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The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir Part 3
Posted on Thursday, October 08 @ 23:24:13 CEST by admin

The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir


Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


 Explanation No. 6Your manner of preaching is not in consonance with that of the prophets, (Allah's peace on them). Your principles resemble the "Ismaili Batini" principles, details of which Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Sahib Muhaddis Dehlavi has mentioned in his book, Tuhfa-e-Athna-e-Ashriya, and your modus operandi is like that of Christian missionaries, namely, setting up missionary schools, colleges, hospitals and similar institutions. You offer employment to converts, provide them girls for marriage and give them day-to-day things of life. Money is doled out and you resort to all sorts of unhealthy practices. To effectuate this, you spin webs of lies, falsehoods and exaggerations. Unwary public in this way is misled by deceit played craftily on them under cover of benefiting them with scientific technology.

It you go through the holy lives of prophets, (Allah's blessing on them), you shall find none of this crookedness. There is no greed, no worldly motive, no propaganda stunt. These holy personages invited people to perform virtuous deeds on the basis of benefits accruable in the Hereafter as the be-all and end-all.

Conduct and Life-style of Holy Prophets

By way of a summary in Khatam un Nabieen (par a No.130), Hazrat Imam ul Asr Maulana Muhammad Anwar Shah Kashmiri, (Allah's mercy on him), has commented on the lives of the Prophets as lived by them. For your edification, I produce a translation of an excerpt from it.

He says: "We should study the holy conduct and sacred disposition of the respected prophets in their life-histories and the Quran Hakeem. If one analyses whatever is mentioned in their respect by way of questions and answers it shall be seen that matters pertaining to these personages were based on the following virtues:

 "Reliance, confidence, uprightness, sub- mission, endurance, self-restraint, resoluteness, magnanimity, modesty, constancy, mildness, dignity, nobleness, excellence, generosity, penitence, repentance, sincerity, selflessness, purity, wisdom, mercy, attachment, temperateness in beliefs, coolness of bosom, credence and intelligence like the dawning day, love and compassion for Creation, trustworthy, truthful, trustee, kind, clement, chaste, abstinent, neat, clean, abstemious, recoursing to Allah, faith in invisible resources, disinclined towards worldly deliciousness in all eventualities, adhering to Allah and forsaking the rest, disregard of worldly goods, unconcerned with riches, embarking on heritage of knowledge, dismissing mundane trifles or money, leaving legacy of learning and noble conduct, abandoning the superfluous, guarding their tongue, supporting the truth in all cases and cir*****stances, and following it up. Their outward appearance conforms to their inward state, without any breach, deviation or derangement. They don't advance lame excuses, improper pleas or perverse interpretations, and do not resort to deceitful stratagems for fulfilling their tasks. They prefer Allah's ways over worldly contrivances, shun material connections, adore Allah in misfortunes, thanksgiving and hymning Him in multitudinous situations, remember Him all the time, recite His Praise every breath, train and teach Allah-gifted knowledge to people under His Favour with human affability without philosophizing or sermonizing. In them is found complete surrender, total obeisance, perfect servitude to Allah and a satisfaction deeply imbedded in constancy. These personages, during their life in the world, never entertained flattery, never compromised with unbelievers, never retreated under any pharaonic intimidation. Greed, covetousness or avidity never stigmatised their holy cloak, not an invisible stain even. Never were they attracted towards desire, lust, ambition or egotism, except Allah's love. Virtuous deeds, by their performance or knowledge, saw no variation from them. Argumentation, refutation and altercation were not their practice. They never blamed people nor lampooned them nor passed derogatory remarks nor abused them. Impossible, if they ever felt proud over their perfections or indulged in self-admirat on! They never stooped to bragging or boasting under promptings of selfishness. In short, Divine favour was granted to them by Allah. Whatever they did was due to Allah's bounty, beyond personal parameter and sans any human achievement".

 Mirza Tahir Sahib! not a single quality quoted above is visible in your pseudo-prophet. The inverted manner of your preachings and your diametrically opposed methods are irrefutable proofs of your voidness. But what lesson can those, who are unable to identify black from white even in broad daylight, draw from true prophetic demeanour.

POINT NO. 3Your Secretary Sahib writes: "If there was one bit of nobility in you, you should have accepted the challenge of Mubahala of Imam Jamaat Ahmadiya in a straightforward manner so that the world would have known that you are truthful and you would not have thought of undertaking the path of flight" .

