahman Misri. Readily seen conclusion is that limb by limb, joint by joint, and pore by pore, Mirza Mahmud was a filthy person. Can any sensible person doubt the impure nasty fermentation of his base elements?

Twenty Eight Evidences on Oath by Qadiani Men and Women

Mirza Tahir, some dissenters rebelled from your Organization! They constituted a group, calling themselves 'Haqiqat-Pasand'. They subjected Mirza Mahmud with serious allegations of shameful wickedness. They wrote a book, named Tarikh-e-Mahmoodiat, in which they produced evidences, administered on oath, by 28 Qadiani men and women, on pain of divine wrath if they were false. In these affidavits, they wrote that Mirza tore chastity of those girls whom he called his daughters and, his wife committed sins of fornication while he knew of them. In this book, the accusers challenged Mirza Mahmud for a 'Mubahala' and he was asked to swear on pain of punishment from Allah falling on him that he was not an adulterer. Mirza failed to appear in the 'Mubahala'.

Mirza Mahmud had no Reply for the Charges

Rahat Malik, in his book, Rabwah Ka Mazhabi Aamir and Shafiq Mirza, in his Shahr e Sadoom and Mirza Mahmud Hussain, in his publication Munkireen e Khatme Nubuwwat Ka Anjam have enumerated similar charges. Each time, Mirza Mahmud was asked to deny, on "pain of Divine punishment on the liar", but he never responded. He was as silent as a dead body! Rather, he issued a 'Farman' forbidding his simple believers--the guileless folks--from reading the aforesaid books. Will sensible people not conclude from this that Mirza Mahmud's perimeter of morality was no less different than what was written in those books?

Mirza Tahir, are you embarking on this 'Mubahala' with the Ulema of the Ummat, with so much of shamelessness attached with your family and ancestry?

Mirza Tahir Sahib, why don't you have the courage to refute the charges in public made against your father if you think they are false? Why not hold a Mubahala with these people, even if belated.

Swan-Song of Mirza Mahmud

I wonder how many of your party-men saw the languishing manner in which your father breathed his last. However you certainly were a witness to his slow-paced tortuous end. My Protector! What an admonition for a lewd! My Savior! What a lesson for a lecher! Not only in his last breaths, but during the entire span of his last eleven years before he was bundled up, he remained a long-drawn lying figurine of a total wreck--a lesson for the whole world. His last gasps produced the bass of his swansong.

End of Mirza Nasir

Then, you should also recall the sudden death of your elder brother, Mirza Nasir. My respected friend, the roaring lion of Khatme Nubuwwat, Janab Maulana Allah Wasaya, (May Allah sustain his honor ) read out a letter written by your sister, in a meeting held in front of your 'Khilafat Palace' at Islamabad. What were its contents that transmitted shock waves to Mirza Nasir's heart which having heard it stood still?

Mirza Tahir, you have heard about and seen the lamentable deaths of your brother, father and grandfather. Having challenged a 'Mubahala' with the Ulema of the Ummat, do you still need to learn a lesson? Do you have the guts to invoke Allah for subjecting you to the same soul-stripping which your father and grand-father underwent?

6. Challenges of Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti

My respected associate, Janab Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti (may his eminence exceed), kept on challenging your late father every year as long as he existed in this world. After his exit, he turned towards Mirza Nasir and challenged him also, regularly. When he too expired, then by necessity, the Maulana Sahib has turned to you. Has he not thrown you repeated challenges from London's Wembley Hall? But you don't dare come out to face! Does it not prove that your brother, your father and your grandfather were all a pack of liars and you none-the-less.

Mirza Tahir Sahib, before challenging the Muslim Ummah, first you pay out the debts, due on your patriarchs.

7. Time, Date and Place Set For Mubahala

You have invited this dervish for a 'Mubahala', this humble being is ready by all means. But its modus-operandi is not what you have adopted, i.e. cursing the Muslim Ummah and Ulema, while sitting cozy in your house and expecting them to do the same. Your aim is to resort to kite-flying through the media. It's women who sit in houses spinning wheels, or the urchins are seen flying paper kites.


The methodology of Mubahala has been laid down in the Holy Quran in Ayah 'Mubahala', viz. both parties come out of their houses in the open ground along with their women and children. In pursuance of this holy verse, Allah's last Prophet(SAW) came out in the open to face the Christians from Najran and asked them to come out similarly. Your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, also came out once in the open ground of Eidgah of Amritsar, for a Mubahala against Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi (May Allah shower His munificence upon Maulana Sahib). The Mubahala tolled the death knell for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Stipulations for Mubahala

If you are serious in your 'Mubahala' challenge with this dervish, then get going in the name of Allah. Come outside your house like a man, into the ground of 'Mubahala' and move forward. Announce the time, date and place for holding the 'Mubahala'; then bring along your wife, children and family members in the ground at the appointed time. This dervish, insha-Allah will reach on time with his children, wife and family members.

In the opinion of this humble self, the following date, time and place appear appropriate:

Date: March 23, 1989 Day: Thursday Time: 2 P.M. after Zuhar Prayers Place: Minare Pakistan, Lahore

The above stipulations appear appropriate to me because on March 23, 1889, your grandfather-- the Musailma of the Punjab-- had started making disciples and taking 'Ba'it' (pledges) from the people at Ludhiana. In this way, March 23, 1989, shall become the hundredth anniversary of your grandfather's charlatanry. The venue of his activity was Ludhiana and by coincidence your adversary also will be a man from Ludhiana. Thus the one-eyed charlatan Masih Dajjal shall be put to death on the gate of 'Lud'. The time of Zuhar I have chosen, because according to a Prophetic Tradition, the breeze of victory and success blow at that time. The venue of Minare Pakistan looks appropriate to me, because here is an open space which is large enough for a big congregation of people. Also, Pakistan Day falls on March 23; people customarily assemble at Minare Pakistan on that day.