 In this sentence you have passed two strictures on me, one, that there is not a bit of nobility in me and secondly, that I have undertaken the path of flight.

 For the former, I don't need any certificate of nobility from you. Still, if you say I am ignoble, I don't mind to be called so because do I not know that you have sprouted from spill-overs of Mirza Qadian, the same Mirza whose habit was to use filthy language against his adversaries. Some of his abuses are listed in the book, Mughallazat-e- Mirza and what people thought of him, I quote: "For use of bawdy terms, obscene words, foul language, abuses and curses, Mirzaji had obtained exclusive right from the king's court. He is an acknowledged adept in this art". (Page 70).

 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad abused his opponents in such terms as: dogs, sons of *****, swine and addressed them as bastards, sons of prostitutes, etc. Therefore if the Jamaat of this 'Noble' patriarch calls me ignoble, thanks indeed for this light epithet.

 In this context, I tell you now, Mirza Tahir, about a certain mirror which nobody else but your own papagrandee manufactured. How did it get manufactured, I tell you about it. It started like this There was a gentleman by name, Shaikh Akbar (Allah's mercy on him). He wrote a book Fusus ul Hikam in which he made certain predictions regarding the final birth in mankind. Explaining the contents of this book your grandpa wrote these words:

 "And the final man to be born in mankind shall be a follower of Hazrat Sheesh, (Allah's peace on him). This person will be a repository of secrets of Hazrat Sheesh. After the birth of this person none will be born in this mankind. Along with him, a sister shall also be born who shall precede him in birth and his head will joint the feet of the baby girl His birth shall be in China and his language shall be the tongue of his town and (after his birth) the disease of unproductivity will creep in men and women, that is, there shall be numerous marriages but no birth of children. This child (when grown up) will call people towards A!lah the Exalted but nobody would listen to him" (Tiryaqul Quloob, p.3S4).

 Mirza Qadiani's old habit was that when any type of prediction caught his eye he would mould it upon himself. Therefore, having read the prediction of Shaikh Akbar, he declared that this related to the 'promised Messiah'. Since he claimed messiahship for himself he announced that the prediction should be related to him. But, in order to do so, one problem arose: the child would be the last of the mankind with no more births after him and after his birth all men and women would go barren. How could this prediction fit upon Mirza because generations and lineages not only continued during Mirza's times but are also still continuing. To sort out this anomaly, Mirza reached the height of his foolishness when he explicated the prediction thus:

 "The prediction contains these words also that after the death of that child, the disease of sterility will infect mankind. It means those born later will resemble animals and beasts but real humanity will have disappeared from the face of the earth. Lawful will not be lawful for them (i.e., in the subsequent progeny of mankind and prohibitions will not be prohibitions. Therefore, Resurrection will set upon them". (Ibid p.355).

 This explication from Mirza Qadiani means that after his own death (1) those born in mankind shall be without any civility or human virtue; (2) they will resemble beasts and brutes; (3) they will not discriminate between lawful and unlawful; (4) that commotional distress of the Doomsday will devolve over them. Mirza Tahir Sahib, I add nothing to it from my side. What can I and who am I? It is your own grandpa who has called you so and so. I'll merely request you kindly to figure out the face of your Secretary sahib in this mirror and don't forget to recognise the beastly countenance of your good self too in this mirror which your sire, the papa-grandee manufactured through his evil genius.

 l comment on the situation for the benefit of the Qadianis. If Mirza Qadiani is the promised Messiah, if people born after his death are brutes, if no human excellence is left in them except savagery then establish your own status, Mirza Tahir Sahib, and along with yours, the status of your party individuals who were born after Mirza Qadiani's death on 26th May 1908.

 Mirza Tahir Sahib, I am sorry your grandpa has included you and all Qadianis in the category of savages and brutes. He has made you and all Qadianis outcasts from humanity. Now there are two alternatives before you all: If you and your Qadianis want to get back into the fold of humanity then deny your sire grandpa's Messiahship; otherwise second choice for you and for all Qadianis is that you prefer to remain beasts, in terms spoken by your grandpa, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in his book as I have quoted him. In case your choice and the choice of all Qadianis is to remain beasts then none of you shall have any civility or human virtue and lawful will not be lawful and unlawful will not be unlawful for you all. Tell me now, can such human-faced animals possess nobility! An animal because he is an animal has no concept of legalities and, therefore, is unable to discriminate between lawful and unlawful, such as between wife and daughter. Therefore, if I am censured as a person who does not possess an atom of nobility how can I take it ill from the mouth of beastly men?

 The second blame which your Secretary Sahib has placed on me is that I am undertaking a path of flight from Mubahala rendezvous. If a person has read those of my words which were written in prominent characters in my original reply to you (vide Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala, p.27), he must say you are a great liar because, having accepted your Mubahala Challenge, I had addressed you thus:    



 After that, I had predicted your flight from my challenge. "because you know that will mean your Jumping into the inferno of leaping fire that will lick every thing. On the contrary you would surely prefer doing the way your father and grandfather did, rather than stepping into the arena of Mubahala~ against this humble Ummati of Allah's Prophet (SAW).

 I am glad my prediction of your flight came true. If there is any bit of honour left in you, it is time you jump into the arena, to show at least this much to the world that my prediction had gone untrue. But, alas! Where is that jot of inviolability or that particle of sincerity in the spillovers of the arch-liar pseudo-Messiah. It is futile to have any expectation from you. Yet, millions of thanks to Allah that my shout-out browbeat you, sending shivers running down the bones of the sham Messiah's progeny; fear and anxiety gnawed their hearts at the spectre of my Mubahala with Mirza Tahir. I repeat, your falling into jitters is not due to any excellence on my part because I am rather an unworthy and incapable ummati but this awe is a miracle of the truthfulness of our Prophet (SAW) (My life in sacrifice for him (SAW)).

"Say, Truth has come and Falsehood has vanished away. Verily Falsehood is ever bound to perish. (Quran, Al-Isra, 17:81)

POINT NO. 4 Your Secretary Sahib writes: "Mubahala is the name of asking for decision through invocation from Allah, the Exalted, but gathering together of parties (to dispute) at some specified place is not necessary by the (interpretation) of the verse of Mubahala. Therefore, your asking to come out at Minar-e-Pakistan or at some other place on such and such date at such and such time means nothing but your fleeing away from Mubahala"?

 I have just said that I am shouting out at Mirza's progeny to come into the arena of Mubahala but they do not. Therefore, who is running away from the ring? Bravo! Your shamelessness! You are running away yourself and while running you say I am running away. Clever is the thief who, when the house-inmates wake up and shout "thief, thief', also starts shouting "thief, thief' and thus disappears in darkness. But Mirza Tahir, your cleverness will no more pay you dividend. Darkness of night is gone and light of morning has appeared. The face of arch-liar Messiah's progeny has been search-lighted.

 I have written that the Ayat of Quran Hakeem and holy actions of the Prophets (SAW) both confirm that the manner of holding a Mubahala requires the two parties to bring out their children, women and relatives, in an open ground face to face. But what is the use of quoting references to you because you have neither any faith in the Quran nor you give any credence to the holy actions of the personality to whom the Quran was revealed (SAW). Therefore, you coined a new sense to the word Mubahala for the sake of your advantage.

 But I will not stop at only saying that, since there is a proverb which says: take the liar to his mother's house. But, I take you to your grandfather's house. What did your dear grandpa do? He declared that parties to a Mubahala must meet by appointment at some fixed place and time, for a face-to-face confrontation. Listen intently! Here are three examples set by your grandpa if you have some faith in him.    

 Example No. 1In 1886, Mirza Qadiani, your grandfather, invited the Aryans to a Mubahala and wrote:

 "If some Arya (Samaji) having read this whole pamphlet of ours does not want to leave his obstinacy and does not turn back from his blasphemies, then on a token received from Allah the Exalted we call him towards Mubahala".(Surma-e-chashm Arya, p.280).

 Again in the same book on pages 300-301, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote:

 Last resort is Mubahala to which we have referred earlier. For Mubahala, it is not necessary to be a reader of the Veda (Hindu religious book). Yes, he should be a well-mannered renowned Arya who may impress others also. Hence, if they really consider these teachings of the Vedas as really correct and true about which we have written in this pamphlet to some extent and they deem those principles and teachings of Quran-Shareef written by us in this very pamphlet as wrong and untrue then they may do Mubahala with us in this regard. AND HAVING DECIDED SOME SPOT FOR MUBAHALA BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT THE TWO PARTIES MAY PRESENT THEMSELVES ON THE FIXED DATE AT THAT PLACE".