Option is Yours

But I don't insist on these fixtures at all. These are mere suggestions from me. Whatever time, date and place in Pakistan you would suggest, I shall readily agree to that.

Slave of Allah Against Khalifa of Counterfeit Nabi

This Faqir is the lowest of servants of Ummate-Muhammadiya, while you (far be the evil eye) are Imam of Jama'at e Ahmadiya! This humble self admits his weaknesses and omissions, while you take pride in your authoritarian 'Imamat'. Many thanks to Allah, this Faqir is a humble slave from among the creatures of Allah ,while you are the successor to a false Masih. This Faqir is holding fast to the most blessed apron of the leader and personified Blessing of the two worlds(SAW), while you are the tail-sticker of the Arch-Liar, the Musailma of the present times. This Faqir will step into the ground of Mubahala with feelings of avowed shortcomings in his competence, while you may come forward with airs of piety and prelacy. I shall be holding aloft the standard of 'Finality of Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW)', and you may wave the black streamer of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani--the sham Masih, the counterfeit nabi.

Faqir versus Fascist

Come! Face this Faqir in the ground of Mubahala. Come! Widen your eyes and openly see the spectacle of my kind master's manifestation of terrible wrath and ireful indignation falling on you. Allah's Prophet(SAW) said that if Christians of Najran had come out for Mubahala not one bird on their trees would have survived. Come! Come out to see again the miracle of Khatme Nubawwat of Allah's Prophet(SAW) on the ground of Mubahala. But I doubt if you will come.

Because you know that will mean your jumping into the inferno of leaping fire that will lick every thing. On the contrary, you would surely prefer dying the way your father and grandfather died, rather than stepping into the arena of Mubahala ,against this humble Ummati of Allah's Prophet(SAW).

Your Heartiest Well-Wishers

8. Here I must point out to you one thing, viz. neither any of the Ulema of the Ummat nor myself have any personal enmity with your father or grandfather. There is no quarrel over any property, no dispute over land. By Allah, I swear we are your well-wishers, imbued with an earnest sense of sympathy for you and your welfare. We desire to see you saved from the bursting blaze of infernal flames that melt flesh from the bones.

Allah is My Witness

Our actions are for the sole purpose of Allah and the welfare of the Ummat of Muhammad(SAW), as well as for the people of your Jama'at and to rescue you from the fire which is nearing you. Why we tear into shreds the slyness, knavery, charlatanry and pious fraudulence of your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, is for the sole purpose of protecting the faith of Ummat e Muhammadiya and the safety of your people. You would get to know of our gesture of goodwill after your death. Again today, I will tell and, through you, every individual of your party with feelings of greatest well-wishing heartiest sympathy and absolute selflessness that you have gone astray. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is not that Masih about whom Allah's Prophet(SAW) has informed us that he shall come down close to Resurrection times. He is Hazrat Isa(peace be upon him). He had said:

"Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying I am Masih; and shall deceive many. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo here is Masih, (e.g. in Qadian), or there- (e.g. in Iran or Sudan), believe it not. For there shall arise false Masihs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before." (Matthew: 24: 4. 6. 11. 23-26)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, claiming to be Masih, is also among those who led people astray. The interpretations which you and your Sire and his progeny have fabricated are deceptions that have been engineered by Satan and the passionate Self which is present in man. All of these are your satanic pretensions which will fail to make the mark in front of 'Munkir-Nakeer' when you shall be lying in your grave, or when you shall be dragged before the Lord of the Day of Judgment.

Heartfelt Appeal to all Qadianis

Mirza Tahir Sahib, I do understand your predicament in forsaking your present authority and your family seat of Khilafat. You are in a fix. Nevertheless, if you choose to adopt the Truth for gaining Allah's pleasure, then, He, Eminent in Glory, shall bestow upon you such magnificent recompense that will turn your existing dominion into the triflest of the trifles. On the contrary, if you preferred your present authority and persisted in it by ignoring the Truth, then you would encounter such torment and abject that all your existing honor, grace and whatever there is, shall pale into absurdity and oblivion. I submit to every individual of your Jama'at to offer renunciation and feel penitent before death approaches him.

Qadianis, I have Conveyed to You Allah's Message

Bear me a witness, you Mirza, and your Jama'at and those who read this script of mine, that I have duly conveyed the message of Truth and Righteousness to the Qadianis. Still, I am available to advise anybody if he asks for more clarification or solicits Truth.

9. You have asked me to publish my reply in papers and periodicals. As far as possible, I have tried to do so. Likewise, you may also publish it in you papers and pamphlet, if you want.

10. I give you four months' time to reply to my invitation for congregating for the challenged Mubahala. The last date for your reply is January 1, 1989.

11. You may have sent copies of your challenged Mubahala to other elder Ulema of the Ummat. If so, I consider it necessary to state on their behalf that you should take the reply from this servant of the Ummat as an answer from each and every one of them. They are requested not to take the trouble of replying on individual basis.

18.1.1409 A.H. 1.9.1988 A.D.




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