 Example No. 2In 1896, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad invited the Christians to a 'Mubahala' and wrote:

 "And the manner of operation for obtaining Divine Decision will be like this that one respectable padre sahib, selected out of the following padrees BE READY TO COME AGAINST ME IN THE GROUND OF CONTEST FIXED BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT AND AFTER THAT WE BOTH PRESENT OURSELVES AT THE DECIDED SPOT ALONG WITH OUR RESPECTIVE PARTIES and beseech Allah, the Exalted, by invocating him that whoever person deserves punishment out of we two as a liar in His Eyes, then, Allah, the Exalted, may send down that calamity on the liar which is always sent on liars and deceitful peoples". (Anjam-e-Atham, p.40).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad further writes on page 42 "Therefore, O Padrees! See, I am Standing for this work. If you want that distinction should become apparent between a liar and the truthful through Allah's Command and Divine Decision THEN COME! SO THAT WE FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER IN ONE GROUND THROUGH INVOCATIONS in order that the liar is exposed">

 At another place Mirza Ghulam Ahmad writes:

 "If the Christians hate the word 'accursed', then let it go, but let both parties supplicate: 'O Lord of the worlds... O Omnipotent, decide between these two parties in this way that out of the two parties WHO AT THIS TIME ARE PRESENT IN THE GROUND OF MUBAHALA, the party who places confidence in false faith, destroy that (party) within one year by great puni8hment because dying of some persons is better for the 8ake of salvation of the whole world". (Anjam-e-Atham, p.33)

 Example No. 3.Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani invited dignified Ulema of Muslim Ummah in these words:

 "Now turning my discourse again towards the real objective, I enter below names of those Maulvis whom I have called for a Mubahala and again I put them under oath of Allah, High is His Disposition, that they should COME SOON IN THE GP~OUND OF MUBAHALA BY FIXING A DATE AND TIME OF MUBAHALA, and if they do not come and do not abstain from making accusations of falsehood and infidelity then they will die under Allah's execration ". (Anjam-e-Atham, pp.68-69).

 Mirza Tahir Sahib! You may now learn a lesson from the summary Or the above three examples:

 Your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani: 1. Calls the Aryans into a Mubahala ground; 2. Calls the Christia~ls to assemble in a Mubahala ground for fighting with invocations to obtain Divine Decision) 3. Calls Muslim Maulvis to enter into a Mubahala ground urgently by fixing a date and place.

 And you, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, don't understand 'tokens' which your grandpa received from Allah; you don't place confidence in Divine Decision invoked by your grandpa; nor do you pay respect to Oaths and swearings of your Papa grandee.

 Therefore, I say, you are avoiding to fix a day for Mubahala or to fix a venue for it or to come out into the open ground. Hence according t,o your grand papa, "if they do not come they wili die under Allah's execration". Tell me now, who will become a target of Allah's execration? If you don't believe in Quran Hakeem, OK; if actions of the holy Prophet (SAW) are no arguments for you, OK; but you should have faith in predictions of your grandpa at least. How will you escape that torture which he has foretold?

 You maintain: "It is not necessary by Ayaat of Mubahala, for parties in dispute to assemble at some specified place". But why don't you remember that in your Qadiani Quran, viz., Tazkirah, your grandfather explicated the Ayaat of Mubahala in these words:

 "And people said that this book is full of untruth and Kufr; tell them: Come! We and you along with our sons, women, and relatives assemble at one place and then do Mubahala and invoke imprecation upon the liars".

 You see, in the Qadiani Quran of your grandpa the same sense of Mubahala rendezvous has been adopted which I hold, i.e., both parties with their relatives should collect at one place to curse the liars. Yet your Secretary Sahib writes otherwise:

 "Our belief is that Allah is present everywhere in the universe and from His Grasp of Authority no place is outside and no spot without His Sway and Might. His seat cir*****scribes earth and sky. Why do you hesitate to address Allah and pronounce His Curse on the liars and why do you consider the presence of the concerned parties is necessary".

 In reply I lay down five points:

 Firstly: Permit me to say, you have no belief in Allah, no belief in his Prophet (SAW) no belief in Quran, no belief even in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani--your grandfather! lf you had belief in Allah you would not have annulled His Command for meeting your opponents at one place in Mubahala. If you had belief in the Prophet (SAW) you would not have ignored his action by not coming out of your house. If you had belief in your own sire, the grand-papa, you would not have missed any chance in protecting his dignity from indignity, his honour from dishonour, which he caused upon himself through his unbridled abusive honks.

 Secondly: Don't side-track! Who denies Omnipresence and Omniscience of Allah? Point is not this; the point is: Is it not necessary for parties-in- dispute to meet at one place? Can there be Laan between husband and wife unless both face each other; can there be Nikah (marriage) unless both parties are present, personally or by proxy; can a law-suit proceed, unless both plaintiff and defendant are present in the court personally or through advocates. On this analogy, Mubahala is also asking Allah for His Decision on the imprecation of the two opposing parties? Then, why is their facing each other at one place deemed unnecessary?

 Thirdly: A Qadiani must mould Quran and Hadith to his own will and wish. In your Qadiani Quran, new 'Ayaat' were added by the arch-liar, Mirza Qadiani, e.g.

 "We sent it down near Qadian." (Tazkirah, p.74)

 Mirza's another flabbergasting addition in the holy Quran was (two goats will be slaughtered) ; to precede and rhyme with (then which of the favours of your lord will ye deny) in Surah Ar-Rahman. What a rustic homily from Mirza to confuse and overawe his followers! This ambiguous addition meaning (two goats will be slaughtered) with the Quranic Ayat of Surah Ar- Rahman which is tantamount to ridiculing the holy Quran. Besides these additions which this great Dualist-infidel, Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, made in Quran Hakeem, several Ayaat and Ahadith have been subjected to deliberate word omissions, alterations, distortions and transpositions of meanings. Tenor of many a 'Sharia' phraseology has been twisted to suit personal inclinations and sacrificed on the altar of selfishness. This is called Dualist-infidelity and it is the same you are demonstrating when defining Mubahala to cover up your cowardice.

 Quran Hakeem pronounces that both parties should be asked to come out in the ground of Mubahala along with their relatives and both should jointly implore Allah for His Execration to fall over the liars. When this has been done, wait for the decision from Divine Court. Your grandfather has also said so while explaining the Ayaat of Mubahala from his Qadiani Quran, and I repeat his words:

 "Tell them: Come! We and you along with our sons, women, and relatives and assemble at one place, then do Mubahala and invoke imprecation upon the liars".

 But you, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, would not listen to your grandpa and would not present yourself before the divine Court but would remain sitting in your house and go on honking your wares from there. Tell me is your action not a contempt of the Divine court? Is this not making a fun of Mubahala? To mount up this sacrilege, you ask obedient Muslims to join you in this blasphemy. Allah protect us.

 Fourthly: Because you are a run-away from Pakistan, therefore as a fugitive I do see your point in hesitating to return. Alright, I make a change. Go ahead and announce a date, place and time in London itself. This humble faqir will, Insha Allah, present himself over there along with his associates. But in case you are afraid to go to London and don't want to step outside your Caliphate parameter, I concede further; Alright, let us meet in your 'London Islamabad' precincts. This humble faqir will present himself there also at your Centre in the U.K. at your appointed time and date and as many associates as you will say will be brought along, one lakh, two lakh, ten lakh, twenty lakh. But preservation of peace shall be your responsibility.

 At that spot, I shall use the same words for Mubahala which Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, (Allah's mercy on him), spoke in the face of your grandpa and which paled him down. The words will be:

 "Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers are all liars, Kafir, apostates, impostors, cheats, unbelievers and Dualist-infidels".

 Now see, have I left out any of your objections unsolved? I have covered up everything for you therefore hurry up. Still if you back out I put you to shame in the very words spoken by your grandpa who said in very clear terms:

 "I put you under oath of Allah, High is His Disposition, that you should come soon in the ground of Mubahala by fixing date and time of Mubahala, otherwise you will die under Allah'stion".  

fifthly: As your well-wisher I submit that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has been decreed a liar by the Divine Court many times. Therefore there is no use of a Mubahala for you. What you should do is that you surrender to earlier decisions and forsake Mirza, the arch-liar. You may do one hundred Mubahalas, but Allah's ways do not change; the ill be the same as before.

How To Seek Allahs Guidance

Remember the door of appeal to Allah for His forgiveness is still open. Before you die, offer your repentance from Qadiani dogmas and cling to the benevolence of the holy Prophet (SAW) the mercy of the worlds.

 I tell you and also your Jamaat of a simple way for obtaining Allah's guidance: Recite Darood Shareef 313 times before going to sleep and weep bitterly, in solitude, before Allah, uttering these words:

 'Ya Allah! In the name of Your mercy and by the grace of Your benevolent Prophet (SAW) grant us guidance to come out of deviations and pardon us for all those errors of faith and practices which we have committed so far!'

 If any person belonging to your Jamaat or you your sell' acted upon my advice, I am certain Insha Allah a vista of true Guidance shall certainly open up before him.

 Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi 1 0 - 1 - 1 9 8 9  

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